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  1. Well, there we go, nearly a finished product. Chassis, glazing, lighting lens' and body screws all turned up today. Last thing is to fit the hand rails over the fronts again, not very easy it would seem!
  2. Update: Gloss varnish went on and transfers have also gone on!
  3. Looking good Jerry! The HST powercars are looking really nice! J
  4. Black window surrounds went on this afternoon...not perfect but passable for a first attempt!
  5. Good Evening, here we are, showing off my first attempt at respraying a model. Wanted to give it a go but didn't want to use one of my locos as a unwilling donor. Instead decided to get a pre-primed body off ebay and go from there. First attempt didn't go too well, went to spray the warning yellow on each end and it just didn't sit well, the paint piled up in corners and looked pants, so in the IPA it went and stripped it again. This time, after the paint was scrubbed off, I primed it with Halfords grey primer, masked off where I wanted to paint the yellow and used Fiat Broom Yellow from Halfords again to finish off the ends. The next step was going to be the roof, using railmatch paints and an airbrush I managed to get a nice finish on it! The latest step at the moment was the BR blue, over a couple of hours building it up in layers to get to the right shade. I think it's turned out alright! Comments welcome, here are the photos!
  6. Hopefully to remove the pantograph too! Interesting choice to use a 350 instead of the existing 450.. Can't wait to see it done though, will look quality!
  7. 67024 on the depot after letting the paint really harden up and dry
  8. Another weathering job done, 67024. Normal stuff done with this one, brake dust/weathered black for the chassis, weathered black for the roof, greasy buffers and even a bird strike on the front.
  9. Those powercars are looking great! The Bachmann 166 has never been a nice model to work with! My item is coming up to you soon!
  10. Nothing happened with them, forgot to mask them off! Cleaned them off after this photo was taken
  11. 66079 on the depot before and after being weathered...
  12. Hi all, Bought a air brush and some paints as wanted to go and try weathering. With the aid of Marcus over at Gowerton Parkway and Matty Midland I went and tried it on some wagons. Eventually (Yesterday!) even a 66. Here's my attempts, any commnts welcome! J
  13. Good Morning! Really hoping someone here can help out with this one. Wondering if anyone had the artwork used for the Wessex Trains Class 150s in digital form, measurements etc would be ideal too! Looking into doing some 00 gauge versions of these units. Thanks J
  14. amazing work James! Looking really nice. This livery is slightly too early for me, I'm going from around Fag Packet to 2015 but it must be said it's a smart livery and looks great in 00 gauge! J
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