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  1. The goods platform is looking good John. Looking forward to seeing some more progress
  2. Looking forward to seeing Ladmanlow in BRM, well done Al, you must be pleased with that. You made a good start with the new module, I'm getting a bit of a soft spot for the C&HP railway looks a lovely part of the world to model.
  3. The gate looks great Mark. Loving seeing your layout grow, there's so many details to look at.
  4. I'm after some 4mm scale water/stand pipes, the sort you might see in a yard. I'm sure I've seen some white metal ones but cannot remember who makes them, I've tried looking online but to no avail, can anybody point me in the right direction? Many thanks.
  5. Thanks for the comments guys. It's all down to you lot inspiring me
  6. Look forward to seeing a new layout Rob. Will it be home for those J15's you posted pics of a while back?
  7. Finished the hut finally, I don't want to overdo the clutter but if I can find some oil cans etc I'd like something like that or maybe some brake van lamps. Next up finding stuff to put on the yard.
  8. It's looking good already Chris, I sense another masterclass on the way
  9. That's a great set of photo's Al. With a backdrop like that you cant go wrong, really works well with the layout.
  10. That crane and match truck is just stunning Chris. I'm looking forward to seeing the PW Brake van
  11. That's interesting Richard. Do you know if it was part of an old goods yard track or was it used to support a fence? It looks like there's some sort of fixing on the rail.
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