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  1. I have discussed this with KR Models and correct artwork is in place. Hopefully it will be the version they use.
  2. This month's picture... https://southern-railway.com/2021/12/01/picture-of-the-month-december-2021/
  3. I've only just caught up with this thread and noticed the artwork. The lined grey version should be a 1/2" Black outer line (not red) followed by an 1.3/4" grey (most likely body colour) then an 1/8" red inner line.
  4. ehem Canute Road Quay I'm triple barrelled you know...
  5. Apologies to all in advance as I appear more than once...
  6. Yes it's a Diagram 1478 one of 200 built between 8/35 and 12/35 with the SR 'Power Brake' eight block arrangement. Usually ran in block trains from Southampton.
  7. I apologise again for the rubbish sketch...
  8. Westhill Road an introduction #2 https://southern-railway.com/2021/11/20/westhill-road-an-introduction-2/
  9. Indeed it is the main steam isolation valve to the main backhead manifold and only really used during maintenance, hence not needing to be readily accessible. It is in the same position on the rebuilds as it was on the originals. The term 'Klinger' refers to the valve manufacturer.
  10. It has been mentioned that the some Bachmann decoders, that you originally tested with, do not work very well with coreless motors. Re the T9 are you working form a reference image that shows the Southern lettering on a black engine having black rather green shading that was the norm?
  11. Nicely done, looks great and good to see another Millholme version for a change. Here is mine
  12. This months picture of the month https://southern-railway.com/2021/11/01/picture-of-the-month-november-2021/
  13. Indeed I purposely didn't mention the driver until we have any further news on him being extracted.
  14. The initial reports are slightly sensationalised. All passengers have been evacuated from both trains. The two coaches are not on side but 45 degrees.
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