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  1. Morning Rob and many thanks! I originally started working on locos and rolling stock over a year ago, but last summer my mental health took a bit of a stumble and I stepped away from modelling (other than client's weathering). Getting back into it was one of the best things I could have done. The plan is to make small micro layouts of a number of other Skarloey Railway locations.
  2. Early today I finished the work on the rock face extension. I'm really chuffed (excuse the pun) with the finish of the area. It has that cold, damp feeling about the place which I love. This has just spurred me on to carry on writing my book 'The Skarloey Railway: A History', which will feature photographs of Scaca Fell, and the future layouts I plan. I also managed to take some photographs of dying bracken on tonight's short hike. Quite useful for when I come to painting the bracken on the layout (as I'm depicting the Autumn). Next step will be to finish the aqueduct supports.
  3. New rock face now given a spray of chaos black. Pleased with how it butts up to the original piece. Later today I’ll glue the track extensions down.
  4. Today I finally got around to adding the pipe work and detailing on Rheneas. Hopefully going into the paint shop next week. For the moment though, we are enjoy shunting wagons around Ward Fell Quarry and Scaca Crossing.
  5. Now the aqueduct is coming to completion, it has struck me what a focal point on the layout it is. Originally, its purpose had been to work as a scenic break. However I have quickly realised that from a photographic point of view, when taking photos of this area, the end of scenic layout becomes very apparent. I therefore have extended the layout in the Ward Fell direction by a further 8 inches, which has made a massive visual difference. In the next few days, I'll begin scribing the rock face.
  6. Minus the ladder and overflow pipe the water tower is about finished. I’m particular pleased with the hose which I made from heat shrink tubing. I heated it a little just flatten it down (much appreciated the advice from @BritishGypsum4)
  7. Water tower ready for weathering tomorrow:
  8. Decided to do a touch more work last night before bed. Using the AK Interactive slime greens (light and dark) I’ve tried to depict the build of algae around the back of the rock face, where the stream will have overflowed out of the trough. I’ve also added some algae effect on the pillars, again where water has run down from the aqueduct.
  9. Thanks Tortuga! Really pleased how it's all coming together. I’ve begun work on the water tower this evening. One side of the tower, the resin seemed partially melted. So I’ve given it the same treatment as the aqueduct pillars, adding micro strip pieces, plus I've added the water tank rivets. I’ve also ordered some etched ladders, and a grid/manhole cover for the excess water.
  10. Today I've finished the rock face and aqueduct abutments. The rock face I initially began by adding highlights using lighter and darker greys. I then went back to look at the photographs I took of Nant Gwernol's rock face two weeks ago. I began dry brushing reddy browns in areas, plus a wash of AK interactive's slime green to represent algae. The final touch, which I think has made the difference, was adding a dirty dark wash over the entire rockface, which seems to have created the right look. I then did a similar wash over the abutments:
  11. I'm so sorry to read of Gordon's passing. I'd admired his modelling for years, but it was only fairly recently we actually spoke. He messaged me regarding the weathering of his locomotive fleet but sent his apologies that they'd have to be delayed due to him going into hospital. Well instead of raising a glass in memory, the next loco I weather for myself, will be done in your honour Gordon. Rest in piece Gordon and my sincerest condolences to his family at this time x
  12. Just catching up with your new layout plans. Looks really exciting. Happy memories of my LNER days!
  13. Rock face and abutments given their first coat of grey.
  14. Finished ballasting the layout today. Next stage is to do some cleaning up, before painting the rock face and adding the earth powder. I'm also planning to make a start on the trees.
  15. Some small updates. I've dry ballasted the single track section. I'm pleased with the look so far, and the next stage over the weekend will be to use an atomiser of water before adding diluted pva with a pipette. Some bits and pieces arrived in the post today too.
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