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  1. Great news! Just up the road from me so it's in my diary and I'm looking forward to it, any chance of a list of layouts please?
  2. Thanks Shaun, I was thinking about some junk but I want to be careful not to overdo it. Think I'll put some small trees growing behind the wall too.
  3. Thanks Adrian, I'll have a look at that skills week bit. Def worth a try for a couple of quids worth of seeds.
  4. Finally got round to adding a few more weeds on this bit, hopefully giving my mojo a bit of a kick start! Not sure what it is but I cant help feeling the scene doesn't look quite right. I'm going for a run down look but I think it looks a bit clinical, maybe needs some junk or something.
  5. Good to see an update Stu. The loco's looking good, glad it's running ok, have you a layout planned to run it on? Hope you're ok. Take care.
  6. I think the gauging trial is looking very good indeed, hope it becomes a regular service.
  7. Great stuff with the trees Adrian, did you grow them indoors? I might have to sneak some of them in my partners seed list when she does it!
  8. Thoroughly enjoyed this thread Steve, it's evoked a few memories for me. I've loved all the photo's, thanks for sharing.
  9. What a turn around Tom! Thanks for sharing that. Your work is stunning and an inspiration to all, I'll look forward to seeing the RM article and a someone who's suffering a bit of a blip myself it's good to see that there can be light at the end of the tunnel. Keep up the good work
  10. Great stuff Schooner, I'll be following this with interest. I like the plan and the size of the baseboard too, giving a greater depth for the buildings. Interesting theme and era too, lot's to look forward too.
  11. The trees hide the exit superbly, like the idea of looking through them as well.
  12. Have you decided on your connectors? I've used the plug and socket ones as well as the wago connectors and they are both easy to use, cheap and so far reliable, I've just glued my wago connectors to my baseboard and as Ron Ron Ron said "for for regular or irregular disconnection of wires" the plug and socket ones would be best and are dead easy to use.
  13. Great stuff! Some fine modelling there, subtly weathered and I like the oil cans and stuff on the running plate.
  14. sb67

    Mick Bonwick

    I'm sure Mick would approve, a fitting tribute for a fine man
  15. That wagon looks very nice, I like the subtle weathering, well done
  16. Apologies if I've missed it in the text but what was the yellow scatter used for the Ragwort? I'm trying to make some using grated crayons but the colour isn't quite right. Many thanks.
  17. Very nice build LDM34046. Reminds me I've a few kits to build, I like the Parkside kits, they seem to go together well and the newer ones include transfers. I'd agree with Al's tip about using a sheet of glass to keep everything perfectly flat, I've also used a large ceramic tile for the same thing. Look forward to seeing some more builds
  18. What you got planned for London Jim? It might be a bit short notice but if you like your cycling a track experience at the Velodrome, Stratford is worth a go. If you've never done it before it's a good experience and totally different to a road bike.
  19. Great photo's and some fine work. I do like the faded coach too
  20. Good to see some more photo's Rob, never tire of seeing some. Peasevern and it's little brother Peafore are both among my go to layouts for inspiration.
  21. Very nice indeed Alan. The rust and staining looks superb, I like the idea of tops and pre tops numbers too
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