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  1. Canadian Pacific S3 looking like a war zone after purchasing it yesterday
  2. Picked this up at Crewe today says Life Like on the chassis and from googling its an Alco S3 but need some tlc wonder where to start
  3. Airfix in the early days had shocking quality control and fit but over the years it seems they have improved considerably with the quality and fit of there later kits. I was hoping with the vintage kit series there would be a lot of people making bodies for the likes of the matador to suit say the bus collector market for example or the railway modelers but sadly no. I have not purchased a Hornby product in ages there prices seem ott for new models when you can go onto ebay and get the same new release significantly cheaper from a retailers eBay store or go to a different manufacturer and get a better all round model of the same thing for maybe slightly less price with more bells and whistles
  4. If this is still going I have a fair few shots of 47524 in RES at the Churnet Valley Railway if there of any interest I can dig them out to post. Took a fair few for my own project someday
  5. Started adding things to my list for Macclesfield Model Rail Show and the event in Crewe next month but was wondering if anyone knew or had pics of MOW road vehicles as i have considered adding one or 2 to the scenic side of the layout with some engineers when i get round to finding the right figures
  6. On the workbench is 8409 getting masked up on one side to do the yellow rains is humbrol 24 a good yellow to use. Another question 8411 has white side cab window frames was this true on the rest of the GP7s at the time
  7. A quick Session this morning before work F7A 1404 was shunted into the siding as it failed on the passenger service After shunting F7A 1401 GP7 8409 takes over on the passenger service
  8. Cheers for the info I have been contemplating cutting the baseboard down keeping the model part but turning it into an L shape in the corner of the room to make more space and use sort of cassettes to bring items in and out. I have been contemplating the following options 1) Since the scenic side will pass through the tunnel end with the L shape I have considered a small number of sidings maybe have a railway station (dibber25 do you have anymore of the station in your 2nd share shot with the RDC), May even add something like a timber loading yard or some kind of extra industry or i might build the full grain kit and use the small space for something else to do with boxcars 2) A station and a depot maybe have the station in the front and the small depot in the back or a small maintenance depot with a shed 3) A simple freight yard with a small portacabin and a yard maybe a fueling point between one of the tracks what are your ideas on these or have your own ideas to share
  9. Are the Stobart ones different in any way
  10. Been researching this for a while but what other non standard conversions have been done to Mk3's like 96374 the gen set for the canned nightstar service I have seen pics of excluding Network rails flying banana. Iv not come across many non standard conversions to these coaches outside of Network rail using them in modified forms such as the pantograph on the roof etc
  11. Found this on a memory stick from dads photos from super train 2014 if anyone knows what number and type it is
  12. https://www.classicmagazines.co.uk/promotion/allchange?fbclid=IwAR0Jn7k85jpn3xLu80CDZmX89uIT_HbF-sgnVSKWLrWOIfhtuSb-C04sxh8#tickets
  13. So after last years awesome day out at the DRS open day in Crewe someone on Facebook posted that Virgin Trains where having an open day in Crewe this year and decided not much is on the calendar for June this year id go. Planning to purchase a ticket next month in anticipation of going to Crewe again noting its right next door to the train station. Has anyone been before and do you just walk down the road next to the station at Crewe or do you have to speak to Virgin staff as the DRS one was walk down to the depot up to the gate buy your ticket and your in easy process. On a side note what is there to see at the depot anything like stored items and such around Crewe or is it mainly the depot shed and I wonder what we will expect to be there to look at on display
  14. Been doing some research during my lunch break at work and have noted the following i may need to tackle on a model GP7 8409 - noted from pics its missing the yellow handrails and yellow on the steps The other below are notes on whats ongoing with the project I noticed the kadee on one end of the dome car and possibly seaview need attention Need to order up the trucks and kadees next month to finish off the Thrall all door project Purchase points for the fiddle yard to finish and replace older points ready for purchase of a power supply so I can mount the point motors
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