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  1. The Kernow Model Rail Centre have today announced they have commissioned Dapol to produce the GBRf Class 50s in N Gauge. 50 007 “Hercules” and 50 049 “Defiance” were unveiled on 20th March 2019 at Eastleigh following their repainting into GBRf colours. 50 007 was revealed to have 50 014 “Warspite” on one side, much to the delight of Tim Shoveller and Darren Ward who unveiled the change of identity! The Kernow Model Rail Centre model will reflect this dual-identity, as well as faithfully re-creating the small but important differences between the livery of the two locomotives. GBRf worked closely with the Class 50 Alliance, the owners of 50 007 and 50 049, in enabling a return to the mainline for their locomotives in 2017 and subsequently through a programme of railtours during 2018 as part of the 50th anniversary celebrations of the Class 50s. The decision to repaint the locomotives into the striking new livery was a recognition of the developing relationship between the two organisations and marked a new chapter in the story of the Class 50s. Over the past couple of years, GBRf has invested in a programme of driver training to enable Class 50 operation over most of the UK rail network. The repaints were carried out by Arlington Fleet Services at Eastleigh. The first outing for the GBRf-liveried Class 50s was on Saturday 23rd March when they worked Pathfinder Tours’ Teminator-Phoenixed railtour from London Paddington to Penzance and return to Waterloo. This marked 25th years since the final BR operated Class 50 railtour over the same route, The Terminator, which was also promoted by Pathfinder. Following the repaints, the locomotives have been available to operate selected GBRf trains on a ‘spot-hire’ basis. This work includes movement of locomotives between heritage railway gala events, and future railtours. The locomotives will continue to be based at the Severn Valley Railway, but will have easy access to the national network, thanks to the 24-hour connection at Kidderminster, Expected in mid 2021, the price for the pack (both models motorised) will be £249.99 for DCC Ready, £299.99 for DCC Fitted and £449.99 for DCC Sound Fitted. For more details and pre-ordering check the Kernow Model Rail Centre website here http://www.kernowmodelrailcentre.com/p/68678/2D-002-KM1-Dapol-Class-50-GBRf-Twin-Pack-Defiance-and-Hercules http://www.kernowmodelrailcentre.com/p/68705/2D-002-KM1D-Dapol-Class-50-GBRf-Twin-Pack-Defiance-and-Hercules http://www.kernowmodelrailcentre.com/p/68706/2D-002-KM1S-Dapol-Class-50-GBRf-Twin-Pack-Defiance-and-Hercules
  2. Have no fear Kernow Model Rail Centre have announced the GBRf versions see here https://grahammuz.com/2020/08/14/kernow-model-rail-centre-announce-class-50-gbrf-pack-in-n-gauge/
  3. Hi Nick Glad to hear the mojo is returning I had the same issue and turned to a number of simple wagon kits to get started again and it worked. It does the world of good to get a few quick wins completed. Muz
  4. A very busy (and somewhat non prototypical) scene at Canute Road Quay as the recent wagons builds and repaints all pay a visit. (Also an excuse the experiment with a new camera and photographic lighting kit...)
  5. It does improve them, I must admit it was a quick brush repaint as usually I would disassemble the model and dust with Halfords plastic primer first but cheated this time. They will be weathered next.
  6. My witterings about the wagon builds and the brake van repainting can be read here https://grahammuz.com/2020/08/11/workbench-witterings-8-taking-a-brake-from-wagons-rolling-of-the-workbench/
  7. By way of additional information to my previous post. This the same method as the wagon kits illustrated in previous posts. I brush paint the base colour (over Halfords plastic primer on the kits). I always dry following painting in a warmed oven (set to less than 50 deg and the door kept open, luckily I don’t need to ask anyone permission first!). I then letter using HMRS Pressfix transfers. Finally I apply Railmatch Satin Varnish from a rattle can to fix the lettering and even the finish.
  8. Taking a ‘brake’ from wagon lettering... something else is cooking... two Hornby diagram 1543 ex LSWR 20t Warner New brake vans have been repainted into the correct shade of brown (and oversized lettering for the Tare information), now drying the preheated oven (less than 50 deg) prior to lettering and varnishing.
  9. Dam you have outed me... ...my new business is weally wealistic wagons ... my new website at http://www.www.biz will go live shortly... ... or not
  10. Wagon lettering continues have now completed 4 ex LSWR diagram 1410 10t vans, 2 ex SECR Diagram 1426 10t vans and an 8 plank ex LSWR Diagram 1316 open. Mainly pre 1936 but a couple of post 1936 livery for variation.
  11. In case you have not yet seen it check out the latest issue of Hornby Magazine and the 32 page supplement Modelling Guide Southern Region with a 6 page introduction to the Southern and Southern Region by yours truly! See also here for more details https://grahammuz.com/2020/08/06/Hornby-magazine-september-issue-159-modelling-guide-southern-region/
  12. Too hot for going outside today so managed to get the lettering finished on two of the diagram 1410 wagons that I have been building. Just the two more of this type to letter then move on to the 2 Diagram 1426 ex SECR Vans and the 8 plank Diagram 1316 Ex LSWR open. All are painted waiting...
  13. I’m very much enjoying the build and it’s quality so far. I will keep following it with interest as I quite like quayside layouts...
  14. As I said in my post the issue was very openly discussed at the media briefing and we were told we could report it. I certainly included the information within my blog post covering the 2020 range announcements, especially as it was relevant to the Merchant Navy models. I can’t recall if it was reported in the other media regarding the range launch, however I would not expect them to keep repeating it.
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