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  1. Just thought I'd throw a new one up of 60 050 Roseberry Topping, waiting for the road onto the Seal Sands branch heading for the Phillips loop.
  2. Great thread Ade, very enjoyable to read through and the cabin looks superb too.
  3. This is one of those look twice shots. Very realistic!
  4. Thanks Andy, much appreciated. Only another 20 to do but I am going to be building a few kits of TTA tanks before I get round to more weathering.
  5. I've enjoyed catching up on this one, although I see a lot of your updates elsewhere. Great work so far and the track is looking spot on. Can't fault Steve's laser cut kits, they are superb.
  6. Great updates Andy. Just been catching up in this and a few others this morning. Great weathering on the stock too, it really brings it all to life.
  7. I have been renumbering locos, TE famed of course. The Heljan 37 will be 37667 'Wensleydale', closely followed by her twinned beast 668 'Leyburn'. Not much has happened as far as layout, just ironing out the creases so to speak.
  8. Thanks, I used a company called Custom Layout Signs. Great value and excellent workmanship.
  9. I had a go at weathering one of these Dapol HAA MGR hopper wagons today. I'm pretty pleased with how it has turned out really.
  10. Hi Andy, I spent a fair bit of time reading your thread, all 92 pages worth! But it's been well worth it to see the progress and changes from start to where you are now. Great work and great updates. I really enjoyed looking through the thread.
  11. Hi folks, just a check to see if my phone camera uploads photos. I have made a start on the layout, just playing around with where track will sit for now. Excuse the mess folks, now I've made a start, I can produce proper updates as and when possible. Bear with me as I do work away too. Thanks all.
  12. Thanks Ray, that's what I had done. I think in the first instance I had just muddled wires up. All up and running now, I have actually used the extra ports to be able to control each set of lights independently.
  13. Thanks guys, the loco now runs perfectly, although I need to adjust the acceleration CV. Lights! So as is usual, F0 turns the lights on, however both the head and tail lights come on at one end only. Again, I have followed the destructions with the zen decoder. The help is very much appreciated.
  14. The pictures below show the decoder I have chosen. The decoder instructions are very easy to follow. The loco works very well on DC so I'm happy it's not a loco issue. Unfortunately, I broke my decoder tester so I can't check it unless I go to my local shop. Any ideas folks? Much appreciated.
  15. Good evening all, I apologise if this is on the wrong page, however, I have one of the latest release Heljan 0 gauge class 37's and I have attempted to fit a zen buddha decoder. The loco does nothing but short my layout as it is so your help would be greatly appreciated at this stage. I have wired as I understand everything as it says in the decoder guide. Is this one of those Heljan red means black things if you catch my drift?
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