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  1. Fantastic news - great to hear you're pleased with them :). All the best, Ellis.
  2. Morning everyone, Just a quick note to let you all know that the wooden ended carflats are now complete and in stock. The metal ended 'Motorail' versions should be ready by the middle of next week. We have a few people to ring round this morning and fulfil preorders, so if you have some on order but haven't yet had the call, fear not! . All the best, Ellis.
  3. Hi there, They will be fitted in the bogie side frames. Totally agree regarding the 'pivoting' system, which is something we had to carry tests out on and what led to us choosing a high end bearing which can cope with 360 movement (some bearings are suited for maintaining the same position at all times). The ends of the axle will be turned down to 'slot' into the bearing. Hope this helps! All the best, Ellis.
  4. Hi Frank, I must admit - this is my fault. I had been rather optimistic with the completion date of the carflats and in reality, it took quite a while longer to source parts, paint and build. The other reason is that they we're far more popular than first envisaged, and I wanted to be able to fulfil all preorders at once, as a pose to in small lots. The good news is that on Monday we are calling round all pre-orders! - so you've just beaten me to it :). What we have left in stock should be going on the website on Wednesday.
  5. Afternoon all, As you know, I'm always asking for feedback and, where possible I always act upon it... I can therefore announce that we are including with the Thompson production run a range of upgraded bogies, factory fitted with ball bearings. Excuse me for copying and pasting the info below from my email newsletter, which just went out, but all the relevant information is below: What's available, how much and how will it work? The price for a pair of bogies on their own is £55. We also offer an 'upgrade service' whereby if you pre-order, have pre-ordered
  6. Hi there, So, bit of a tricky one and a decision we originally made the Mk1s. We actually opted to place the Kadee at prototypical height as a pose to the Kadee height. We do however offer free of charge a 'lowering' kit for the kadees :). All the best, Ellis.
  7. Hi David, Sorry for the delay. They hadn't done the window white for this sample, but it will be in production Same as above
  8. Afternoon All, I have the pleasure of sharing with you the engineering prototype of one of the forthcoming Darstaed Finescale O Gauge Thompson BTK (Brake/Third) Coaches. We have already identified a number of improvements/alterations and, as this is a pre-production sample, some parts including the interiors and the bogie steps have not yet been decorated. As always, the spec sheet makes for nice reading with these Darstaed coaches: Brass coach sides - professionally painted Die-cast chassis Sprung metal buffers Die-cast tilt-compe
  9. Morning everyone, Just a quick one from myself. We will shortly be receiving an engineering prototype sample of our forthcoming Thompson coaches which we are producing with Darstaed. We have already identified a few minor improvements which will of course be made before release. I must say, the quality and detail on these after applying the design changes back in June last year is quite superb. As soon as I have the sample, I will be posting pictures here . The first coaches are new expected to arrive in June. Again, I do apologise for a further delay on the
  10. Evening all, Hope you're all keeping well. We've got a number of updates on the Presflos for you, numbered below for ease of reading. 1. I'll start with the bad news... unfortunately the release date on these has been pushed back to Summer of this Year. It's nothing Covid related, more myself wanting to get things right and not accounting for a couple of processes and also the fact they'll now be coming by sea as a-pose to air. Very sorry if this causes any inconveniences to anyone, but we're working hard to make them as close to perfect as possible/ 2. We'll have some deco
  11. Morning all, Thank you all so much for your comments. We've taken everything on board and made alterations. Please find the new artwork below . All the best, Ellis.
  12. Hi Frank, Sorry for the delay. As far as I am aware, sending goods via post (Royal Mail, UPS, DHL etc.) remains the same. I have been reading up and can't see anything changing in terms of import duties, VAT or customs declarations. I believe the only change is for exporting/importing of goods between businesses - however I could be wrong! All the best, Ellis.
  13. Afternoon all, Hope you're all keeping well. Please see below all the artwork's which Nikki has just completed . What do you think? We're still currently on for delivery in Q1 next year. All the best, Ellis.
  14. Hi there, We're still expecting delivery in Q1 of next year so will take payment prior to dispatch then :). All the best, Ellis.
  15. Good afternoon all, May I present our next 7mm Finescale O Gauge project, Type 27 Wickham Trolleys and Trailers! Here's all the info you'll want to know: We are producing the Type 27 Wickham Trolley which will come accompanied with a matching trailer. Trailers are also available separately should you wish to add more. Specifications Super detailed body and interior, including dials, handbrake and etched grills Die-cast chassis giving excellent weight for traction Super-detailed finescale wheels Directional lighting DCC Ready as standard Capable of running on Pec
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