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  1. Or you can also use 100 degree solder which "sticks" to both brass and whitemetal, tend to keep the iron on the brass side and let it flow to the whitemetal with the flux.
  2. Like these mods perhaps? As described on the Class 21 thread. Chas
  3. Just a little question, if I may. Regarding LNER 10000 in original grey livery. The lack of colour photographs (inevitably) of this loco, can someone please tell me if the bufferbeams were red, and if so were the buffer shanks black? Thanks Chas
  4. I hope you are right, but I am afraid I had to order from elsewhere to obtain what I wanted.
  5. Tried that one - no reply. Tried the other again - no reply. Emailed to the new address per their advert in BRM (www.sefinecast.co.uk) - surprise, surprise - no reply. I am trying to get them to sell me something, but I fear I may have to look elsewhere. Sorry.
  6. email received from Hattons explaining it was an error and should have been their pre-owned listings email! So all OK and nothing to worry about!
  7. Anyone having problems contacting , what I presume, is the new SE Finecast? I have called on the number listed on their site but consistently fails to answer. Anyone having any better luck?
  8. Some pictures taken at Exeter St. Davids, all in 1965. D7052 and an unidentified Warship D1019 and another Warship! D819 and D6346. I hope you like! Chas
  9. Re Duchess of Montrose and the other Polmadie Coronations, all were painted in green and none of them were painted red. The story goes that the shedmaster (?) at 66A reckoned that as they were almost exclusively used on the overnight trains to London then as they ran in the dark nobody would care what colour they were! I can find no evidence of a colored nameplate for 46232.
  10. Latex gloves as used in the current circumstances are useful and are available in black. Once they are worn or torn they provide a source of very flexible material which can be used as the tarps.
  11. Tony, It was an unbuilt kit which actually came with a set of the later brass frames but I had already purchased a set of Comet frames which I used, the valve gear was made from a combination of the two. As regards the efficacy of the "smoke deflectors" and the Austerity type chimney, I have no idea and can only assume it was no worse than any other V2 and lasted until withdrawal. Chas
  12. Yes, indeed they do and quite regularly. I recently picked one up for yet another lockdown project to do the unique 60813 - see here! Chas
  13. Just received my subscribers email for the new issue and I am afraid the link to BRMTV is not working, just says "Loading"!
  14. Try this one. https://www.brdatabase.info/index.php Chas
  15. ScRSG


    The latest lockdown project and another loco for, hopefully, Larbert, a Caprotti Std.5 in typical St Rollox condition! Chas
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