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  1. Let me know if you need any specific body parts as I have a couple of slightly cannibalised pre production unpowered, (albeit mainland versions), so can't help with the motor and gearbox, O2s sat on my desk...
  2. That's really annoying, I have been lucky with my two (I have to Hornby ones as well), but yes you should send it back for a replacement.
  3. Don’t get too excited it carries one of these...
  4. A visitor arrives at Canute Road Quay in preparation for a new little project... I wonder what it might be...
  5. Witterings about the E2 https://grahammuz.com/2020/10/17/workbench-witterings-9-refreshing-the-e2-no-mention-of-thomas-dam/
  6. A great first full official week in my new role as Development Manager at KMRC lots of progress on new and ongoing projects http://www.kernowmodelrailcentre.com/pg/176/Latest-News #greatteam 

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    2. The Stationmaster

      The Stationmaster

      Jolly good show young Muz, good to see that you've got your feet under the table and are already working hard.  May all go well with your next project ;)

    3. Graham_Muz


      Thanks Mike, I’m not sure what mean by ‘next project’ singular we have many ‘projects’ being started / worked on at the moment! 

    4. truffy


      ...hence the need for a Development Manager! :good:

  7. Graham_Muz

    Class 33 Book

    Thanks Simon, duly ordered.
  8. My usual method is to soak the printing in good quality enamel thinners and then rub the printing off with a cotton bud also soaked in the thinners. rub evenly with some pressure but not too hard to remove the main body colour. This does leave a shiny surface, which if applying new decals is a good thing, I then spray the area with Railmatch satin varnish from a rattle can to restore the finish to match the factory finish.
  9. Snap... Mine has lost the pretentious chimney cap and been renamed in honour of an inspirational engineer!
  10. Happy to help , I have a bigger excuse for having the book by my desk now...
  11. Alex Strangely enough I have my Russell book to hand E1 wheel base 7'6" + 7' 9" E1 across buffer beam 29' 2" E1 across buffer heads 32' 4.1/2" E2 wheel base 8' + 8' E2 across buffer beam 30' 0.1/2" E2 across buffer heads 33' 3"
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