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  1. Have you had a look at Modelu's range? They are a bit expensive in G scale but have extremely good detail being scans of real people. e.g. City Gent https://www.modelu3d.co.uk/product/1658/ Another option for detailed figures would be Hardy's Hobbies: https://hardyshobbies.co.uk/
  2. Most of my old Triang locos and rolling stock run quite well on Peco code 100. Some of the very oldest such as a late 50's Princess do make a bit of noise and occasionally derail the front bogie going through modern points but on the whole are fairly reliable. Dave R.
  3. This would explain why one I placed a bid for on ebay a couple of years ago went for over £100. It was a very nicely painted with the GWR roundel, safety valve with top feed and the original SR/Essar mech which did not appear to have much running. I always wondered why a non prototypical loco sold for so much money. Dave R.
  4. I have always loved to live dangerously. I'm also a bit of a masochist. Growing up in a household with my Grandmother, my Mother and two sisters, whenever I was asked to help out with something I would reply "I can't do that - it's women's work". My distance record was five feet of movement before being beaten to a pulp. Dave R.
  5. One of my favourite meals growing up was steak and kidney pie made by my grandmother. They used to be a staple of most bakeries as well but these days it is nearly impossible to find s&k pies in any modern establishment. I have found a bakery in the town of Mount Barker (about 20 miles away) that makes an acceptable version with nice, big chunks of kidney and usually buy a small supply for my freezer when I visit the town. For a long time it was difficult to get a nice pork pie in Adelaide but that situation has changed over the last few years with a company called 'UK Foods' producing very nice pies. I just need to find a black pudding that meets my taste and I'll be quite happy. Another favourite treat was the thick, dark juices found at the bottom of the dripping bowl. It was great spread onto a nice slab of freshly baked bread - or bread that was a little stale fried in that same dripping. Most bread that was past it's best usually ended up in a nice bread and butter pudding which was the Sunday night desert special. As my late grandmother and myself were the only members of the family to like rabbit (stews, pies etc.) I have only had it a few times since she passed away over twenty five years ago. In my younger years I called rabbits 'sitting ducks'. This goes back to some of my earliest memories when my father was the first police officer in the town of Coonalpyn which was about 90 miles from Adelaide. He was required to practice shooting his service pistol about once a month and this entailed a family outing to one of the farms in the district to shoot rabbits. Although he was a crack shot with his rifle, his pistol aim left a lot to be desired. I would hear a couple of bangs from his gun and my mother would say 'you can't hit a sitting duck with that thing!' while I watched the rabbit running away. Dave
  6. At times I have been favourably compared to the Famous Eccles. Unfortunately when people get to know me better that opinion seems to be deflated somewhat. My ex-partner could have been a twin for Miss Minnie Bannister when seen in the correct light (very dull illumination with a bit of strobing). Dave
  7. By any chance are you related to the well known military shirker Major Dennis Bloodnock late of the 3rd Disgusting Fusiliers? Dave
  8. My senior school sports were rowing in summer and rugby in winter. The winter sport was unusual as South Oz is mainly a Australian Rules Football state but having a Welsh father and growing up hearing how well Wales were going in the 1970's heavily influenced my choice. PE at school mainly consisted of either gymnastics or track & field sports for most of my education. This changed in my final senior years when a new Sports Master was employed. He introduced a number of elective activities such as golf, ice skating, fencing, small bore rifle shooting and kayaking. Not surprisingly he was poached by another more affluent college after only a couple of years. The only Aussie Rules match I ever played had me pulled from the field within the first ten minutes. It was my Cub group against another from the other side of Adelaide. The only time I handled the ball was to handpass it to an opposing player who promptly kicked a goal. All these years later I am still reminded of it by my family. Dave R.
  9. From the Adelaide 'Sunday Mail'
  10. One and the same. I gather it wasn't one actual company as such but a group of state run plastics factories making products to obtain hard currency ($&£) for the USSR with the NOVO brand name used as an umbrella identity for the different products. The tooling was shared around between a number of different factories and the quality depended on each one having a sufficient level of training and the right machinery for the job. The early NOVO production was shipped as bagged items to the UK and packed in British printed boxes. The electric motors in the NOVO version of the Big Big Train also varied in quality. Some were made in the Soviet Union while other were brought in from other Eastern Bloc countries. I built a NOVO (or clone) version of the FROG 1/25 scale Morris 1100 which had one of these motors. The original 1965 model was in a soft form of plastic while the Russian made version was in a harder polystyrene.
  11. FROG stopped production in 1976 with most of the tooling being sold to the Soviet Union and marketed under the NOVO brand name in the West. The USSR didn't want any of the Axis Powers tooling which ended up with Revell Germany. Since the collapse of the USSR the kits have been made by a large number of concerns in Russia and the Ukraine. Some of the tooling has not been looked after and the plastic quality is sometimes fairly poor but you do still find good ones at times. Part of the sale deal was that FROG would tool up a number of Soviet aircraft for NOVO. Four dies were cut but ended up not being supplied to NOVO. A good book on the subject is Richard Lines 'FROG Model Aircraft 1932-1976' which includes the full development story and gives production figures for most of the kits.
  12. In this scan (5600 class Diag A30) you can see a dotted line inside the outer cladding.
  13. I really enjoy reading the postings from the Cardiff contingent on the forum. Even though I was born and bred in Australia I have spent a bit of time in Cardiff during my lifetime. I lived there with an uncle and aunt for a year back in the 1970's as my parents thought I should have a different perspective from my usual Aussie upbringing and I have visited the area a few times since then. My last trip was back in 2007 when I went with my father on what was his last trip home. He is now 84 and unlikely to travel overseas again. We visited all his old haunts and had a look at most of the houses he lived in while growing up. My grandparents were always moving. My father was born in Canada Road and lived in various places in Whitchurch, Birchgrove and Rhiwbina before he emigrated to Australia in the 1950's. Some of the memories I have are buying model railways items from Bud Morgans in Castle Arcade (I still have the GF 9400 class bought there) and the piles of laverbread on marble slabs in the markets. On my last visit I could not get over how much the city had changed. The re-development down the docks area was surprising. My father always said you did not want to go down there at night and my Uncle Harry, who was in the old Cardiff City Police, said they never patrolled with less than three man teams in Tiger Bay. Now there seems to be upmarket flats all over the place and flash modern buildings everywhere although I was not impressed with The Senedd building. My grandmother was born in Splott and couldn't get out of there fast enough when she met and married my grandfather. I think even that area has improved over the years. Dave R.
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