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  1. I did think of covering the gates with corrugated iron sheets and widening them a bit of trying to bash the original kit. I wouldn't know where to start scratch building, might have a look though, I like those pics of the gates.
  2. That has confirmed what I thought. I've looked for double track ones and they do seem to be a bit scarce, which I find strange. Might have to have a re-think.
  3. I've mocked up the other end of the layout. I wanted to suggest that there used to be a double track crossing but now it's been truncated with one line that see's infrequent traffic going to an industrial yard/complex. The level crossing gates are Peco LK50, are they too small for a double track, to me they need to be a tad wider ?
  4. A private siding is fine with me. Another photo that oozes atmosphere, I love the infilled trackwork
  5. While trying to decide what to do about the point rodding and knowing it could be hard to retro fit I ballasted the layout. It hasn't quite worked out though, I used Woodland Scenics Fine brown ballast as I wanted to replicate the well used ballast I've seen in photo's. It seems to have dried a bit too dark and as I used acrylic paint to paint sleepers although that was a few weeks ago the paint has lifted off the sleepers. Hoping a few washes of track colour and maybe weathering powders will sort everything out.
  6. Mark that tree looks superb! It looks equally stunning close up or on the layout, the texture and colours on the back look just right great stuff!
  7. That looks like it's all progressing nicely Richard. I got to say the wiring side of our hobby battles me, no matter how neat and tidy I try and be it always looks like spaghetti!
  8. That blue brick does look good Bob, I'd be tempted to add a bit of weathering/staining but not much it looks great as it is. Have you got a "real" photo of something you can reference?
  9. If I were to put operating hand levers what would I need to suggest that point rodding used to be there? The Wills kit looks to be complete rodding, I was thinking of just having the bits that the rodding sits on?
  10. Lovely photo's, it's SO tempting me to build an industrial layout but I'm nowhere near finished what I'm doing yet!
  11. Having stuck the bridge in place I'm now looking at ballasting and if I should model a ground frame and point rodding or just my usual (easy) option of making the points hand lever operated. I'd like to suggest there was some point rodding there at some time but not sure how to do that as the wills kit looks like complete rodding to me. Also is there any particular place a ground frame should be or would it just be placed wherever convenient?
  12. Well done for starting again Ralph, I've lost count of the times I've given up on projects at the track planning stage. It looks like your points are not lining up in the pictures, I think you've got to take a bit of time to get this bit right as it could cause problems later on. I'd agree with Steve above, if you make the loop "thinner" the points should line up.
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