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  1. Katherine street gets a mention on Jago's youtube channel today.
  2. Hi Eric, the re-built layout looks so much better than it did before. Deleting the rear track in the station area to make room for scenery is a huge improvement. Is the line under the left bridge arch leading to the branch station?
  3. Hopefully it will be let out on the main line again at some point in the future, when it passed you at speed the whistle did sound quite eerie.
  4. No idea! Unless it's had an LU style one fitted at some point?
  5. I think they stopped being fitted in the mid 60's, the preserved 2BIL 2090 had a working one during it's runs at the woking 250 event. The last operating ones on the SR would probably have been the class 487 emu's on the W&C. Interestingly the 378 units on London Overground are fitted with LU style whistles, as are/were Chiltern 165 units.
  6. I imagine I'm in the minority, but I always thought the lined blue and grey suited the 5BEL far better than umber and cream.
  7. Certainly dont build them like that anymore, classic EMD's last for ever. They have been saying it's times almost up for quite a few years, I think it's earmarked for preservation.
  8. Hopefully we'll see a mount pleasant mk2 at some point in the future, perhaps a micro layout of some sort? The pics of the original have certainly been an inspiration for me, many ideas centering around the enclosed station idea.
  9. Another thing of interest were the "Greyhound" class 421 units, these had an extra field weakening position to help acceleration and were noticeably quicker than a normal unit. Official top speed was still kept at 90, but this was regularly exceeded.
  10. I think it would have been around 87, the details used to be on the railUK website but seem to be no more. Basically the French engineers didn't think a 3rd rail system could be operated safely above 100mph, hence a demonstration. This was before the modified 33 was ever thought of. The main problem with that sort of speeds was impact damage where the conductor shoes came into contact with the ramps, this could of been solved by longer run up ramps but then normal 3rd rail trains had a greater risk of being gapped. The 4REP was used as they were known to be able to exceed 100mph, this being proved during braking trials to try to up their speed limit to 100mph.
  11. They were quick, but not the quickest. The ultimate speed run of a REP was in connection with testing for the euro-star trains. Alsthom and SNCF engineers were skeptical of the current collection ability of the 3rd rail system for the new trains, so a special test was arranged. This was an overnight possession between Ashford and Tonbridge where a overhauled REP with maximum diameter wheels was run flat out. As it screamed past Staplehurst it was clocked at 117mph before the power was backed off. Apparently the ride in said unit at that speed was horrific.
  12. They do hold the official record for the fastest 3rd rail EMU in the world, 109mph. (A REP has been faster but that was a special test train). Also the first use of automatic plug doors, the only EMU to be built with the "full size" mk3 shell, and the last example of the SR's recycling policy.
  13. Both providing power sometimes, bet that combination accelerated nicely.
  14. New Haven railroad, with the Long Island railroad a close second.
  15. PRR's T1 was an interesting design but how many know about it's bigger brother, the monstrous S1? Possibly the fastest steam loco ever built if you believe the story's...
  16. Great idea for a micro layout, looking forward to progress.
  17. That just screams Liverpool street! Dont forget the giant twin postbox down the side of the stairs.
  18. That's exactly what I was getting at. If the boards all must be the same width it could be done in 18" wide giving a 3 foot operating well.
  19. Have you looked at Boston port? These might give you some ideas.
  20. Can I make a suggestion that you only have one side of your layout 2 feet wide, and the other 3 sides 1 foot wide with extra width in the corners. This would give you a wider operating area in the center of the layout, and cut out alot of wasted space. In the period your modeling around 1995 the majority of stations had slimmed down to just the basics, the classic goods yard and cattle shed was long gone so stations can be small. It's possible to build a 2 or 3 track station area on the narrow 1 foot wide side of the layout, then build your yard/sidings on the wider 2 foot side.
  21. That's the first picture I've seen of the DRS cromptons actually hauling a service train!
  22. So coming back to my idea of two platforms from a single line, could it be done as follows: Single line comes onto layout under the token system, first thing encountered is a warning board marking the end of the token section which reads: "End of token section. Permissive working. Check points and proceed as far as platform is clear." Next thing would be a points indicator, followed by the points themselves. If needed the points are changed via a ground frame which is released using the token. Train then enters platform, train crew returns token to machine. Section clear for next train. For a train to leave the station there is a stop board on the end of each platform which reads: "Start of token section. Obtain token and permission to proceed." Just after the platform ends would be a points indicator along with a sign "Check points before proceeding". If needed points are changed via the ground frame using the token. Train then leaves the platform and enters the token section. Does that sound workable or have I got it wrong? I quite fancy building something like Sudbury but with both platforms in use.
  23. Aha! That makes things a lot clearer, thank you.
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