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  1. Very nice. How do you paint the doors?
  2. The signals look amazing. Do you have a murderer on the loose? there's a lot of dead bodies in one of your pictures.
  3. I was in one that had a very noisy AC fan that rattled away the whole journey. And they announce every station for the entire journey every time it stopped at a station.
  4. Your the boss, run what you like. Trying to run a model railway in a prototypical way can limit what you can and can't do.
  5. A beautiful collection, they look great. And perfectly built and painted.
  6. I got this map of the PRONI website showing Lisburn station in 1846-62. You can see the gardens of the house and a path leading down to the bridge beside the station.
  7. Another great addition to the fleet. Great job.
  8. It's a nice shade of green and a very nicely built model.
  9. Very nice. It's hard to get a roof to sit neatly all round.
  10. Nicely weathered, looks lovely.
  11. Beautiful scenes and very well put together.
  12. The colours look great and I look forward to the finished models.
  13. Great job, it's coming on well.
  14. Looks great and lovely rural scenes. So much to look at. Thanks for sharing. Still can't get over that ship. OMG.
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