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  1. One of our problems is a falling membership - too many members in their late 70s. This means we are beginning to have trouble hiring vans for the two biggest layouts. We're based in Fort Widley near Portsmouth, and it's a long hard climb from our rooms in the basement to the top, when loading for an exhibition. Hence the need for new (and younger members). One idea I had was to start a new (much smaller!!) layout geared to the likes and expectations of the younger people. Club members probably don't have appropriate stock, so as well as the layout, there will need to be
  2. We've been able to start using our club room. It's a self contained unit inside a larger building. So long as we follow our local rules and regulations. Many of our members are retired, so some "work parties" are able to get there during the day. And we now have a virtual Zoom meeting one evening a week. Zoom is also used by some of the layout teams to discuss progress etc. The rent is thankfully not excessive. It and the insurance is just about covered by the subs. But we're losing older and infirm members, so it will be a problem soon. We have some rese
  3. Like most club's, we've relyed on Exhibition income to find club equipment and new layouts. We need to find new sources of income. What are other clubs doing?
  4. Hi - search on Acc+Ess Protocab - they have practical RC already ... and there's is always DelTang - regards, David
  5. Thanks to everyone who has posted here ... I need to assimilate all this plus the latest guidance and get something to our committee. Regards David
  6. Alison at Bartsharp is very helpful. I've been asking her questions for 8 months, and always get full answers. Have just bought compressor and spray booth from her - good customer service is worth its weight in gold.
  7. It would be very easy to create an informative post AND get in their advertising bits - in fact, it would be so much more effective from their point of view. Very poor marketing strategy.
  8. Unfortunately, links to on-line magazines are very volatile - not only does the link not work, but Phil's article doesn't seem to exist anymore. Unless someone knows where it is?
  9. I can't remember Sam's theory on economics ... have to read the books again - but which one? Do remember Sgt Colon's "million to one chance that comes off nine times out of ten"
  10. Geraint ... it was great to see you at Portsmouth yesterday - thank you for coming so far for a single-day event. Obbekaer is a stunning layout. Regards, David
  11. A quick note to let you know about changes to our traders, and some parking information. Unfortunately, London Road Models, Masterpiece Falcon Figures, and Frome Model Centre have had to pull out at the last minute for unavoidable personal reasons - we look forward to seeing them back in 2020. We've been able to secure one extra trader ... Dingo Server Mounts - see the Trader page for more details. Parking will be more difficult this year as the school is part way through some major building works. There's more information on our website Exhibition page, and
  12. I expect everyone thought I'd forgotten about my posts here on RMweb ... I'm sorry there's been such a large gap! I've actually built most of the boards for the station area, now. I have two more for the end of the goods yard, and then it will be the exit from Barnstaple Junction east and west. I will post some photos later. After months of dithering (which isn't really like me), I've finally decided to go to 00 finescale. The decision largely comes down to these factors: I don't currently have the skills to re-wheel locos and re-build con rods and valve gear (w
  13. Oops. Thanks for pointing that out ... it was about 5am when I was adding it! - Regards, David
  14. Each November, the South Hants Model Railway Club hosts the annual Portsmouth Model Railway Exhibition. Please note: The SHMRC portsmouth Exhibition is NOT connected to the Victory Club Exhibition (4th/5th April 2020). Our venue is the Admiral Lord Nelson School on Dundas Lane, Portsmouth, between 10:30 and 16:30. Not only is this the longest running model railway show in the area, but it is rapidly gaining a national reputation as an exhibition that shows the very best of this fascinating hobby. Each exhibition has a carefully chosen selection of top-class mo
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