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  1. They are not my favourite railcar but it looks great.
  2. Love the house and all the scene around it, a lot of thought and detail which makes it look top class. I think a dark grey sky is more normal for N. Ireland most of the time. But it is your land.
  3. A busy day on Barrow St. I like the craven coaches and the RPSI ones are starting to grow on me.
  4. Thanks Darius, i think i might go for the complete power bogie.
  5. Thanks Darius, can i ask you, do you stick the bogie sides onto the drive bogie or how is it done?
  6. Thanks, it's starting to make sense. sometimes you do see unusual formations so as you say it's up to me but at least i am better informed.
  7. I was thinking of running my 112 loco with about 4 opens and Gen coach. not prototypical but i might add a brake/driving trailer, maybe buffet. would that look right?
  8. Just stunning work, lots of problems along the way but you got there. looks beautiful. where do you get the VEP bogies and are the easy to change? And what paint colours did you use? I will be building one at some point so this thread will help a lot. thanks for posting.
  9. Thanks for the info, very useful. what about the trains to Derry/Londonderry with MK2 coaches would they need the buffet car?
  10. That's good information, thank's david. I will keep that for future reference. So not all formations would have a Dining car and you could run a train without one?
  11. I'm trying to put a set of these together to. I have seen pictures of a rake with two brake firsts, so would one be the brake coach and the other the generator coach? Also i have seen pic's were the tail coach is not a driving trailer, so did some trains not have a driving trailer? Also did all trains have a Dining car? I would like to know the running numbers for this stock if anyone would like to share this it would be a great help.
  12. Lovely model and nicely finished.
  13. Lovely Kieran, looks very realistic and thats a very dirty C class.
  14. Great stuff. You will need yellow lines on the platforms for those big express trains.
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