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  1. A few more shots of the depot, quite on the posting front as there's only so many photos you can get of the same depot without boring anyone!
  2. A few more shots of the depot, not much else to report! Merry Christmas!
  3. So the new depot is up and running with the exception of the flood lights, they're still awaiting the power supply to turn up. The depot has it's two roads, road 1 (closest to the warehouses) and road 2 with the Wheel Lathe road being the closest to the viewer. The wheel lathe was a great excuse to be able to run all sorts of locos onto the layout and still get away with it!
  4. Just cause we're a little DMU depot doesn't mean the big boys don't come to play! 43179 & 43040 on depot this morning, came in from Landore in the early hours.
  5. That is that. The new depot is home and is in full use! 158763, 143603 and 153370 the first units from the FGW West Fleet to be based at the depot.
  6. The first FGW livery unit on the depot. Still WIP but counting down the days
  7. With the arrival of 156445 yesterday the Scottish fleet makes an appearance!
  8. GWR 158s in deep clean after a day on the South Devon Metro.
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