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  1. Back when I had planned to model the 1930s LNER (Thirsk South), Bachmann had only ever produced the K3 in wartime black minus lining. LNER modellers are now blessed with a fully lined out prewar K3 courtesy of Bachmann. Finished to the client's specification of being in a working but cleaned condition.
  2. Most kind of you @AndyVikingand give me a shout when you plan to send the locos up. I'm still very pleased of that Garratt I did for you.
  3. Hmmm, might be a case I look into wiring the points then. It's all learning a curve and can't be that difficult.
  4. Hi Gordon That could work, the plug in on the decoder for the Peckett is different (sort of slots in a bit like a 6 pin). I wonder if I could removed the end off the Hornby Decoder and re solder to the Zen Nano? How far does the stay alive allow the loco to run?
  5. Hi Ron Yeah, I just wanted the easier route to not need to wire them.
  6. Yeah, that's why I went with one of the later Hornby models from the 2000s.
  7. I wanted to retain that open space under James's boiler. I'd looked into the loco drive version, but it would have really eaten into that space.
  8. Tender drive 4F chassis with a comet pony. The body is one of @Knuckles 3D printed bodies, based on the Class 28 prototype with RWS modifications. It's been designed body wise, to be as close to how James would have looked in reality.
  9. Well spotted. It was the tender off my Henry that I made 11 years ago. I sold him on with a fowler tender, but never got rid of the Stanier Tender. I was using it as a rough guide for coaling stage height. Speaking of NWR engines....No 5 is here! Not such a splendid 'red engine' at the moment (looks like the 16T are up to no good!)
  10. The joy of working on clients models...the sheer variety I am privileged to work on. A couple of industrials in the form of a 4mm Andrew Barclay and a 4mm British Steel Janus. My client kindly supplied several reference photographs of both engines, which certainly helped guide me on the look they were after.
  11. Morning all Although I'm DCC, my knowledge of decoders is mediocre at best, so I'd appreciate the help. I'm looking for a stay alive decoder for my Hornby Peckett Chassis which sits under a custom 3D printed Railway Series 'Percy'. Primarily it's so the loco wont stop over the dead frog on Peco 'Unifrog' Bullhead points. Thoughts and advice welcome
  12. Cheers Paul. Yep, Hughes/Fowler I'm looking into. Thanks for that, hadn't thought wikipedia would have the pony wheel size. Much appreciated.
  13. Evening guys I can't find my Sharman wheels book. Could somebody remind me of the pony wheel size for LMS locos (Crabs, Stanier Moguls, Ivatt 2s). Am I right they are Bevel rather than plain? Cheers
  14. Some photos, now I've mocked up some of the buildings. D2 'Boco' with the Tidmouth parcels, passes NWR No 8 '5741 Duck' with a pick up goods for Knapford Junction. While No 8 passes with it's goods train, NWR No 11 '1436 Oliver' shunts 16T minerals to the top of the coaling stage (the Awdry books work as an excellent incline ). NWR No 6 'Percy' shunts the yard running parallel to the main line. A shot showing the proposed coaling stage (with illustration below) Tidmouth NWR 4 Road Shed location/mock up.
  15. Morning! The first rotating traverser is now up and in place.
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