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  1. Bought 2 sets of Microscale decals for some KTM 33k Pregnant Whale tanks, off the Bay - $3.20 postage - here in 5 days from New York - can't argue with that. Paul......
  2. I've brought a lot of stuff in from the US over the years & many times evaded the duty, but over the last couple of years the RM / PF ransom note has dropped on the mat every time, only recent time where one got through was an O scale brass wagon model from Canada, no VAT, no handling charge, perhaps we should all import from Canada in future? Or could be I was just lucky.
  3. in a similar vein, just acquired a SF yellow bonnet which has arrived damaged, so will require the blue touching up, whats the nearest UK available paint colour that matches - thanks
  4. The Aberdeen depot is the Aberdeen & Rockfish - couple of pics taken at that depot https://flic.kr/p/dQfQ5A https://flic.kr/p/uTsoLa cheers Paul.....
  5. The Candor facility is nice, but I prefer the quaintness of the Star facilities, the ACWR is probably my fave NC shortline https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/albums/72157652688708584
  6. Cars in KOAX series 18001-18131 were removed from the roster during 1986. Following are the quantities of cars transferred to subsequent owners (specific numbers are not known): —To the ADM Transportation Company: 60 cars, ADMX 14940-14999 (see ADM listing). Fully repainted. —To the General American Transportation Corporation: 20 cars, GATX 58151-58170 (see GATC listing). Not repainted. —To Cargill, Incorporated: 50 cars, CRGX 4466-4515 (see Cargill list- ing). Not immediately repainted. http://www.railcarphotos.com/Search.php?SearchReportingMark=gatx&SearchRoadNumberLower=58151&
  7. I use "racking grey" enamel from Halfords for light grey covered hoppers - I think it looks ok, and grey primer for some of the darker grey ones, but sealed with varnish. cheers Paul.....
  8. needs a "do not hammer on the side of the car" decal adding - oops too late
  9. simple search finds this http://prr.railfan.net/freight/classpage.html?class=H21 all the basic dims are there Paul.......
  10. Got caught out last week when an expensive boxcar I had neglected to mention to SWBO arrived with a £60 duty label stuck on the outside, whilst I was out of the country & couldn't intercept, she was suitably un-impressed as she further investigated & found out what I paid on the customs declaration. Oops - Paul......
  11. I quite like the Thomasville NC one which is free & pretty much 100% NS https://www.tvillenc.com/train-camera-1/ just had a quick look & 3 or 4 manifest freights & a stack trains with all sorts of power including ex BNSF executive SD70MAC's & some UP run through
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