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  1. Never thought of it like that!
  2. Thanks for your help guys. I've a really dumb question now! Does it matter which way round should the angles be facing? Should they be facing away from the place that the fence is protecting?
  3. Fantastic work Martyn, the 25 looks superb. That's inspiring me to have a go and detail mine. I've got a load of bits, just need to find a prototype to model and sort some better wheels.
  4. Hope you get the loco sorted out Al. I'm sure you will be able to get to the bottom of it, as has been said test it on DC then take it from there. Good luck.
  5. I was looking at some fencing to use on my layout that is appropriate for the late 60's onwards. What year would the angled post with barbed wire at the top have first been used? I can remember seeing them in the 70's but would they have been around earlier? many thanks. Steve.
  6. Another set of superb photo's and some great modelling
  7. @grahame that looks superb! As someone who takes six months to agonise over a factory back I am so envious of anyone who can re create real buildings in miniature. You're description and photo's make it look so easy. Loving this thread
  8. Thanks for that @Enfys_Rainbow I'll keep practicing. It's not so much the method, I just cant seem to get the colours right, especially the mortar!
  9. What was the wash you used and did you have any trouble with surface tension being acrylic paint?
  10. The building looks great. What colours did you use? Brick painting is something I can never get the hang of!
  11. Great stuff with the weathering. I'd agree with 47606odin's comments about removing most of the dirt leaving stuff in the recesses etc with a downward motion, after that you could then go back over it with a light coat of your weathering mix and build up layers of dirt as would happen in the real world. Also check the 05 buffer beams as the bit under the buffers seems to have been missed by the airbrush. Look forward to seeing more pics.
  12. sb67

    Bute Road,

    Enjoying the videos Andy. One thing that stands out for me is the running of the trains, the speeds and acceleration etc looks spot on to me and works superbly with the sound. Great stuff, as always
  13. I think a WRD is a nice idea, gives the chance to model some different wagons.
  14. I'm no an expert but I think any signals on the approach would be "off scene". Not sure how it would look or how prototypical it is but maybe you could assume there was a junction "off scene" and you could have a feather as a starter signal from one of the platforms?
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