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  1. Easiest way is to email me or send me a PM and I can post one to you directly. Postage is only £1.50. Regards, Tom
  2. Hi Davy, Drop me a PM with your email address and I'll send you a PDF over. Regards, Tom
  3. Hi Guy, The tool is designed so you can adjust the length of the drill bit to suit the type of brass bearing you are using by means of the two small grub screws that hold the drill bit. Not sure if you have one of my tools, but they do come with an instruction sheet on how to use it which covers how to set up the drill bit. Essentially, you need to measure both the depth of the brass bearing you wish to use, and the available depth of plastic on the back of the axle box you're drilling in to. Providing there is enough depth on the axle box, the drill bit can be set to the required bearing depth and the tool is designed so that the face of the drill end acts as a natural stop to stop you drilling all the way through. That's step 3 As for step 4, the tool is adjusted using the screw thread to the required width so it just puts pressure on the surface you are drilling into. As you turn the tool it will cut into the plastic and become loose between the W irons. A simple half turn of the two halves of the tool will extend the length of it via the screw thread and it will become tight again. It's really very simple to use and has taken me longer to type this than it would have to do a wagon. Hope that answers your question, but if not, please ask again and I'll see if I can clarify it for you. Regards, Tom
  4. Hi Mark, No problem showing how you did it as that may help others. Pete - I have your details so will post later once I'm home. Regards, Tom
  5. Hi Pete, Sorry to hear you are having trouble using the tool. If you pm or email (as above) me your address, I'll email you over the instructions and drop another allen key in the post to you. I've only ever used the same supplier for the drill bits and just measured one up in my digital calipers which measures up at 1.98mm - did a couple to make sure and they are all the same. Happy to include another drill bit with the allen key just in case it was a rouge one. Regards, Tom
  6. I have just completed another batch of these tools if anyone is interested. Modified slightly to allow more clearance as shown for Bachmann Mk1 bogies. Please contact me directly [email protected] Tools are £13.00 plus £1.50 postage to UK. Will happily post worldwide - please email for postage costs. Regards, Tom
  7. I've just tried it in an old Lima PCA and with the coupling unclipped it fits fine.
  8. Apologies for not responding on here. I did check on here after I had been a way for a month on holiday but there were no PM's - strange as they are all there now. I think i've responded to all enquiries via email, but if I've missed you, please email me and I'll answer straight away. As stated, the easiest and quickest way to contact me is through the email address above. Everyone who has placed an order has had them dispatched within 24 hours. PayPal is the easiest form of payment though a bank transfer or cheque is fine too. If you are sending a cheque, please make it payable to Tom Silsbury. Now I'm back from my time away, I will sort a website out. I did an initial run of 200 and over half have gone already. The EM Gauge Society did take a number of them from me at ExpoEM though they have not been in touch to re-order. I'll contact them to see if they are going to. Regards, Tom
  9. Thanks to those that have enquired about this tool. After a successful weekend at Expo EM, the EM Gauge Society are stocking as part of their members trade supplies. Still available directly from me also. Regards, Tom
  10. I'm pleased to announce the availability of my brass bearing tool suitable for 4mm modellers, following approval from the moderators. The tool allows easy and accurate fitment of any 2mm brass bearing in RTR stock. Due to its design it is suitable for OO, EM and P4 gauges. The 8mm hex body allows ample clearance between the W-irons and the chassis. It is supplied complete and ready to use with simple instructions. I am currently working on a Website to allow online ordering, but in the meantime please PM me for details if you are interested in obtaining one. I will update this thread once the Website is online. They are priced at £13.00 plus £1.50 p&p (Royal Mail) Regards, Tom
  11. Stumbled over this topic whilst looking for something else. Ref the earlier posts, what you need is one of these. I've made mine from 8mm hex so it clears the underside of the floor. It's also easier to use as it spins easily using just your fingers. Works a treat and will drill a hole for any 2mm bearing. PM me for details.
  12. Ha ha yeah, the pictures are from my iPhone and when I save them they are the right way round. I have no idea why they spin themselves through 180° when posted. Ian, I'll start with the flatrol first and see how I get on. Regards, Tom
  13. Yes please Ian, put me down for one. Funnily enough, the other long time internal user wagon in the depot is this one - B901702. Again, can usually be found carrying coach bogies around the depot. Let's see if this one is the right way around ..... Please let me know if you need any additional photos or measurements from either wagon. Tom
  14. I love that my tablet always spins the pictures upside down - sorry!
  15. Very nice Ian, I'd be interested in one when you are happy with them providing you've left enough room to accommodate P4 wheels. Pics of 083671 that has been a long time resident at Eastleigh T&RSMD Campbell Road (the diesel depot, not the works) It is used on a regular basis to move anything and everything around the depot. Note the additional ratchet strap mounts. Regards, Tom
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