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  1. Thats exactly the sort of modeling I prefer too. Luckily before I got started on what I now realize would have been a disappointment, I was given a very valuable tip. It said that to really achieve the “railway in a landscape” look you need to plan on a scenic length of around three times the length of the longest train you wanted to run through it. That means for (say) an engine plus five carriages totaling at least 150cms, you should have a scenic space of 450cms!!! Of course that’s only a guide, but look at any of the really successful layouts and that’s about the scale you will find. As others have said, start either drawing to scale, or perhaps create a full size mock-up as soon as possible.
  2. What did Rails say about the codes when you asked them?
  3. Understandable, and were I in the UK I would do the same, but I suspect it is exactly the outcome he wants.
  4. I must really be the odd one out here. Not only have I not experienced even the slightest problem with their website at any time this week, but I have zero difficulty finding products by era. Far easier than the old site. I go to the Bachmann Branchline page; look at the bottom right corner where all the era’s are listed (in varying fonts to indicate relative number of products in each); click on the one I want and almost instantly have an easy to read schedule of all of them.
  5. Not many iPads run on Windows
  6. No, not the case. My earlier comment was based on what I see on my iPad. Also, like RMWeb, Bachmann don’t have separate desktop and mobile versions. There is only one version, which automatically adjusts positioning and size of display elements according to the screen size you use. I also dont don’t understand the comment by “rob d2”. Drop down menus work perfectly fine on my iPad.
  7. I’m pretty sure the only approach you can take is to replace all the joists. I have the same issue unfortunately. Such a roof is not designed to carry any load. If you go ahead you will almost certainly invalidate your house insurance. Either way, get professional advice and accept it. Don’t listen to “I ignored the advice and (so far) got away with it” type suggestions. I do have minor cracks in part of my ceiling, just from necessary walking on the joists to access pipes.
  8. Working fine for me right now. Perhaps fixed since the above reports?
  9. I haven't, and based on the level of responses here so far, probably no one has. But I wonder if the problem is size? All of the examples of these devices I have seen are far too small to fit any section of track in.
  10. I’ve no idea what differences there are in production processes for each of the major magazines for PocketMags, but I have just checked latest editions of all four in PocketMags. Hornby Mag and Model Rail have similar issues to BRM, in that page numbers don’t match printed contents pages, and don’t link from contents to page, presumably because if the extra digital pages. Railway Modeller however has neither issue. Page numbers match and links from contents to pages work. But I suspect it is the only one not include any digital-only content. Personally I don’t regard this as a major problem though. Navigating through the pages, at least on my iPad is pretty slick (using the slide control at the page bottom) so no big deal as far as I’m concerned. But I would also prefer to have the contents page back next month, even with the different page numbers.
  11. Not seen that particular one, but OGDI occasionally crop up for sale. Here’s an example: https://www.worthpoint.com/worthopedia/odgi-toys-yesterday-845-jowett-1777706399
  12. Are you sure you “ignored” it? You have to also click a second “Are you sure?” Button after the “Ignore” button. Have you seen the thread about the pop-up ads? It has a couple of suggestions that will hide the for you.
  13. I agree, but I recall some mention from Andy about the alternate themes being temporary early on in the life of this new site. See
  14. Could it be related to this sentence from Gold Club advert: Mikkel is a gold member, others commenting here don’t appear to be.
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