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  1. Really. I always thought MAS was associated with track circuit block and hence post dated mechanical levers
  2. Should be able to do it , in the next fortnight. I’ll try and do up a cad diagram as I need one my self
  3. Surely there is no prototype of three aspect , ie MAS controlled by mechanical leverframes
  4. Friend of mine has a big layout all done in PECO foam , 30 years later it’s still perfect
  5. If you want the dimensions of a full size W&T ets machine I can measure that two ( certainly within two weeks )
  6. We have two miniature web and Thompson’s in our club , I could measure them
  7. lovely things AVOMeters , my granddad gave me his , these days best polished and kept on the mantle piece , as a £10 quid DMM is more accurate
  8. Fullers' earth was a constituent of cat litter and used in removing the dye from red diesel !!!!!!!
  9. People get confused about soldering iron power. A 70w iron doesn’t get hotter etc , power is used to reduce the recovery time it takes an iron to restore the tip temperature after each use. More power is always better and modern irons are now using integrated 100w elements etc
  10. I have all Hakko irons. Great stuff I would recommend two things irrespective of brand , (a) 50w or greater , and (b) temperature controlled you need the power to aid the recovery time , especially if you venture into brass kits or soldering big wires , 25w takes too long to bring these fixtures up to temp or maintain them. Even for electronics etc 50w is about the minimum as it lets you solder fast
  11. For reference , despite them being as advertised as JST connections , these servos have molex “ PicoBlade “ connectors , the pins are on a 1.25 mm pitch , there’s is no compatible JST connector.
  12. We use about 40 frog juicers , ( tam valley ) on our big club layout works perfectly , and we have just removed the last few switched by the cobalts let’s put to bed some nonsense FJs don’t short the track , they detect current rise and switch at around 1,6-2A. there is No arcing or wheel or track damage using a FJ it is a completely acceptable means of switching frogs and for complex track it makes such wiring very simple in fiddle yards , where we have operators making up trains , point motor switched frogs called many shorts as operators push a coach back briefly onto the frog , Fjs removed all that if you want to use them , there are great and switching current using solid state switches is preferable to the switches in point motors A MERG member has released a juicer that doesn’t need the current to rise at all , if you are against that sort of things.
  13. I have not used the ECoS unit , but I have used these servos extensively ,( on signals ) they are rated at a max. Operating voltage of 4.7 , though they seem to survive at 5V. My drivers boards are now tweaked to 4.5v other then that they operate exactly the same way as SG90
  14. We have about 50 cobalts on a club O gauge , no issues after three years
  15. Lads , let’s move on , in a world completely changed , it’s rather depressing this topic is being aired again , “ the dreary steeples of Fermanagh” , etc etc
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