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  1. Yes, usually just a normal monitor that you can interact with your fingers. On windows I believe it should just plug in and work
  2. Thanks all, Seems like 24" monitors/screens would be better. I shall have to look at the space I have and see what I can do The multiple windows tablets and jmri thing sounds interesting though
  3. Out of interest, Does anyone run computer control combined with multiple touchscreen monitors? I have been thinking about it as a setup recently so that I can also use the monitors as a switchboard etc when I want to take control. Just wanted to see if anyone has tried it and if there are any suggestions for equipment etc. Cheers
  4. Hi all, So it has been a long time since I updated this post so I thought I'd share some progress I have made, If you can call it that! I have cut every single sleeper out from sheets of ply and threaded every chair on. The only RTR is the fiddleyard track and points, Everything else is 4-SF/00-SF. Still plenty more to do on the layout and trains run on 2 sides of the layout, Currently in the process of wiring up the station area
  5. Oh very interesting! I shall have to attend this one being as I am just in the next village over and it's the weekend before my Birthday.. If ever there was an excuse..
  6. All these people receiving there's and mine's still not even been dispatched Oh well, Not like I have anywhere to run it atm lol
  7. Ordered a complete set last night, looking forward to getting them even if I don't have the layout working yet
  8. Could always try that just by temporarily putting a good magnet between the sleepers to see if it has any effect. I don't know how strong electro magnets are compared to neodymium ones
  9. That's pretty neat and certainly doesn't look obtrusive. I looked at doing the same awhile ago but I need hands free automatic uncoupling for computer control
  10. MikeH_83

    Little Muddle

    I do love that little PW area, I might have to borrow a little inspiration from it for my layout
  11. Some lovely detail in that garage, Looks fab!
  12. I think it would have been far better if instead of focusing on a couple of select individuals they instead followed lots of different staff in different roles. This would give you a behind the scenes of the many varied roles that people could volunteer for and probably portray the railway in a better light. Instead we have lots of drama and it looks more like a death trap and not ran very well.
  13. Ah that's not so bad then at 3' is the minimum I have my layout set at. Most curves are above that at almost 6' Cheers
  14. Thanks both! Didn't want to make lots of track and then find out I made alot of mistakes lol
  15. Hi all, I am currently making my track to 4-SF (00-SF) and I am wondering at what radius curves I should change from using the normal 2 rail track gauges to the 3 point ones? Also if I remember correctly with the 3 point gauges you haveto use the 2 side part on the inside of a curve? Cheers
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