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  1. Yes they do. (If you can find any available to buy...)
  2. If they're hitting you for £300 import duty when it should really be 0% as melmerby suggests then that's not "silly", it's incompetence verging on the criminal.
  3. I too have used DC Kits as a source of Kadee couplers many times and would agree that his mail order service is fine. I did meet him once at the Perth exhibition and he struck me as being rather grumpy. Maybe he'd just had a bad/busy day, it happens. I'm pretty sure that when I first started buying Kadee stuff from him he only did the couplings. I had to go to Gaugemaster to get things like the drill & tap set, non-standard (short and narrow) draft boxes and other spares and accessories. Charlie does seem to have more of the ancillary products these days, which is handy.
  4. I've not seen bulk packs of the #14x couplers on any UK web site on past occasions when I've been looking. But if someone is now doing them then great.
  5. I suspect that the reasons that some people are still wedded to the #5 are that they're cheap, can be bought in bulk and - because they don't have "whiskers"* - they can just be screwed in to a suitable position on pretty much any item of rolling stock (or a suitably-positioned 'something' glued to same). The latter practice does rather negate a key advantage of the Kadee mounting system IMO. * One can of course simply cut the whiskers off a #14x coupler if you really can't find a way to get one of the three types of draft box to fit.
  6. Another option to consider might be the SL-112 code 75 to code 100 rail joiners. Not always easy to find (but then that's true of a lot of Peco stuff at the moment, including the SL-113s) but at least one eBay seller has them in stock: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/PECO-SL-112-OO-CODE-75-TO-CODE100-INSULATIVE-OR-CONDUCTIVE-RAIL-JOINERS/313415308860. At roughly the same price for a pack of 12 - making 6 track joints in all - compared to one converter track, they work out a fair bit cheaper. No experience of them myself but a search on RMWeb should turn up some relevant threads.
  7. The OP stated in his first post yesterday, and again in another post earlier today, that he is not using the Hornby switches with his CDU because he knows that they won't work. Can we please stop banging on about this, it's simply not relevant to this thread.
  8. Except that the OP states that a PL11 also only works intermittently which would seem to be less likely to be a mechanical issue. In my experience it's pretty difficult to get those wrong, assuming it's attached to the turnout in the way that Peco intend i.e. using the locating arms as shown in the instruction leaflet. Worst case scenario the OP could be looking at both mechanical and electrical problems, which might turn out to be tricky to untangle. If it were me I think I'd focus on getting just one point motor working reliably, and then move on to fault-finding and fixing the
  9. It will depend primarily on the current that the power supply 'feeding' the CDU can provide. If it's taking a long time to recharge that could suggest an issue with the 16V AC output of your Gaugemaster controller - which I believe you have already said was unable to fire point motors on its own. Think of the CDU as a big 'bucket' of electricity that can be dumped all in one go through the point motors. After doing that, though, the 'bucket' needs to be refilled before you can use it again, and the time that takes will depend on how fast electricity can flow in to the 'bucket' fr
  10. So long as they are momentary switches that return to the "off" centre position when released - usually described as "(on)-off-(on)" - they should be fine. They won't indicate the lie of the points, though. You can instead use SPDT on-on switches - which will indicate the lie of the points - with a SPST off-(on) momentary toggle switch, or a non-locking press-to-close pushbutton switch, to "fire" the points.
  11. This is normal: there will easily be a slight delay after each point movement driven from a CDU while the capacitors inside the CDU charge up again.
  12. Ah, well at least we now know why it's no longer available. IIRC this wasn't mentioned in the previous thread on this subject. So long the thread is in a generally available forum you should be able to access it by logging out of RMWeb (or, I think, accessing RMWeb through a "private" browser window). I think you can then copy the URL of the thread, open the thread directly using the URL when logged in to RMWeb again, and then un-ignore it. The above won't work for some forums that you have to be a registered user to get access to. Wheeltappers is one, ther
  13. According to IMDB, the injury wasn't caused by a stunt (he did indeed perform his own) but, rather ironically, he'd aggravated an old injury by stepping into a hole while playing golf on a day off shooting.
  14. I'm 99% certain that Peco have never done an electrofrog Code 100 double slip, though willing to be corrected. Are you quite sure you've identified them correctly? (In your OP you said that you have two Peco slips, now it seems you have one Peco and one Fleischmann.)
  15. We like to pop out to Roslin Glen* now and again. The walk through the old gunpowder mill site follows part of the line of the tramway that linked the buildings in which the explosives were prepared: (There are some past and present photos of the gunpowder mills here.) Beyond the (partly collapsed) weir for the (no longer in situ) water wheel that provided motive power to some of the grinding equipment you can climb up to the Penicuik to Musselburgh Cycle/Walkway which in that area follows the track bed of the old Penicuik Railway. Turn left and you arriv
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