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  1. Originally, if memory serves, the SP coaches were the best ones if you wanted a flush glazed coach, as the only rtr ones at the time were old Hornby or Mainline, so the SP ones were a Godsend. As stated above they are no longer available and the current rtr ones are much superior, although I still find it difficult to accept £40+ for a coach!
  2. I am somewhat surprised that no-one, as yet, has produced a valve gear fret for the parts of the Hornby gear that need "beefing up" or altered. Chas
  3. Some photos of my attempts at improving Hornby green, the first picture shows Tamiya X-24 Clear Yellow airbrushed on to a spare A4 tender - And the second picture shows the same paint brushed on - The clear yellow was used as I felt the original green needed to be richer. Both finishes seem to be acceptable. Another experiment I have tried was using the Humbrol 1322 clear orange (yellow?) on a Hornby Duchess pictured below. This has given a very good finish in my opinion BUT, and it is a big but --
  4. Would be very interested if anyone has and would like to part with the above.
  5. Photo of 40621 probably at Hurlford, if you look closely you could possibly make out the straps had been painted, but it may just be rust flakes! Your decision! (Don't know copyright restrictions on this photo - will remove if requested)
  6. From what I understand, unless they already do the 120, then it is up to you to get it right as they will ask for drawings etc. for them to produce the etches.
  7. So could I suggest Worsley Works? (no connection) They produced sides and ends for a class 100 for one of our group so I can't see why they couldn't do the 120. Chas
  8. Was it not Mainline who did the rebuilt Jubilees (as well as the long firebox Jubilees)? Don't know how "correct" the Pats were in light of the above comments re the cabs. Original split chassis, though, replace with Comet. Chas
  9. One 4-6-0 that is missing at the moment would be a Caprotti fitted Std. 5, even the DJH kit is no longer available and neither is the Crownline conversion kit. Chas
  10. The one below has been corrected as much as I can, it is a bit rough and ready but if you look at the first vertical line on the coach end it is as near parallel to the ruler as makes little difference and the gap of the t'home is still noticeable and is very near to 1mm if you compare with the ruler markings. Could it be that because the coach has a sharp edge finish at the bottom then that may be why it looks "flat"?
  11. I must confess to have been surprised by this diagram in that it would seem that, to scale the tu(mblehome)urnunder is only 1mm. I attach below a (rough) experimental picture i have taken this morning of a Hornby (left) and a Kirk Gresley coach with a straight edge placed between them. Interestingly the gap at the bottom of the Hornby coach looks closer to 1mm than the Kirk which most seems to agree has the better "look" (Sorry, I have nothing better to gauge these by). I have to agree, though, that the Hornby coach side looks flat. Interesting?
  12. ScRSG


    A bit more progress before the lockdown when the club will, again, be closed for the duration. Ballasting has been started and a fair amount has been achieved along with work on aspects of the point rodding which had to be done before the ballast went down. The long rods on the stools will be done after ballasting has been completed. Meant to add the work on the platform surfaces goes on apace, with edging detail and surface detail being added, these are looong platforms!
  13. Different scale but Alloa has been done! See the link to our club website below.
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