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  1. All versions of my Janus shunter sound project have got the ESU manual brake function on F5 which physically 'brakes' the train as well as making the brake application sound. I have 'factory set' it to a value I thought was about right for most users but it is entirely configurable if that doesn't suit. You can alter the severity of the brake via CV179, with a minimum value of 0 (no brake function) and a maximum of 255 (instant stop). Hope this helps, Bif
  2. To answer your question Rockmonkey; My existing Class 91 & Mk4 DVT sound chips already have the facility for the user to pick one of three different operating periods, which set the type of despatch whistle (traditional single or modern 'two-tip'), the presence or not of door opening beepers (the coaches didn't originally have them), the type of door closing beepers (they changed upon refurbishment) and the type of door closing mechanism (including the modern 'seagull' ones). The two projects are being updated to full v5 standards in readiness for the Hornby model.
  3. Jack, As always, I'm happy to work with a customer to achieve what they want so no concerns on that score. To deal with your points in turn; 1. Most of the changes such as interior lights, independent directional light control and cab lights are simple CV changes as you suggest. It's just a case of mapping the function keys to the appropriate auxiliary outputs and choosing the lighting mode (eg flickering in the case of your interior lights). I'm happy to advise on that if you get stuck. 2. My 153 sound project already has the door opening lights mapped to A
  4. Looking to get rid of around 100 Rail Express magazines from the past 5 years or so (approx 3ft of shelf space). Collect from Atherstone North Warwickshire asap. Going to the charity shop if no takers.
  5. I can confirm that my latest ETH 47 project ( which we refer to as the Mid Norfolk 47) does indeed have both roof fans. Set CV155 to 0 for a normal fan or 1 for the louder one that the Generator 47's had. Bif
  6. Roy, I will check properly tomorrow but I’m fairly sure my MNR 47 project does still feature the choice of a normal roof fan or the very loud ones that the ‘Generator’ 47’s had. Changeable via CV from memory. I will report back on that asap. And just to correct a point that Charlie made above; it’s not necessary to change CV’s for a 47/7, the extra sounds are enabled by default. I’ll send him a company memo on both counts!
  7. Could you let me have the exact web address where I can purchase just your sound files, I'm a Brit living abroad & getting everything access to things I need isn't always easy. Thanks

  8. Just in case the info hasn't made it to the website yet, the configurable sounds are as follows. This also applies to my new Bachmann 117 chip; SV1 / CV155 to 0 for high horn type A SV1 / CV155 to 1 for high horn type B SV1 / CV155 to 2 for high horn type C SV1 / CV155 to 3 for high horn type D SV2 / CV156 to 0 for high horn type A SV2 / CV156 to 1 for high horn type B SV2 / CV156 to 2 for high horn type C SV2 / CV156 to 3 for high horn type D Set SV3 / CV157 to 0 for firebell type A Set SV3 / CV157 to 1 for fire buzzer Set SV
  9. Philip, As you say, definitely a strange one this, but in my opinion it must be related to the Powercab as the chips didn't do it when tested on Charlie's system, or when you pulled the mains plug. I suspect there may be some mains-borne interference on your supply. Daft as it sounds, and just for investigation purposes, try plugging the Powercab into a mains socket on a different output from your consumer unit (eg the garage or upstairs if it's normally downstairs or visa-versa) or even next door or at a pal's house. You could also try an interference filter. You can get these sty
  10. I need some ‘slinger’ cranes to finish off a Cambrian Salmon wagon I’m kit-bashing. Does anyone do decent 3D printed ones yet, can you still get the Genesis ones, and / or does anyone have a set to sell or swap? Thanks, Bif
  11. Good news! I have a high quality recording of the fan of 47401 and this was a feature of my v4 version of the 47/4. On that, you could choose between a normal fan or the much louder electric fan from 47401 just by setting CV48 (0 normal, 1 for electric). I must admit it’s a feature I had forgotten all about until I read this post. I’m just in the process of adding the feature to my more recent ETH 47 sound project (referred to as the Mid Norfolk to differentiate it from my earlier one). Again this will be user-selectable via CV (CV155 this time as it’s a v5 chip). Bif
  12. A handful points from me; Blu-tac is not a good long-term solution for making speakers airtight, I always recommend PVA glue instead. A simple but very effective solution for speaker hiss is to drape a layer of felt or similar material over the speaker. It kills the very top-end frequencies but keeps the important bass and mid-ranges intact. Hiss is always more prominent when the speaker is in the top and / or facing upwards than in the tanks and / or facing down. Bif
  13. In that case I feel you need to stretch your imagination a bit further :-) If it was so easy then why are there not dozens of sound programmers producing competing high quality sound chips at knock-down prices? Let us explore the path involved in bringing high qualty loco sounds to market; You need to invest in a high quality, multi-channel solid state recording device. Two actually, in case one fails on the day you paid £1000 to record a loco. Ditto with microphones, cables, boom poles etc. You need a few years experience to work out where to put those mics to obtain
  14. I am happy to announce that my sounds for Bachmann's London Underground S stock are finally ready. The sounds were all recorded 'on shed' and on the Metropolitan main Line with the assistance of Transport For London. They will be available as both a two-chip matched pair and a single chip plus Lokpilot (non-sound) matched pair as a more economical option. They are only available on v5 at this time (ie v4 reblows will not be available). The units sound great with a standard 20x40mm speaker but I've also heard them through a Zimo double-dumbo and one of our 'slab' speakers and they sound equally
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