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  1. Sorry for your loss Ian. My life changed when I lost my dad and my modelling, really helped me get through it. Good luck with everything and look forward to seeing some more progress. Steve.
  2. Hi David, I' m not at home on my laptop this eve so I'll give you a better explanation tomorrow and I'll see what photo's I have but it looks like you got the jist of my method. The filler was to avoid the gap sometimes seen if you just put a strip of card between the rails and I tried to bring it up to the height of the rail chairs so you could not see them, but that was difficult. You are right about the shellac, that treats the card for painting and so far I've not had any problems. I'll go into a bit more detail tomorrow. Steve.
  3. Hello Chuffinghell, I've just found your thread and I really like what you're doing, I've a question, in one of the earlier posts I noticed the layout was built on top of a radiator, has this caused any problems or is it always switched off, I've got a similar problem and I've always avoided building anything above it. Steve.
  4. Looks like you're having a good time and making the most of your visit. Good luck in Hattons, I've never been there but I can only imagine the temptation! Enjoy. Steve.
  5. The last train journey I made a few weeks ago to have a conversation you would have almost had to shout over a woman bragging on the phone to her mate about how drunk she was the previous night and a few seats down an older woman speaking on the phone about her doctors appt! Who needs to chat to strangers! Steve.
  6. sb67

    Pecketts Wharf.

    Thanks Adrian, center support it is :-) I didn't think of extending the wall into the fiddle yard, that's a good idea.
  7. I like your use of mirrors in various places and the option of ''watching the trains go by'' David. I also like the gantry on the left hand end of the layout, is that scratch built? Steve.
  8. sb67

    Pecketts Wharf.

    By all means David, it's an idea I got from Gordon Gravetts layout Arun Quay. It can be found in Model Rail Journal No262. Any questions I'll try and help. Steve.
  9. I've never built an inglenook although I do fancy trying it out. I've got a sector plate on my current layout and it does make operation enjoyable although if I don't use the crossover I could always operate it as an inglenook I guess. It measures 5ft 3 x 15 inches and the fiddle yard is 24 inches. I added a kick back to make things a bit more interesting. Steve.
  10. sb67

    Pecketts Wharf.

    I've finally got round to finishing buildings for the fiddle yard end. Still got to add guttering and down pipes etc. Just got to cover the big ole' somehow, I'm still thinking of a walkway and maybe some pipework going across. I'm wondering though as it's spanning 3 tracks I'd need a support in the middle somehow? Steve.
  11. sb67

    'Cambrian Street'

    The coal yard looks good Bob. I like the look of the cobbles, very nicely done. Steve.
  12. That shouldn't be a problem, look forward to seeing how you get on, can you practice on a smaller area first? Take your time looking at that blog, it's all really inspiring. Steve.
  13. I loved Ripping yarns, still watch em! Golden Gordon, Across the Andes by Frog, Tomkinson's school days, great stuff! very underrated. Steve.
  14. Here's the link to he DAS clay. Here it's used as cinders ballast but the method is similar. http://nevardmedia.blogspot.com/2011/08/creating-effect-of-ash-ballast.html His blog is a mine of info, I also think there might be a thread on here somewhere about using DAS. I got it pretty thin prob 2 or 3 mm but I did do it in stages and any joins can be smeared over by wetting the clay. Texture can be added by stippling with an old toothbrush whilst it's wet or it can be painted and texture added after. https://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/index.php?/topic/98889-goods-yard-das-clay-question/ That's a link to a thread on here. Hope that helps. Steve.
  15. Spikey have you looked at Chris Nevards work? He uses DAS a lot and the effects are fantastic, I used some for my yard here. I didn't get it perfectly smooth but I kind of liked that.
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