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  1. Having also just seen this in the magazine, I had to write and say that the layout ticked all the boxes for me.
  2. Apologies for typing, should read Received mine about ago, absolutely brilliant. Can't wait for the GWR 1361 Pannier Tank. Congratulations to all involved.
  3. Received mine about 7 days so absolutely brilliant. Can't wat for my GWR 1361 Pannier Tank. Congratulations to all involved.
  4. I for one will also be attending, as previously said thousands will be attending.
  5. I also attended the show yesterday with SWMBO and we both found it to be a good show. The layouts were very good( Lulworth and Dawes Creek being our favourites). Refreshments were good as well, most being homemade. Definitely will be attending next year.
  6. . The trader is Weston Models.
  7. Hopefully, myself and SWMBO will make it to the show next year even if I have to hire a boat.
  8. Apologies for getting my info wrong, it was crews at Oxley not Saltley as mentioned. Found a photograph on flicker of 4706 taken at Oxley where the photographer also refers to it as by its nickname Night Owl.
  9. I read somewhere that they were nicknamed NIght Owls by crews at Saltley SHed as they were mainly used on overnight freights. Trouble is I cannot remember where I read it.
  10. Over the last couple of years my wife and I have driven down that way, always following the works with interest. The last time was July this year commenting how much progress they have made. Following the updates today, they appear to be coming on in leaps and bounds. One of my ambitions is to travel on the line when it is open. Thanks for the updates , they are fantastic and can't wait to see how much progress they have made when we return to that arena next year.
  11. I've followed this layout with interest prior to joining RM Web and since with a lot of interest. The scenery is absolutely is absolutely fantastic and if mine turns out like that I will be very happy
  12. Whilst at my local model shop this morning, the topic of conversation got around to Hornby. Someone made the comment that Hornby were opening a shop in Swindon. Has anyone else heard this?
  13. Having seen the cad images of the class 1361 engine, I'm very happy that I have ordered one. Can't wait.
  14. Having done some research(talking to a person at Didcot), I found out that one was shredded at St. Blazey. That'll do for me,ordered one this afternoon. Now I just have to finish the layout.
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