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  1. Very nice model. I've got a bit of a soft spot for the small wheeled, outside framed 4-4-0's and have a collection of 5 Bulldogs (one curved frame), 2 Dukes amd 1 Earl either currently running, under repair or still to be built. One of my Bulldogs (3345 Smeaton) is of a similar construction to your model. It is made from brass and nickel silver and came with a non working 7 pole motor (Romford Terrier?) which I am replacing with a modern Japanese version. When I bought it a few years ago I also thought I was getting a Keyser model but found that when I opened the box it was quite differe
  2. I've used the Roxey etches a fair bit in the past and found them very easy to use. 4A108 has 120 T handles and 4A115 has 84 grab irons. If you are going to build any brake coaches Brassmasters sell the ex Martin Finney window grills, item no. E7.
  3. I don't have any drawings of the E121 in my collection but, as the compartment sizes were fairly standard, it should be easy to work out the spacing on the doors. How many compartments were on this particular model? I have a spare Comet etched fret of 18 droplights sitting in front of me. It could take a few weeks to get to you from here down under but they are yours if you want them. Drop me a PM if they are any use for you.
  4. Devo63

    Tartan paint !

    Can I borrow your eyes next time I paint some figures? The last time I tried to paint any tartan was on an Airfix 54mm scale Black Watch figure and I was proud of the fact that it vaguely resembled the correct pattern. As for the availability of tartan paint, you will find that supplies are hard to come by these days. The Australian inventor of this product (and various other useful inventions) was the famous Henry Hoke* who was proprietor of the Hoke's Tool Company. As well as the tartan paint he also made striped and polka dotted variants which could come in very handy at times
  5. On my various builds of Westdale and BSL kits I photocopied diagram illustrations from various publications (or the drawings that came with the kits). I cut little slits along the door lines and make small pin holes at the handrail/grabrail points in the prints and align them over the model sides. You can run a permanent marker over these holes to mark out any drilling & scribing required. For scribing I just use a thin, flexible piece of scrap brass as a guide and scribe the lines with a cheap splinter remover I picked up at the chemist. One end has a fine point for the initial scribing w
  6. The only Westdale kit I've built finished was the K38 'Ocean Mails' van. The ends were tacked into place with super glue then Araldite was liberally spread around the inside seams. It went together quite well in the end but for some reason I painted it (very poorly) in British Railways livery. Needless to say I got rid of it in my great purge when trying (unsuccessfully) to save my house from sale. I have two other K38's to build, another Westdale and a Phoenix. I've just checked the Westdale kit contents which include the preformed roof and body sides, 2 stamped aluminium ends, stamped a
  7. Hi Knuckles, Your posting above has answered one of the questions in the PM that I sent to you. Now I have another one to add - do either of the tenders have the guards 'coffin seat' for earlier periods? Dave R.
  8. I've just been looking at your broad gauge range and I'm sorely tempted to grab one or two when funds are next available. Have you any plans to release suitable tender prints for these kits? The only BG tenders that I have are the old Mike's Models 4 & 6 wheel white metal versions that came with my Fire Fly kits many years ago. Both are currently dismantled as I want to try and make some resin copies for future projects. Do you have an estimate on the costs for say the Dido and Victoria types, with chassis, if bought direct from you? I'm hoping postage to Oz would be around the
  9. That would fit in with when my GGF bought the one for me as he died mid 1970. Dave R.
  10. That was the only actual train set that I owned. It was bought for me as a Christmas present by my Great Grandfather shortly before he passed away. I had it for many years but hardly ever used it as I was mainly interested in running steam outline (especially GWR & WR) and could never often bring myself to run a "modern" blue diesel on my various layouts. I eventually sold it in the late 80's to raise funds for more up to date models. Through the late 60's and early 70's I was given various locos and rolling stock at the appropriate birthdays and holidays. The first locomotive I actua
  11. My (stalled) 'Glamorgan Railway' project was planned to use various modified RTR models and kits for locomotives and rolling stock. The most ambitious class (for South Wales at least) was the express passenger 'Castell' class 2-2-2 locomotive No.3 'Castell Coch'. This partly completed conversion is based on the Bachmann TTTE 'Emily' suitably shortened at the front end with a modified cab profile and various spares box boiler fittings such as a Dean chimney, misc. dome and safety valve. The GR passenger loco scheme is very similar to the LNER garter blue A4's including the red wheels and black
  12. The process has been around for quite a while. I was just reading an article in Railway Modeller Vol. 1 No. 3 from Feb/Mar 1950 on the construction of an O-gauge LNWR 'Bloomer' where the author states "Photo-etched name and number plates are of course included. These were made, to my own drawings, by students at a local Technical College as a laboratory execise."
  13. Have you had a look at Modelu's range? They are a bit expensive in G scale but have extremely good detail being scans of real people. e.g. City Gent https://www.modelu3d.co.uk/product/1658/ Another option for detailed figures would be Hardy's Hobbies: https://hardyshobbies.co.uk/
  14. Most of my old Triang locos and rolling stock run quite well on Peco code 100. Some of the very oldest such as a late 50's Princess do make a bit of noise and occasionally derail the front bogie going through modern points but on the whole are fairly reliable. Dave R.
  15. This would explain why one I placed a bid for on ebay a couple of years ago went for over £100. It was a very nicely painted with the GWR roundel, safety valve with top feed and the original SR/Essar mech which did not appear to have much running. I always wondered why a non prototypical loco sold for so much money. Dave R.
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