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  1. Two 4mm kits have been produced by DJH: K41 with BR1/1A tender - 70000 to 44 K57 with BR1D tender - 70045 to 54 There is an in depth article by Allan Sibley about the prototype variations and building a highly detailed P4 model using the DJH kit, in the first Model Railway Journal Compendium: https://www.bookfinder.com/search/?ac=sl&st=sl&ref=bf_s2_a1_t1_1&qi=faunRKW3eUN,33Z6x1vzXud,1,E_1497963026_1:2:10&bq=author%3Dbarlow%20bob%26title%3Dmodel%20railway%20journal%20compendium or on ebay: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Model-Railway-Journal-Compendium/124220887733?hash=item1cec2452b5:g:CX8AAOSwiGBeySzA The author's conclusions are: "..... the (P4) model will quite happily negotiate curves down to 3ft6ins radius and has sufficient adhesion to haul at least eight Mk1 coaches, its maximum train length on the current layout..." "..... For the most part it is extremely good, being dimentionally accurate, well-designed and nicely finished...." However, he clearly identifies that the kit has some detail deficiencies, and shows how to make a better model.
  2. Quote from bottom of ebay listing: "100% of the sale of this item will benefit South Devon Railway Trust"
  3. Hornby R3452 6825 'Llanvair Grange' - BR lined green late crest Rails of Sheffield - £89.50 Kernow - £89.99 Hattons - £109
  4. Does anybody know the dates when the proposed D6702 in gsyp wore this livery ? It appears to have a TOPS panel whilst retaining the 'D' prefix to its number. The photo of the actual loco referred to above, does not state a precise date, whilst the class 37 behind in gfye livery appears to be without its 'D' prefix. I have tried to find the earliest date when locos received these data panels without success. For comparison, there is an earlier image of D6702 at:- https://hiveminer.com/Tags/d6702/Timeline 4th row down - left image (when I opened this page) Also there is a photo dated 17.3.68 of D6702 with 'NB' after its number, but no data panel at: https://www.rail-online.co.uk/p251491321/h6557C62#h6557c62
  5. There are several available on: https://www.bookfinder.com/search/?ac=sl&st=sl&ref=bf_s2_a2_t1_5&qi=zxBd1IBsrSWikPte6raBNTv234E_1497963026_1:2:2&bq=author%3Dmike%20et%20al%3B%20king%26title%3Dillustrated%20history%20of%20southern%20wagons%20secr%20vol%203 Postage to Netherlands may vary - I have only checked one of the second-hand sellers, and they will post to the Netherlands for £4.99, instead of free postage within UK.
  6. If anybody is still seeking the ACME 40154 (Ep4a grigio ardesia - grey) model of DM 98 / 99 - Bagagliai per treni merci (Goods Brake Van) discussed some months ago, I have discovered that it is available at the time of this posting at Pierre Dominique in France - priced at 38 Euro + 15 Euro shipping to UK: https://www.pierredominique.com/art-70179-wagon-fret-type.html N.B. When the item is sold out, the link will result in a blank page
  7. From Public Timetable dated 18 April 1966 - 11 June 1967 List of all weekday departures from Waterloo to Bournemouth (* = and Weymouth) listed as having refreshment facilities: B = buffet L = light refreshments (presumably a buffet, but only serving light refreshments) SX = Monday to Friday; SO = Saturdays only 08.30*, 10.30*, 11.30 - all B - SX (L - SO) 12.30 Pullman service - 'The Bournemouth Belle' 13.30* - B - SX (L - SO) 15.30* SX - B 15.35 L 16.35* B 'The Royal Wessex' 17.30 and 18.30* B - SX (L - SO) 21.20 B - SX (nothing SO) - train ran to Poole arriving 00.26 One curiosity is that there was no service on the 19.30 to Bournemouth / Weymouth, but the 21.20 to Poole was given a full buffet service Mondays - Fridays. The only trains reaching Bournemouth with a full restaurant service in this period were 'The Pines Express' (running via Reading) and 'The Bournemouth Belle'.
