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  1. Some styrene mounted to the sides of the retainers for the wheels might help to reduce lateral movement
  2. The set ended up being £417. I was happy to pay that postage as I knew the set would be quite bulky, and indeed it was, but paying the same price for some brushes wasn’t gonna happen!
  3. I recently purchased a Bachmann Midland Pullman set from Cheltenham Model Centre. I requested that they obtain a quote for postage from DHL as I have found their service of late to be fantastic, with items from England usually arriving within 5-6 days. They came back with a quote of £40 ($75-80AUD depending on exchange rate) and was perfectly happy with this. The money was duly paid and 6 days later a nice new train was in my possession. A few months ago I was looking to buy some Tri-ang parts to keep my supply stock up, my usual go to for this is normally Peter’s Spares, but at the
  4. Really really sorry to revive such an old thread but do you have any more info on this loco? A manufacturer name or any idea on who made it? I’d love to get one myself if possible
  5. The pricing for the pack with the terrier confuses me. The coaches individually are £29, so three of them totals to £87. Does that mean the Terrier is now a £212 model?
  6. Not the first time Hornby has used the Playtrains branding!
  7. Die cast bodies for the locos
  8. aaron3820

    2021 hopes

    Place ya bets folks!
  9. This is a discussion for the new Rocket from Hornby yeah? Well, this one is new to me so does that count? I will also say, the new coach adds a nice splash of colour to the OO sets as well.
  10. How can we be in the expensive age when (adjusting for inflation) models of English trains have never been cheaper for what you actually get? If you want something to blame then look at how little wages have increased in recent years to match the rising costs of living. Don’t forget, this is only a hobby. No one is being forced to pay anything.
  11. A photo which I’ve been wanting to take ever since I pre-ordered Lode Star, a lineup of the GWRs finest 4 cylinder flyers.
  12. No issues with the edited photos @robmcg, i'll grab some better photos tomorrow taken outside which should prove more useful for you. Seeing your model really makes me wish Hornby had gone with the Great crest Western livery for the tender, it better suits the Star imo.
  13. aaron3820

    2021 hopes

    European modellers would want a HO scale WD 2-10-0 I'd imagine, not a OO model
  14. The most recent arrival from the 2020 range has landed safely in Australia just in time for Christmas!
  15. My newly released Lode Star (R3864) arrived today in Australia after 5 weeks in transit from England. First impressions are it looks fantastic. It still has the ski ramp fallplate but they can by pushed down to a more acceptable angle. Some bad photos are attached.
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