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  1. Latest transfers from Steve all fitted. 43299
  2. Absolutely love the London Midland Class 150, it it wasn't so off region for me I'd be asking you for one! Really smart livery and done really nicely by yourself!
  3. Illuminated models released their Class 57 lighting kits. Fitting to 57605 and 57313 wasn't too bad, some minor issues along the way but the end result is a good one!
  4. 153325 on the depot last night! Thanks Jerry top work once again!
  5. Wessex Trains 150248 arrives on depot, probably to get that non-multi looked at!
  6. New arrival Network Rail 960015 and then EWS tractors arrive on depot.
  7. I model the Cornish Mainline, so might be a little stretch!
  8. Looking at the video it would seem that the LM 150 has been done via some sort of vinyl, as you can see it a bit crinkled up at the front on one of the clips! A very nice looking livery for the units too be fair but the repainted version by Jerry will look alot better!
  9. Remaining 4 wheels wagons getting the inside weathered using powders. Only ones to do now are the Ex-Loadhaul/EWS MFAs
  10. and then did the inside of the wagons using weathering powders, another first time for me but I think they turned out really well
  11. More weathering - this time for the first time I've done a loco! 08410 now alot dirtier!
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