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  1. Did some test pics with my new camera last night, loads better than pics with my phone! Now hoping to get on with a bit more scenic work as it's taking far too long!
  2. Thanks for that Matt, it was the West Hill Wagon works that I saw in the review
  3. This seems like a long shot but I see some new products in one of the Railway modelling magazines, they were water stand pipes. I cant for the life of me find the article now. They were in the last month or two, I thought they might be Scale Model Scenery but I couldn't find anything on the website. I know it's not much to go on but here's hoping. Many thanks. Steve.
  4. That backdrop looks great Richard, really gives a feeling of space and hides the corner well, the 'google earth' photo is amazing, really shows how you've 'straightened out' the curve.
  5. Those photo's and your layout are fantastic, so inspirational.
  6. I think youtube is fantastic. There's a lot of guff on there but it's been invaluable for me during the lockdowns to see other peoples work and different methods, especially the military modelling stuff. Aside from railways it's great for anything from learning about my new camera to finding bodyweight HIIT's to do when the gyms were shut! I guess you just have to sort the wheat from the chaff. My partners kids look at EVERYTHING on youtube and hardly watch "normal " tv at all, I guess it's a sign of the times, a generation of people that cant wait for anything and watch what they
  7. The roofs look great, did you use the same methods as you've used in the past?
  8. Some great atmosphere in those shots, I love the sight of steam, woodened bodied wagons mixing with air braked coal wagons!
  9. God how I miss the sights sounds and smells of the London stations! Seeing these pictures takes me right back to walking along the concourses or coming up the stairs from the tube and the anticipation of what you'll see.
  10. They look very good 97406 I really like the way you can use your layout as a photo plank, if you didn't know better that could be a stretch of mainline!
  11. Just been catching up on your thread Rob, hope you've recovered from your jab? The IoW always looks a good idea for modelling so I'll look forward to seeing tings progress, does this mean you've moved away from the Essex/Suffolk area or is that on hold for the time being?
  12. Always enjoy hearing about your exploits Jim, not one day seems to be the same! May seem a bit of an obvious question but when you uncouple and leave a train do you have to handbrake every wagon in the train or is there some sort of automatic device that's deemed safe enough?
  13. Just come across your thread 97406, great looking layout. I like the plan and the Catenary it really captures the look and feel of a busy TMD. Look forward to seeing some more pics
  14. sb67

    Little Muddle

    kevin that breakdown is fantastic, thank you so much for that. I definitley need more lighting to get pics of my mode!s, I have a led striplight on the shelf above my layout but it does cast a few shadows. I'll look at those umberella diffusers.
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