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  1. They are still in business as they were at Tinkers Park last weekend.
  2. Nice to see this layout in Railway Modeller. Well done especially for the part about single line working.
  3. This is one of my most favourite layouts and always look for any updates when I log on. Keep up the brilliant work and hopefully I might get to see it for real.
  4. Also, just caught up with this thread. Thoroughly enjoyed the read and what fantastic modelling.
  5. I am quickly becoming a fan of this type of layout. So much so, it has inspired me to start thinking about a similar size layout. Keep up the good work and stay safe.
  6. It should read well done GBRF for naming the locomotive after Captain Tom.
  7. Well done GBRF also naming the locomotive in non our of Captain Tom.
  8. Wow, the station building is absolutely brilliant.
  9. It was an hour long programme made of extracts from the series which was broadcast some time ago. Still watched it though.
  10. Fantastic layout having seen it a couple times and it seems to get better every time. Just a quick question. What was a LNER Azusa doing at Basingstoke?
  11. Having also just seen this in the magazine, I had to write and say that the layout ticked all the boxes for me.
  12. Apologies for typing, should read Received mine about ago, absolutely brilliant. Can't wait for the GWR 1361 Pannier Tank. Congratulations to all involved.
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