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  1. A closer look at the FGW fleet. All different numbers and names showing off the powercars in various points of their lives in the FGW HSS fleet.
  2. and they've landed! Any and all comments welcome.
  3. Three more "coming soon" models. 43003/43029 and 150938.
  4. Fag Packet HST powercars with the changing face of FGW in the background.
  5. Ex-Northern and the last FGW survivor.
  6. Thank you! Taken a few years to get to this point but most is just luck and being in the right place at the right time!
  7. New addition, London Midland 153 that'll be renumbered to 153325 (Rear 153)
  8. I agree! I can only hope for more room in the future!
  9. Two powercars to add to the fleet. 43179 "Pride of Laira" and 43040 "Bristol St Philip's Marsh" and then the full HST powercar list.
  10. Another update for the new layout - Marcus has been working on it the past few days and has made progress in leaps and bounds! So, we have track weathered, ground cover placed and even some greenery down! A small embankment in the foreground giving the front of the layout a small amount of height, just for something to look at! The final few pictures show the depot lite up with the LED lights from above. Enjoy!
  11. New arrivals, 153370 in FGW Local Lines and DB 60074
  12. Another throw back with todays new arrival.
  13. Back to the earlier years of privatisation. Early Virgin Trains and the second livery of many for the GW franchise.
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