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  1. I've spent the last few weeks building the Depot for Chamberlain Junction, (Which could soon have a change in name). Made from a mixture of Wills, Carboard, Photographic Papers, and Plastruct components, its starting to come on. Its by no means perfect for now, as this is the first time I have ever scratch built!! But I'm hoping you all like it. Still Plenty to do on the depot in due course.
  2. Well, Trackwork has begun on the layout, I'm using Pecos fantastic 'Peco Bullhead', Well, (Just deciding if to use Peco Code 75 Electrofrog or Peco Bullhead Points!!), (Image Attached). The Bullhead fish plates do prove to be a challenge to fit! There have been a slight few changes to the layout, Including Era, Track Design and the way it is all sitting, all yet to be confirmed with the use of a pin hammer and pins! The next step for me will be drilling some holes for point motors etc.
  3. Well Boards have finally been built, Laser cut from Tim Horn, I can highly recommend his products! They have all been built, and slightly modified at my friend Phil's workshop, measuring 15ft in Length and 2ft in Width, Next step, Track! (Image attached)
  4. The track plan certainly looks the part, what size boards would you be using? All the best M.Sutton
  5. As my first Blog entry, I felt the need to explain the forthcoming plans for my new exhibition layout "Chamberlain Junction". Being my first show layout, I'm hoping this goes well! So... Where to start! The layout its self totals 16ft in length, and 2ft in width, with the baseboards being made by the ever popular "Tim Horn Baseboards". Being constructed from Birch Ply, in 4 Separate 4ft x 2ft Modules, With legs being custom made by myself. (The Boards have been ordered, and are hopefully arriving soon!!) Exciting times! The layout is intended around my home town in the East Midlands, with maybe a few flavours of the west midlands being incorporated. The era I have chosen is based generally around the Sub-Sector time, allowing for plenty of liveries and locos to be seen, aswell as a varied amount of wagons. (With the layout being predominantly freight.) During the last few weeks, and breaking the bank at Warley, I managed to pick up a few sound locos, two of which have been both in Coal Sector livery, being 56128 'West Burton Power Station' fitted with a LokSound chip, and Bachmann's new Coal Sector Tractor, with Sound. The track-work will be constructed using Peco's new 'Bullhead' range, being the SL108F & the new bullhead points. With the power for the layout coming from the 'Roco Z21' System, with WiFi Router, allowing control from my phone and tablet, and also I have purchased a Multi-Maus controller for another form of control. As we all know, a layout can never be "Finished", but I am hoping to get the layout out to its first shows in late 2018, to early 2019. I Hope you look forward to following this Sub-Sector Project! All the best Michael Sutton
  6. I've just bought my first box of 25 lengths of the Bullhead SL108F, Lovely track to the eye, I've had a go at trying to fit the Bullhead Fishplates, but do find it fiddly, could anyone recommend any tips of doing it easily, with out the track bending when the rails are trying to be connected? Cheers guys.
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