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  1. The new rake consists of ex Mid Sodor Railway slate wagons as used at Cas-ny-Hawin slate mine and bought by the Skarloey Railway for scrap value (ex Corris). Some still retain their old MS branding, while others have had the new ownership crudely marked out. The third wagon is a 3 bar SR (Talyllyn) slate wagon.
  2. No. 3 'SIR HANDEL' is finished. Just desperate to get on with a layout (boards on order).
  3. Without. My operating period is 1949-1959. Peter Sam received his Giesl ejector in January/February 1961.
  4. Hi Neil It's Vauxhall Sunburst Red from Halfords. I need to get myself another can at some point as I've run out (Rheneas will be up next).
  5. Empty slate for the 'Ben Glas Quarry' Plus Mail for 'Skarloey Station'
  6. Cheers Neil, I'm really pleased with the waggon (and the slate ones too). Made up for things not working out with Sir Handel this weekend. Plan to paint him next weekend.
  7. Managed to get my 'Mail-Waggon' branded up this evening ready for light weathering tomorrow.
  8. Tomorrow's plan, is to get 'Mail-Waggon' transfers onto the red wagon, and possibly make a start weathering the wagons. If I'm feeling brave (I keep putting it off) I'll use CIF on the brass cab of Sir Handel, wash it off, and then see about spraying the body with primer.
  9. Not quite felt myself today, so have taken myself off to the workroom. Slate wagons now branded and numbered plus the Skarloey Mail Waggon is now painted up ready for transfers.
  10. I am currently working on rolling stock. I am in the process of painting up my first three slate wagons. These are Skarloey Railway slate wagons (Talyllyn Railway), but I also have some ex Mid Sodor slate wagons on the way (ex Corris Railway). My plan is to run them in fixed rakes of around 3 wagons. The aim is to recreate scenes like this within the working timetable. S.R's No. 4 'Peter Sam' has left his coaches at 'Skarloey Station' and is now on the Mineral Extension on route to Ben Glas Quarry, to collect loaded slate wagons. The date is 1958, and the working is one of the lasts, with the quarry to be sold to the MoD as an ammunition dump in the next couple of years.
  11. Pannier power! Two more locos destined for my client's South Wales layout.
  12. Cheers mate! It's probably going to be next weekend before I spray him now. Plan to start working on wagons this week.....including one heavily inspired by the Corris!
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