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  1. Afternoon all, Been a while since I posted on this thread! It's just a quick one to let you all know that the Mk1 mainline re-run is now in stock. This also includes the new coach to the line-up, the BSO (Brake Second Open). Full list and picture of the BSO below. All the best, Ellis.
  2. Hi there, I'm happy to help here! It is a little fiddly, but once you've done it a couple of times you become a pro (and that's coming from me!). Essentially, you've done all the first steps correctly. What I would recomend once you have the roof off is to remove the black insulation tape (this was added to ensure no light escapes between coach sides and roof join). Then, undo all the small screws holding the PCB in place (best to have a small tray to put these in!). Two options from here: 1. you can unsolder the pick-up wires from the PCB (take care note to burn the disc pads off) - you can then fully remove the bogie, or 2. Leave the pick-up wires in place and move the PCB to one side - although with this method and because the pick-up wires have little slack, we find the PCB can still get in the way. Any issues, feel free to call/email us. All the best, Ellis.
  3. Hi Clarky, Great nickname btw! Thank you very much - that means allot coming from some one whose worked on the real things! We've been working hard on this project and spent a lot of time at the NYM railway trying to catch the realism/feel! I myself am looking forward to showing samples of the 'simulated' teak finish! All the best, Ellis.
  4. Hi David, Thank you! We'd love to one day (Neil who works for us keeps bugging me to do EM scale stuff! :D). All the best, Ellis.
  5. Evening all, Hope you're all keeping well. Firstly, sorry for not updating everyone sooner regarding the Thompson project. The past few months have been a tad challenging, but have also given us time to revisit many areas of this project, among others. Essentially a few things have come from this. Firstly, and unfortunately, we are having to increase the RRP for these coaches. Secondly, the good news, we have taken more time to improve the design, features and finesse of these models, with the latest CAD images attached at the bottom of this message. The Price Increase We have always worked closely with Darstaed to maintain what we think, considering the level of detailing and components, a very fair retail price. Unfortunately, due to the increased levels of details and parts, alongside other factors outside our control, we are having to increase the RRP. We have, however, tried to keep this as low as possible, alongside offering the following multi-buy deals! A few bits of good news: We will honour all pre-orders to this date. Therefore, if you have pre-ordered any coaches at £199, we will stand by this (when we take payment upon delivery of the coaches) There is no increase on the RRP for the Elizabethan coaches or simulated teak coaches, which remain at £229 (individually) We have a few 'multi-buy' options for purchases of 3 or more The new price moving forward, for all liveries/coach types, is £229 with the following multi-buy discounts: 3-4 Coaches = £227 each Release Date We are now expecting these coaches in the following schedule Q4 2020 - Elizabethan Coaches Q1/2 2021 - Crimson & cream, Blue/Crimson BGs & some lined maroon coaches Q2/3 2021 - Lined maroon & simulated teak coaches 5-7 Coaches = £225 each 8-10 Coaches = £222 each 11+ Coaches = £220 each Improved Design Over the past three months we have been working very closely with Darstaed on the design of these coaches, adding fine details and improving the overall look of the model. We have added details such as etched brass steps to the bogie sideframes, improved interiors, finer detailing to the die-cast bogies, further enhancements to the chassis detailing (such as dynamos, battery boxes, tank reservoirs), and tweaks/improvements to many other parts. We always aim to offer the best possible product with super fine detailing, whilst keeping the construction and quality to a very high and long lasting level. A reminder of the specs Finely detailed brass sides - professionally painted Brass luggage racks Fully detailed die-cast under-frame Super detailed interiors with lights Compensated die-cast bogies Super detailed door hinges Magnetic coupling corridor connectors Kadee couplings as standard - link couplings available separately Capable of running on 2nd Radius Curves Sprung metal buffer Brake ends and full brakes with detachable working (plug in) rear light Sheet of prototypical running numbers for you to apply as you see fit Removable slot-in coach name boards And Finally... I understand a price increase is never good news, it's also something we really wanted to avoid. It's always a balancing act getting the best possible level of detail, whilst keeping the price point realistic and affordable. We're always striving to deliver the award winning models and I believe that these coaches have raised the bar again - if you like the Darstaed mainline and suburban Mk1s, you'll love the Thompsons. As always, I'd love to receive all feedback, both positive and constructive. Once again, thank you to all for your continued support. All the best, Ellis.
  6. Hi Rob, Thank you so much for pointing this out, we're on it! :). Will let you know when we have an update. All the best, Ellis.
  7. Afternoon all, After a few requests, we have managed to add the 1954 Shildon built presflos to the production run. They're now available for pre-order on the website, with updated chart and CAD image below :). All the best, Ellis.
  8. Hi Rob, Sorry! Although the satisfaction of completing a nice build (which your is) is always great! Have looked into your pre-order and sent an email to you. Likewise! The rabbit hole of Presflo wagons! I can't take too much credit, my CAD designer did the hard work in research and design and has done a truly fantastic job! These railway contractors never think about us modellers! All the best, Ellis.
  9. Afternoon all, Some exciting news! We are proud to present our first ever production under the Ellis Clark Trains brand name... the Presflo wagon in 1:43.5 Finescale O Gauge! These finely detailed wagons boast an impressive specification including… Super-fine detailing throughout Carefully researched and designed using original drawings and dimensions, cross referenced with pictures of original and rebuilt wagons. Super-fine pipework, handles and small detailed parts in plastic and metal Die-cast chassis Sprung buffers 3-link couplings Sprung axle boxes Will run on Peco 2nd radius curves (1028mm) We are producing 6 different liveries, with a choice of running numbers and, for each livery, an un-numbered version with a transfer sheet Expected Release: Q1 2021 Retail Price: £69.99 Below is a table for all available versions offered for sale, but for more information, visit the website: www.ellisclarktrains.co.uk, or get in touch via the contact page! All the best, Ellis & the team
  10. Hi Keith, Thank you for pointing this out. I must admit, we've been so focussed on adding to the online store that we have overlooked the Exhibitions page! We will update that this morning. There will also be a Covid19 updated post. All the best, Ellis.
  11. Hi all, As many of you may, or may not be aware, ourselves, Ellis Clark Trains, launched a brand new website two weeks ago called Clark Railworks! We launched this (after many requests over our many years of trading) as a platform to market all our OO, HO, N gauge and other gauges smaller than 7mm O gauge. You can view the website here: www.clarkrailworks.com We'd also love to hear any feedback you might have for us, as the website has been designed around the input of yourselves and we would like to make it as appealing and user friendly as possible! Hope everyone's keeping safe. All the best, Ellis & the team.
  12. Evening all, Hope you're all well. A few updates on this ever-expanding coach project. 1. We are now offering, for each coach produced, the option of un-numbered or a factory applied running number, with a few options on the third class (TK) coaches. I've attached a full production table/list to this message, or you can go to the Thompson project page on our website (click HERE) to view it. I think the table shows the depths in which we've gone into, thanks to the help of some very knowledgable chaps . 2. We have removed the full brake in crimson & cream and replaced it with the Elizabethan style coach sides, as with standard coach sides it was painted in full crimson livery. The table may look a little daunting, so let me know if you have any questions. All the best, Ellis.
  13. Afternoon all, We've just received the final delivery of Mk1 Suburbans! This now means that all coach types and liveries are now in stock. All the best, Ellis.
  14. Hi there, Sorry, please can I either have your name or send another email and we'll get this done straight away. Kindest regards, Ellis.
  15. Hi there, Very easy - we provide link couplings for the brake ends free of charge. We're currently just awaiting a re-stock delivery of these, which should come in within the next two weeks. Kindest regards, Ellis.
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