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  1. All looking very nice Andy, I like the use of the chocolate block connectors. I wish I had your working pace, I cant even get past the planning phase in the time it takes you to build a layout!
  2. I did a small test sticking some track down using that method. I tried on a bi of c&L finescale track and some peco code 100. I really liked the results but I think you do need to cut the sleeper webbing away and it was easy on a small bit of track but wonder how it would be trying to lay a length of track on a layout. It definitely looks better on thinner sleepered track. I'm going to try the method of goods yard rack next.
  3. Hi Richard, here's the link to the method at Missenden weekend. I'm not sure how long the content will be on there for but the whole weekend is worth checking out. There's a clip about trackwork in a goods yard which is really good. I'd like to try it but not sure how it would work out putting a length of flexi track on a layout. https://www.missendenrailwaymodellers.org.uk/index.php/virtual-missenden-laying-track/ The weathering Zoom session is good as well. Enjoy
  4. Fantastic photo's Barclay, that double headed 37's are what I remember about seeing my first trains at Romford, as a kid being terrified as the thundered through with the platform shaking under my feet!
  5. I've no doubt it will Chris, all looking good so far
  6. Thanks Richard. I've been looking at the Missenden model weekend on here and like the Barry Norman method of laying track on a thin layer of PVA then ballasting, I was thinking of trying that.
  7. What have you used to stick the track down Richard? I'm thinking of using PVA to stick down the track on my next layout and a different method of ballasting.
  8. I love that middle photo, two different era's of passenger trains for the line both now sadly long gone. Although can anyone tell me me if the freightliner 86's are still in use? I haven't seen them for ages.
  9. Well done guys, there is some great content on there. I liked the PDF's and I'd love to track down a couple of those Right Track DVD's. Highly recommend a visit.
  10. Glad to see you're back doing stuff Chris
  11. Looks good Al, maybe an odd bit of junk, oil drum, corrugated iron sheet or old sleepers? Some random larger weeds or saplings would be good too.
  12. A perfect fit Richard, looks good
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