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  1. First commission of the year finished! Two Ivatt 4MTs destined for a client's M&GN layout.
  2. Hackenbeck's familiar 'crawler tractor' is now finished.
  3. It is indeed. I think it would have made him smile to have been upgraded from a mobility scooter to a crawler tractor!
  4. Funny you should say that, I know a gentleman who is doing the very thing! Word has it he is channelling Awdry's spirit as he writes it......
  5. Indeed....well the latter! Ready for the top coat tomorrow.
  6. Thanks Ade, the old Leaman Road layout is proving quite a nice photographic set! I've built a kit tonight for a non railway Awdry character. I'll reveal all once it's painted up and weathered! (saying that I have mentioned it a few weeks ago in this thread)
  7. Happy New Year! Sadly Percy isn't feeling any New Year cheer, as he sidles about the yard, shunting! 'Get a move on No 6! We haven't got all day!'
  8. Finally finished the 'Sodor Roadways' singledecker Regal III, which worked the North West of Sodor. It had a race with NWR No 1 once back in 1948.....
  9. That is very kind of you Peter I will get Cwm Prysor finished, I just find my motivation is elsewhere these days! I've not forgotten about it, I assure you.
  10. In 1956, Awdry made a visit to Tidmouth Sheds to find NWR No 7 resting in the yard. After chatting with his crew, it seems he had been sent for minor repair from Ffarquhar. However, after some investigation it seems a full overhaul is in order, so No 7 will be heading on to Crovan's Gate later today. It will be a long journey having to be diagrammed between trains.
  11. Back to work for the North Western Region and No 6 shunts wagons ready to be made up for the 5.25pm Tidmouth-Barrow 'Class D' partially fitted goods. Merry Christmas!
  12. I just wanted to wish my followers and clients a very Merry Christmas. I hope you have all had a lovely festive day!
  13. Last commission before Christmas! Class 52 D 1000 'Western Enterprise'. My client sent me several photos, showing 'Western Enterprise' in what seems typical condition with grime collecting in particular places on the sides. She will be back with client for Christmas.
  14. I personally do not agree with this, but this is just my opinion. My primary reasons though for feeling Thomas is considerably modified, is because the last model Awdry produced of Thomas for his Ffarquhar layout (MK II) which he made from a Hornby E2, had a number of visual differences that made it look more like Thomas. If Awdry intended Thomas to be a straight up E2, why make the mods? You can argue there are issues with the Payne/Dalby illustrations, but Awdry had the opportunity to amend these Thomas issues with illustrators John T Kenney and Peter Edwards, but Thomas stayed roughly the same. However this is just my opinion. It's all conjecture and with Awdry long gone.... a definitive answer will be never known.
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