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  1. On a side not, Genesee & Wyoming itself is now owned by a Canadian company called "Brookfield Infrastructure Partners". I was quite fond of the Freightliner green on the Class 90 but the orange does fit it nicely as well. Hopefully we'll see this new livery applied to a future Bachmann release.
  2. Thank you so much for the message and all your help! I have now been able to complete the online order without any issues and I really look forward to receiving my Duchess of Hamilton model! I can understand just how busy the team at Locomotion probably are after announcing a product like this and I can say that the help and customer service from Stuart and Locomotion was above and beyond my expectations! I look forward to purchasing from Locomotion Models again in the future.
  3. I’ve done online in the past but a few of the times I tried ordering from UK model train stores, the bank flagged the transactions and locked my card. I’ve tried to give them a list of retailers I buy from but the bank said they can’t do anything about that and wouldn’t accept the list. They haven’t blocked my card since I started doing orders over the phone (which to me seems odd...). I’ll have to give it a try tomorrow and hope my card doesn’t get blocked.
  4. Has anyone else been having difficulty today getting through to Locomotion to order a Duchess of Hamilton? I’ve been trying for about an hour and a half now and I still can’t get through to anyone. I know they most likely are busy with taking orders but after a dozen phone calls and leaving messages, you’d think I’d be able to get through. Being in Canada isn’t helping either as it’s now past 3am! And I don’t even want to think what the long distance charges must be by now... I just hope I can get one before they are all gone!
  5. Britannia Models in BC, Canada still has most of the Canadian paint schemes in stock. http://www.britanniamodels.com
  6. I'm not sure how to feel about this announcement. For those who were wanting the 'as preserved' condition, I might feel a little tricked that since the beginning Hornby have been showing off R3373 which is effectively an as preserved paint scheme. Now a month before its released, NRM & Hornby come out saying there going to repaint the actual engine and change the paint scheme so now if you want the current 'as preserved' you must buy a different model (with a limited number produced) from NRM. Which leaves modellers either having to now buy 2 of the same engine, cancel R3373 with either their local shop or stick with R3373 which sounds like soon will not be in 'as preserved' condition. If they had announced this plan from the beginning it would be fine but to wait till a month to go kind of bugs me. It might seem very minor and it might be nothing but somehow it doesn't feel right about them doing it like this. Don't take me wrong, it's fantastic that there going to paint the engine and restore it but to do it in a scenario like this for commercial gain & leaving modellers in a position like this doesnt seem right. Btw, wasn't Dave Jones trying to get the NRM to do a similar project from the beginning and paint it into BR Blue? edit I myself would actually prefer the way that NRM are producing it but I myself don't like cancelling items that I have already ordered so I will most likely end up just sticking with the originally announced item. I wonder if I could manage to paint over the yellow panelling.
  7. I think there was one post earlier that mentioned it but I would take a guess and say that it might be an LBSCR Terrier. If I'm not mistaken the rebuilt A1X engines were used for pull-push (or was it push-pull...). They would also fit into shunting yards so that term could apply to that as well. They were used on the Isle of Wight so would be go with the O2 models. A couple of the original A1's worked for the LSWR and as well as a couple of A1X's worked for the GWR so they would fit those roles as well. They could be painted in so many different colour schemes it could last Kernow for years to come. The amount of variations could warrant all those documents in the original picture. There's a good number of them preserved. And lastly they fit the role of being 'cute' so even if they don't fit into your modelling area it would be hard to resist a good up to date version of them! Though I am probably most likely completely wrong... I can still dream though!
  8. I'm by no means an expert on these engines but a quick search on the Kernow website shows a picture of 1365 in BR Black and it is missing the lamp iron from the top of the smokebox. And a quick google search brings up a picture of 1361 on railuk, also in BR black, which also appears to be missing the lamp iron from the top of the smokebox. Unless I'm missing something I would gather that the CAD drawing not having one is correct depending on which engine and era its representing. And since the CAD doesn't show paint schemes we can't tell exactly which era or exact engine the CAD shown to the public is representing. I'm a bit surprised that this detail was missed before speaking out about all the things that Dave and all those involved in the project have missed. As I said before, I'm by no means an expert on these engine nor have I ever seen the preserved one in person but I do know from working on locomotives that just because they come from the same class doesn't mean that every small detail will be the same from engine to engine. And I'm sure Dave and all those involved have done their research and know which details go on which ones. I look forward to the release of this model and all the other ones from Kernow and Dave Jones because what the CAD does show me is that this model will be a good model which from just a quick glance you will know immediately that it's a GWR 1361!
  9. Just sent my email to Haywards Trains. It's good to see that a model of 'Wilbert' is being made. At this rate, I may have to build a colliery layout for all these J94 Dave's making!
  10. Since Rapido is now making British OO how about we see some Canadian HO from DJ Models! A correct model of the good old fashion ubiquitous GP38-2 with standard cab and Canadian features would be good! For OO, how about a CR 812 0-6-0 and a SECR P 0-6-0T. Both of which could carry very attractive (personal opinion) pre-grouping liveries which fall into the "ooh shiny..." category. Lastly, since there's not enough Great Western prototypes on the market right now (tongue-in-cheek!) an update on the 78xx Manor 4-6-0. I was going to originally suggest for a 14xx update but you've already got that covered!
  11. I myself am happy and excited at the announcement of the 14xx (and accompanying 58xx) by Hattons. I myself have not been modelling OO for a long period of time compared to most people I know. Whenever in the past I had the opportunity to purchase one of the Hornby 14xx's new, there was usually another model that I personally considered more up to date on the market than the 14xx. And there isn't much of a used market for OO where I live which makes it not easy to acquire a Hornby one as well, so I always found myself putting off purchasing a 14xx and getting something else (though I did acquire the Hornby "Oliver" model but I'm not sure if that would count per say) With the new model coming out, I now look forward to acquiring one to run with my other OO models as I know I can expect good quality and attention to detail with the appointment of DJ Models to produce these two classes. Though there may not be a RTR locomotive model on the market from DJ Models as of yet, from seeing the CAD's and EP's of some of the models Dave Jones is currently working on I have no worries of the quality of the models he will produce. I've seen the Dapol Class 22 at my local OO store and was impressed with it and if it at all even shows a hint of what Dave is capable of producing then I look forward to seeing his solo work coming about and I have no problem waiting a bit longer to see them.
  12. I'm glad to see more industrial models coming onto the OO scene. I've read posts about some of the prototype engines from this Hattons exclusive and was wondering which of these ten are currently preserved in one form or another. So far from what others have posted and what I found searching online, No.7 "Robert" NCB Bold Colliery/No.7 NCB Littleton Colliery, No.71515 Mech Navvies Ltd, No.98 "Royal Engineer" War Department and No.15 Wemyss Private Railway are currently at preserved railways. Are any of the other five preserved? Thanks. Cheers,
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