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  1. Latest update on the revised M7 and a view of their Engineering Prototype here https://www.Dapol.co.uk/N Gauge M7 0-4-4
  2. Glad you found the answer. Just for completeness I describe my method for the inset track on my blog here https://grahammuz.com/2018/02/16/a-view-from-the-line-18-inset-track-on-canute-road-quay/
  3. Totally agree an excellent episode the hour passed in the blink of an enthusiastic Tim Dunn!
  4. After the initial use of ‘British Railways’ in Sunshine lettering in early 1948, many subsequently ran with no lettering on the tender at all up until they received BR Brunswick.
  5. Good to see a pdf proof today of the next magazine appearance of Canute Road Quay Just a couple of tweaks to make. Keep an eye out for the April Issue of BRM Magazine...
  6. All versions of the Mermaids and Sharks (but kept safely apart) are in Stock at Kernow here https://www.kernowmodelrailcentre.com/c/1631/EFE-Rail
  7. Err what makes you think I’ve ordered one... ... wrong era... ... funny tank arrangement... ... defiantly the wrong railway company ... ...who you think I am...
  8. The model will be shipped from Camborne, to assist with the workload the Guildford store team are checking some orders and processing the payments.
  9. It would be even more appropriate is the building was in Southampton, clad in wood with certain railway maps pasted onto the outside...
  10. If like last year, the single "Combined Volume" catalogue, that includes all brands, will include all the items announced since the last catalogue and also include those as part of the Spring announcement next week.
  11. The first class seating area on the Driving Trailer, until declassified, was at the driving end and was indeed inward facing side seating as per the model and therefore the positions of the designation signs on the SR olive livery version is correct, also the only smoking section provided was in the Trailer Third only. Therefore the model does not have the "Glaring error" that you suggest without any actual evidence or research.
  12. Oh I don’t think so... ... for so many reasons...
  13. They have arrived at the Guildford store and due in Camborne Monday.
  14. I always get excited receiving a revised set of CADs to review, working on a few different prototypes this week at opposite ends of #railwayhistory #modelrailways #enjoyabledayjob #tease

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    2. Free At Last

      Free At Last

      Hornby will have suddenly been working on these for the last few years .

    3. woodenhead


      Not in N gauge they wont, it's a Class 116 DMU and a class 103 Park Royal in N plus a selection of GW N gauge Toplights and LSWR Ironclads (oh, you've mentioned these in the past Mr Muz, perhaps not in the superior N scale but nevertheless you've spoken of them).

    4. Graham_Muz


      I already have Ironclads... :)



  15. Sorry but it’s getting an Exmouth Junction works concrete halt (I am using a Kernow LSWR ground frame hut as it’s signal and crossing keepers hut)
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