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  1. I had both of the Airfix 1/72 scale Whirlwind models in the past. The original tooling dated back to 1958 and was in production until around about the mid 1970's. A complete new tool was created in 1978 which was a great improvement on the original model. Dave R.
  2. After six and a half years delay (mainly due to various health issues) I've finally resumed work on this model. As the interior is quite visible I'm planning to populate the coach with a number of passengers and a few catering staff. The publicity photos show a pale jacket with dark lapels and cuffs and dark trousers. I assume the jackets are cream as there is a contrast between them and the (white?) shirt colour. Does anyone happen to know what colour the trim on these were? Also what is the difference between the jacket styles. One has just the collar in a dark finish and the other has the f
  3. The D98 was built in two lots in 1927/8 (Lots 1377 &1389) and were fitted with the 7' single bolster bogies typical of the time. Dave R. Edit - Ms P beat me to it!
  4. In the Gibson chassis range there is: LM1-245 GWR Duke 4-4-0. This should be suitable for the Bulldog as well as the Dukes and later Earls. Dave R.
  5. Just going through the boxes and found another Duke kit partially converted to model the earlier, narrow, cab. This has the later chassis and wheels and the final type of K's motor. The motor is one of the 5 pole types whereas most of the later motors I have are 3 pole. I've never used one of these and might experiment with using the kit parts to see how it runs. I think I better pull my finger out and make an effort to get most of these locos up and running again. I think having nine of these 4-4-0's on the layout would look quite good. Dave R.
  6. I have one of these curved frame Bulldogs which I picked up at a show about twenty plus years ago. I had it running as 3317 'Somerset' but it is now awaiting new wheels, gears and motor and possible renaming to 3307 'Exmoor'. The original underpinnings were transferred to my model of 'Tre Pol and Pen' but they now also require renewal. I always thought that the model was a clever conversion combining the Duke frames and footplate with Bulldog boiler and other fittings in a reverse of the Earl conversions carried out by the real railway. It was interesting to find out that the parts could be pu
  7. Hi Mike. That luggage box is looking great in model form. I've been following your BG threads with great interest and been impressed with your methods of arranging the printing as a set of parts as opposed to trying to print in one piece. I've only just started trying to learn 3D drawing techniques and your description of the thought processes involved has given me the inspiration to try a bit harder. I still have to decide what type of 3D printer to buy. I've been dabbling with BG models since I bought a couple of Mike Sharman 'Firefly' kits about 40 years ago (1 each with 4 wheel &
  8. As the model is possibly being released as both the film version "Thunderbolt" and as the L&M "Lion" perhaps they could do some tooling modifications to make a model of "Venus" as per the photo I posted a couple of years ago? It has a large dome on the front ring and possibly (very hard to tell) a round shaped top to the firebox.
  9. That's the type used but I can't remember which of the two was in the film. I'm currently trying to make one from a shortened Mainline 'Crocodile H' body after a case of mazac rot shattered the plastic platform at one end. Dave R.
  10. The motor appears to be an old K's Mark 1. These usually had a hole in each side plate tapped to 6BA which may line up with the middle hole in the chassis. If using a bolt to secure the motor to the chassis you must take great care to cut it to the right length so that it is firm in the motor frame but doesn't foul the armature. The worm and gear wheel do not seem to be from K's and look more like Romford offerings. Dave R.
  11. I sent an email to the website sometime last year (maybe earlier) regarding the entry for GWR 6007 'King William III'. The entry states that this locomotive was in service from 03/1928 until 09/1962. The original 6007 (from lot 243) was written off in an accident on 15th January 1936 and condemned in early March of the same year. Lot 309 (03/36) was for a replacement, new build, engine carrying the same name and number. It may have included some parts from the original build in its construction but how much is not recorded. 6007 would have only been 26 years old at the time of scrapping.
  12. Very nice model. I've got a bit of a soft spot for the small wheeled, outside framed 4-4-0's and have a collection of 5 Bulldogs (one curved frame), 2 Dukes amd 1 Earl either currently running, under repair or still to be built. One of my Bulldogs (3345 Smeaton) is of a similar construction to your model. It is made from brass and nickel silver and came with a non working 7 pole motor (Romford Terrier?) which I am replacing with a modern Japanese version. When I bought it a few years ago I also thought I was getting a Keyser model but found that when I opened the box it was quite differe
  13. I've used the Roxey etches a fair bit in the past and found them very easy to use. 4A108 has 120 T handles and 4A115 has 84 grab irons. If you are going to build any brake coaches Brassmasters sell the ex Martin Finney window grills, item no. E7.
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