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  1. Sadly this tends to happen a lot. DCC does NOT need all those things. It can use them, and many of them might be a good idea (opinions vary widely), but don’t let “experts” suggest you must have them. Many people happily run DCC with just the two wires, just like the adverts tell you it can be done. Feel free to pm me if you want a quiet (off-line) chat about it.
  2. Of course they will. They’ve lost yours, so that's one right away. But then they’ve gained mine, as I've never been in the market for anything like these before, but think they’re great, so will get some. The real question for their business is will they lose enough to care. My guess would be that this will cost them 0.1% of otherwise total potential sales. Do you have a more accurate (calculated?) estimate?
  3. I assume tags here operate as tags do on any forum I’ve seen. They are manually created or added by the person who creates each topic. So if you’re getting no results, then it just means nobody (or very few) creating posts is using them. I would bet they actual work fine - if anyone creates them.
  4. That’s annoying. Prototypical is totally banned in my modelling world. I’ll have to think of another use. They’re too nice to ignore.
  5. Probably the same method as me, and most of their actual target market - start at page one, jump straight to page 57, and ignore the rest! I’m looking forward to getting some of these to run behind my 66.
  6. I've just completed (sort of) the Reader Survey from the latest BRM World email. When I got all the way to the end, it refused to accept my answers (three times). These are the reasons..... Question 6 - Location. I put "New Zealand" in the "Other" box, but it refused to accept it. It absolutely requires me to tick one of the UK regions! So I ticked "North West", 'cos I live in the North West part of New Zealand!!! Did anybody test this before release? Question 30 - What is the main reason you visit a show?. Despite the fact that I answered Q29 - How many shows do you attend a year? with "None", it won't let me ignore Q30. Doesn't seem logical to me. But to get finished I selected "layouts". I reckon if I did attend any shows that would probably be the reason - but I can't be sure because I don't attend any!!!! Question 31. I don't want to tick either of those boxes. In an earlier question, I answered that I do read "BRM World", so I don't want any others - but it seems I have to. I guess I'll now have to tick the "Unsubscribe" option on all the c**p that arrives. Annoying.
  7. Surely the software used should be irrelevant, and up to personal preference? What matters is only that a common file type is used. But I’m not really sure what your expectations or outcomes from this topic are.........
  8. You make the jig, in much the same way as you do the buildings.
  9. Sad but true. Anonymity works both ways. Yes, it protects scumbags from being outed; but it also goes a little way to protect the rest of us from the outlaws who abuse the www.
  10. Two different back catalogues. Gold members can access back to 2007 on the Exactly app (Free to “borrow”). Pocketmags only sell them back to Apr 2011. It would be nice if Pocket mags could provide the rest as well, albeit for a small per-edition charge.
  11. Great attitude. Worth remembering old adage “Those that can, do: those that can’t, criticise” Those comments from “elsewhere” are from jealous people. Not jealous of money, but because of your skills, passion and determination, and the fact they don’t have them. They just use the money excuse to hide their inadequacies.
  12. How about the Proses version: https://www.petersspares.com/proses-tc-100-m-timber-rod-cutter.ir Possibly available from other suppliers as well, this was just the first I found.
  13. I cant give you direct equivalents, but Vallejo certainly do a number of “rust” colors and sets. In particular setS called “rust and chipping effects” and “rust stain and streaking”. I've used one paint, called simply “rust”, from their ModelAir acrylics range. Perfect for airbrushing track IMHO.
  14. Next time you need to renew yours, take a look at LetsEncrypt, as described by @truffy above. No point paying money if you can get the same for free, surely? There are a couple of server installation setups that can’t (yet) use it but they are not very common. As as for the arguments that ssl security isn’t necessary for SEF and other “read-only” type web sites, that is perfectly true - but increasingly irrelevant. The message that “no https means you don’t value my security” is coming across the web loud and strong. Perception trumps everything, so no ssl certificate means risking lost business, like it or not. It’s not big brother, nor is it bullying. It’s a necessary way to protect the majority of naive internet surfers from the minority of ratbags who stalk the web looking for gaps to use to cause mayhem. Sad but true. As far as I am aware no browser, including chrome, yet actually block access to “insecure” sites, though it is true that google have suggested that might eventually happen. Returning to to the original issue, of seemingly random failures to reach the site. These are valid, and I don’t think they are actually related to anyone’s web browser, or the lack of an ssl certificate. I too have experienced it at different times. I can’t yet see a pattern, or anything in the visible code for the site to explain it though. My suspicion is that perhaps the (probably) basic server is sometimes unable to handle all requests within its capacity limits. It might well cost money to increase those limits, so I can understand a reluctance to fix it.
  15. The “ aw snap” message is generated by chrome. This implies that the page had been delivered to your browser, on your device, and that the problem is most likely therefore related only to that area. It it is occasionally possible that the web page being delivered could be at fault, but that would the least expected cause. Details of some possible remedies at https://support.google.com/chrome/answer/95669?co=GENIE.Platform%3DDesktop&hl=en in your case, given that it’s only happening on one device the problem is almost certain to lie there. So, as you suggest, cookies and/or over-full cache would be the first place look. Time for a good spring-clean perhaps?
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