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  1. It's starting to look something like. Still a few bits to sort out.
  2. Half completed short tank. Scratch built onto a Hornby toby tram engine.
  3. This is my current ship canal fleet. Hornby sentinel, kitson (modified Bachmann thomas) 4001 (modified Hornby 08) and the smaller diesel shunter D7 (modified Bachmann 03)
  4. We are in the process of scratch building a short tank around a Hornby toby chassis. I will pop a photo on when its done.
  5. Excellent model Arthur. Thats exactly what I was thinking of when I had this crazy idea.
  6. Having spoken to DJM they cannot help me as I don't have a model shop. If I was to fo this I would be moving them through my ebay/online shop.
  7. This was my attempt. It's a bit basic.
  8. Finally got round to posting the finished loco.
  9. I was surprised at how supportive Hornby have actually been with this. Robday12. The msc sentinel locos were inside gear as per the current Hornby model. Also they were in the same blue as the Hornby model. All thats needed is some transfers.
  10. I would consider the DJ models loco. I am really only trying to get a feel of possible demand. I have already spoken to Hornby and they want an order for 500 minimum. I had a look on the dj model's website but couldn't find any contact details. (Although it was just a quick look)
  11. I am considering a special commission from Hornby to do a j94 in the MSC light grey livery but just wanted to get a feel of demand. The ship canal had 3 austerity tanks known locally as the big engine's and is the only rtr steam model avaliable that the canal had.
  12. Just wondering how much of a following the MSC railway has? I gather that there is quite an interest but no rtr model of any loco. If there was a MSC loco available off the shelf, would people buy it?
  13. I am attempting a model of 4002 using a Hornby 08 as a base. I know it won't be a perfect copy but hopefully it will capture the character of the original.
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