  8. Whilst the LE Models website is still functioning, the consensus in Italy is that they are in a form of administration. Therefore, no new models can be expected for sometime, if ever. The LE Models E636, E646 and ETR EMUs are still available in Italy as is Gr851.191. The E626 have been sold out for some time. From my own experience I have purchased from the following Italian websites and there have been no problems in receiving purchases in the UK. Postage is typically in the region of 20 Euros. However, the Tecnomodel-treni website states that they are offering 10% off with free postage for purchases over 149 Euro until 30 September. http://www.tecnomodel-treni.it/ https://www.trenietreni.it/cc4/locomotive https://bonsaglionline.it/
  9. DM 98 / 99 - Bagagliai per treni merci (Goods Brake Van) This has been produced in HO by ACME between 2010 - 2018 in the following liveries: 40151 (2011) - Ep3b castano (brown) 40152 (2010) - Ep4a grigio ardesia (grey) 40152S (2012) - Ep4 grigio ardesia (grey) 40153 (2012) - Ep4a grigio ardesia (grey) 40154 (2018) - Ep4a grigio ardesia (grey) It is possible that some models of ACME 40154 are still available at cfbonline.it , though I have never purchased from this website: http://www.cfbonline.it/index.php?option=com_virtuemart&view=category&virtuemart_category_id=16&Itemid=58
  10. To avoid this thread drifting a long way off topic, I have started a new topic in the Overseas Modelling section entitled: Italian Railways (FS) - a beginners guide to modelling
  11. Italian Railways (FS) standard gauge steam locomotives remaining in traffic 1970 onwards The following information is taken from The North Eastern Locomotive Preservation Group publication - 'An Enthusiasts Guide to Steam Operations in Austria and Italy in 1972' by R.M.Wheeler. "Although over 800 steam locos remain in Italian Railways stock, only about 200 are required in traffic each day, and about 300 are officially classed as 'under repair'' Locomotives of the following classes have been reported in action during the last 12 months (i.e. in 1971/72). I have used the Italian notation, so Gr625 = Class 625 Gr625 2-6-0, built 1910-23. Mixed traffic (light axle loads) - c100 in service, used throughout Italy Gr640 2-6-0, built 1907-30. Passenger - c50 still active at Turino, Chivasso, Novara, Alessandria, and Cuneo Gr685 2-6-2, built 1912-27. 4-cylinder passenger locos built for express passenger. By this date, Udine had one or two in traffic, typically working a return early morning passenger between Udine - Cervgnano and station pilot duties at Udine, plus one or two in traffic at Cremona Gr740 2-8-0 built 1911-23. About 200 in service throughout Italy Gr741 2-8-0 rebuilt with single Crosti-boiler from Gr740 in 1954-60. About 50 in service, mainly in Sicily but also at Verona for Fortezza - San Candido. Gr743 2-8-0 rebuilt with twin Crosti-boilers from Gr740 in 1942-53. About 40 in service, all in northern Italy Gr744 2-8-0 built 1927-28. About 9 surviving including at least one active with Caprotti valves at Venezia Mestre (Venice) and at least one active (with walschaerts valve gear ?) in Sardinia. Three stored at Foggia. Gr835 0-6-0T built 1906-22. About 150 surviving throughout Italy. Used on shunting and pilot duties. Gr851 0-6-0T built 1898-1924. Sixteen remaining in stock but many stored - in southern Italy and Sicily Gr875 2-6-0T built 1912-16. Last example was station pilot at Udine in 1971 Gr880 2-6-0T built 1912-16. About 32 in service, all in northern Italy. Used on local passengers. Gr895 0-8-0WT built 1909-16. The 6 active survivers shunting Novi Ligure marshalling yards. Gr896 0-8-0WT built 1921. Most in Sicily, but one or two may still have been active at Novi Ligure and Udine. Gr940 2-8-2T built 1921-24. About 35 still in service - main active fleet was 10 at Lecco working passenger and freight. (In 1974, they were still working two peak-time short workings at each end of Lucca-Aulla line). Gr981 0-6-0T built 1922. 4-cylinder rack and adhesion locos working Paola-Cosenza Classes withdrawn 1970/71: (Information from 'Italian State Railways Steam Locomotives' by P.M.Kalla-Bishop 1986) Gr471 0-8-0 Gr480 2-10-0 built 1922 - last example at Catania Gr623 2-6-0 rebuilt with twin Crosti boilers 1952-54 from Gr625 Gr735 2-8-0 built USA/Canada 1917-19
  12. I have started this topic in response to a request for information elsewhere. A good start before purchasing any models is to understand the various Epoches. It is common for both Roman and Arabic numerals to be used, so EpIII and Ep3 are the same. There was a lot of change in the Ep3 and Ep4 periods, so both are often split in two e.g. Ep3a and Ep3b. The best guide I have found to Italian Railways modelling Epoches is: http://www.fimf.it/fimf_prec/images/nem/nem814.pdf If you do not understand Italian, search 'fimf epoche' on google and click on 'translate this page'. Some of the translations into English are rather unusual, but it is generally understable. There is an excellent guide to Italian Railways models that have been produced in the last c20 years (as well as unreleased new announcements in fainter type) at: http://gamos81.altervista.org/ An English translation can be obtained by a google search of 'gamos81' and using the translation facility.
  13. The LE Models Gr851 is nearly sold out, so if you want one you need to be very quick. They appear to be available on ebay, but if you would prefer to purchase from a shop, you may wish to consider: https://www.bonsaglionline.it/LEVEL_LE21277_LOCO_VAPORE851_191 They are not the cheapest shop in Italy, but in the past I have used them to purchase items that have sold out elsewhere in Italy. A few years ago, postage was around 22 Euro to the UK, but may have increased. Delivery to the UK was about 7 days. The rumours in Italy suggest that LE Models is in receivership, so it is possible that no further models will be produced. However, their website is currently stll active: http://www.lemodels.it/
  14. My information is not necessarily up to date, but I understand the current position is as follows: All the RAS railway negatives are still owned by Rail Archive Stephenson. In the last 20+ years, none of the RAS images have been readily available to purchase by the public as photographic prints, other than the ex-Photomatic collection, and these have only been available in postcard size. That said, some publishers have been able to access the collection, and many have appeared in print. Whilst a few larger photographic prints have appeared at photograph fairs etc (such as at Kidderminster in two days time) and on ebay, the chances of obtaining a specific image in larger format is very small.
  15. The loco is the preserved Irish NCC WT class 2-6-4T No.4, so the location will be somewhere in Ireland.
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