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  1. More great photo's David, love the 08 and Lynemouth NCB class 14's both ooze atmosphere in many different ways.
  2. Thank you Gilbert, it does look excellent! I love the bridges, the right hand scene looks superb. how did you paint the stonework?
  3. Thanks Richard, I like the look of that kit and I'll have a measure to see how it will fit. I also thought about a freelance tower or tank to fit in with the industrial theme but I'm not sure how to go about that yet.
  4. That's a tantalising glimpse Gilbert, the layout's looking good
  5. Nice to see some pics Kevo, I really like the buildings and the abillity to run a wide range of stuff on it, great stuff
  6. With the embankments still drying nicely it's time to think about the rest of the layout. My plan is, I think! some rough earth ballast on the left hand siding and beach sand and DAS around other areas. I'd like a water tower/tank somewhere, or just suggest it's off stage, and a coaling stage on the kickback siding, which has some 'lifted track' at the end so presumably it used to go somewhere else. The area to the left will be fenced off from the yard and have a house and garden/vegetable patch. The house in the photo is a Peco station house, I do have a Wills craftsman kit of a house which is a bit bigger, I'm not sure whether to use that.
  7. I thought I'd add a photo of 45 132. Currently at North Weald on the Epping and Ongar railway. Hopefully I think it will be running at one of their galas this year after being restored.
  8. sb67

    Privett Green

    All looks great Andy, I'll agree with the comment about the Thumper, it does look good. There's one on my local heritage line and I always think about building a small station and getting the model every time I see it. Catfield looks very good as well, are there any more pics of it anywhere?
  9. Looks good Luke, the fascia and sign finish everything off nicely.
  10. First time I've looked at this thread and I've got to say the layout and modelling are stunning. There's so much inspiration in the photo's, I particularly like the weathering and the industrial loco's I never knew existed. I've never really looked at industrial railways until the advent of the Hornby Peckett etc, now I feel like I've missed out on so much. Fantastic stuff!
  11. Oops no, sorry, that'll teach me to try and multitask
  12. I love that scene in the second photo, what layout is that from Ruston?
  13. Thanks Steve. I did indeed use gloss paint, it was a mix of Humbrol Service Brown and Pale Grey, randomly mixed together. I've never tried matt paints but it would be worth a go, also different colours, it would be interesting to see what effects you get.
  14. Thanks for the comments guys, it's very much appreciated.
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