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  1. Hi, just wondering that if this is the diagram with Morton clutch, should it have a tie-bar as well? I know the Slaters instructions do not show this, but the picture on the box shows it built with tie-bars across W-irons I think? My wagon knowledge is limited, but looking at Paul Bartlett photos seems to show with either clasp brakes and no tie-bar or Morton and tie-bar. The only other system seems to be RCH brakes without tie-bar, but is this what Slaters have provided parts for? If this observation is right, i hope you are still able to make the necessary changes?
  2. Hi, I'm glad you found the spreadsheet useful. I've found that it can used for all sorts of layouts from quite simple to much more complicated ones with multiple destinations and exchanges. Its also very easy to change, and adapt to your own way of working, unlike some of the software based ones.
  3. Hi Barnaby, As mentioned on your King Street Goods thread, this is the source of the car-cards and waybills I am using http://www.westportterminal.de/operation.html Use the zip file which gives all the resources on the tabs of the Excel spreadsheet. As the modeller is German some of the text on the spreadsheet is in German, but a quick copy and paste to Google Translate should help. If you would like a copy of the carcard and waybills files I use please let me know.
  4. Hi Barnaby, In my thread you can see what I am using https://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/uploads/monthly_06_2018/post-24137-0-97460500-1528491284.jpg I think this is the same Excel spreadsheet based database to produce and print both the car cards and the waybills. If this is something you want to know more about, please let me know.
  5. Hi John, Have a look at pictures on the YouChoos website for this decoder https://www.youchoos.co.uk/Index-Detail.php?L1=Detail&Item=MX644 Under the photo of speaker wires attached directly to the decoder it says, " For models that do not have speaker connections, purple wires can be soldered directly to decoder socket pins (WARNING - invalidates Zimo warranty)" Probably not what you wanted to hear, but I had to do some thing like this with with the Heljan Class 128 DPU.
  6. Hello John, I'm not familiar with using an adapter board, but what actual sound decoder have you plugged into the adapter board? I'm wondering if the adapter board has a multiple use for both sound and non-sound decoders? If so, it might be that you would have to use the speaker outputs on the actual sound decoder, just a suggestion though John.
  7. I've just looked in my copy of "The Tollesbury Branch" which covers the Kelvedon and Tollesbury Light Railway. Two coaches were transferred from Wisbech & Upwell Tramway. The diagrams in the back of the book show both coaches as having 2'9" diameter wheels. Hope that helps?
  8. Hello Tim, Thank you for those kind words about the layout. I hadnt seen this book before, but thanks to your information I have placed my order already
  9. The retaining walls and bridge abutments have been completed and coloured using crayons again, but as blue engineering brick this time. The track over the coal drops has been finished and a buffer stop added at the end. A building is planned at the end, and once this is built this section will be ready for scenic treatment. The wagon fleet has seen more additions. Internal user wagons ‘leased’ for use on Docks railway, as well as extra stock arriving for the fruit warehouse – Fruit D, 2 x BR Banana Vans (all JLTRT), and an assorted rake of fruit vans
  10. As promised here is another update on the progress made on the layout. In the last update i said I want to add point rodding to the layout. A plan of the points operated by the signal box was made. A test piece was built to try out the Wizard/MSE components and ballasting. Of course, there is no point having point rodding if there isn’t a signal box. The old paper version that was on the layout before has been replaced with a LNWR Type 5 laser-cut kit from Railmodel. I have had this kit for a while and finally got around to building it.
  11. A while ago a friend asked me how the layout was going as I hadn’t updated this thread for ages. So I thought it best to post what progress has been made, although I’m afraid progress has been slower than I had hoped, but looking back now quite a lot has been done. All the signals from Jon Fitness have been fitted in place, initially operated by toggle switches via Megapoints board, but now the signals and Tortoise point motors are operated using the excellent DCC Concepts lever frame. I know I have taken some liberties in the colouring of some the levers, but it helps p
  12. Cheers Jim, Pretty obvious really I'll give it a go, thanks again
  13. Thanks for the info Jim. Just need to find a jar tall enough to hold a Class 31 upright..!!! Robin
  14. Hello, Great job on the paint stripping. Can you please say what you used to strip the paint and what dilution if any? I have a Heljan 31 to strip soon and would love to see it come out as well as your 33 has.
  15. Stunning results on the Turbots Ian. A Dremel gas soldering iron is now on my Christmas list..!!
  16. Hi Ian, Do you mean the minimum radius that the wagon will go round? The official data from Dapol says minimum radius is 2nd radius curve = 1028mm (40.5")
  17. Hi Chris, thanks for that information, that's really useful. As I've stretched the time setting of my layout era to mid '80's to include Turbots, I think I will remove the steps on the one wagon in that case.
  18. I have received all three of the dutch livery version. Only one (DB978702) is fitted with a white end step. At first I thought that it might have come out in the packaging for the others (like Dapol couplings do sometimes), but there was nothing there. I checked on Hattons site and looked at the pictures posted for each model and noticed that it is only DB978702 that shows the end step fitted. Just wondered if anyone knows whether these were built with steps or they were added later, and if so, does anyone know when that would be, and how many were altered?
  19. I had an update from Hattons this afternoon that mine are being despatched today
  20. Hi Mick, you mention a comb brush, what size and where do you get them from? Robin
  21. I use Dinghams extensively, but not with magnets. I built a coupler height jig to check accuracy once fitted to wagons
  22. Hi John, I had one of the later JLTRT Fruit D from eBay. The buffer centres were wider that previously, but you will be able to tell because when you offer the chassis up to the body you will see that either side of the buffer holes have been milled away to allow the buffers to fit now. I found this on YouTube, which helped enormously with the build. This is part one, there are another 2 there as well. Good luck with build. I have to say it was the first JLTRT kit I have built and it was an enjoyable build, with no real snags. Robin
  23. Does anyone know if there is a suitable sound chip available yet for this loco? The loco is due for release in a couple of months. I have a DC version on order and would like to have a sound decoder ready to install when it arrives. I know that the model will be available with sound fitted but there is usually quite a long delay before they turn up at retailers. The specification says that it has 'provision for speaker' but no information of size or shape. I will be grateful for any help anyone can provide Robin
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