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  1. Beautiful! Couldn't have summed it up better @The Johnster As it happens, we were there today....and the weather was as you described....glorious!
  2. Today I've been working on distressing the station shelter. I'd painted it initially a dark brown like the sleepers, however looking at photographs from the late 1950s, it seems to have lost most of it's paint due to its bleak location. Before After
  3. Back working on Cwm Prysor (the break has done me good). Today I have distressed the station shelter (working from photos). By the late 1950s it looks like there was little to no paint left on it. I've also been busy focusing on my other project, i.e recreating an accurate interpretation of Awdry's 'Skarloey Railway'. Currently have No. 3 'Sir Handel' and No. 6 'Duncan' finished, with No. 1 'Skarloey' underway in 009. Modelling has certainly been a coping mechanism for me during lockdown, in particularly as I live a lone. It certainly has given me variety.
  4. I'm hoping the odd client may send one my way for weathering, along with the Thompson A2s. We've never had it so good!
  5. Lovely shots Tony. There were few 'swingers' in that video I posted yesterday (I think on fish trains). Very much enjoying the V2 talk. Still a favourite ECML locomotive of mine.
  6. This maybe of interest, but the fish train with additional vans is clear here in one of the videos I shot of Little Bytham a few years back (was it really nearly 6 years ago!) The video should start at the right place, but if not, it's 20 seconds in.
  7. I've made a start working on the snow fence sleepers. I've repainted them, and begin adding washes to hopefully give them that old, sun bleached and decrepit look.
  8. I haven't got to the end yet, I'll look forward to that!
  9. Very much been enjoying the V2 discussion. The Mike Trice body looks superb, just look how far 3D printing has come. Speaking of V2s, this BFI footage maybe of interest that I'm currently watching. Some lovely footage of V2s in Scotland, in particular this shot of one on coal empties at 2 minutes 48 seconds (plus at 3 minutes 44, a Peppercorn A2 in rather nice condition on a fitted). There is also some lovely variety of colour wagon stock @jwealleans https://player.bfi.org.uk/free/film/watch-great-north-of-scotland-railway-films-1963-online?fbclid=IwAR3OY3fAw1w8VXsVj5EIo-R7DkkLIo3GfmuLp0ynVg8dGgUVmhJ5tmdnZww
  10. Sandbox temporarily placed in position ready for fixing. Handrails will be added tomorrow.
  11. Thanks Tony! I really enjoy the railway photography. I've found a few vantage points on the layout that I think really work.
  12. Thanks Tony That’s very kind of you to say, but in fairness, I learnt it all from you. Tom
  13. Over the last few nights, I have been gradually working through the operating sequence (based on the 1956 Working Time Table). To also add to the feel, I've added photos in the fiddle yards to represent the places they are 'off scene'. I find it helps when re marshalling wagons, that I can picture I'm at either Bala, Trawsfynydd or Blaenau Ffestiniog.
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