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  1. They do look good weathered.
  2. Your keeping the drivers busy today. Is that why the fuel wagons are standing by?
  3. A nice selection of loco's & rolling stock. You must have it all now.
  4. Very nice and weathered already.
  5. Nice job, they look great painted and weathered.
  6. Looks like a well moulded kit with lots of detail.
  7. Love the CIE green train at the station.
  8. That's a nice collection, all your own work. It's like a time capsule of the railways of N.Ireland.
  9. Very nice. Little details make a big difference.
  10. The Brake van looks great and very nicely built.
  11. That looks spot on. nice job. Did you remove the door and grab handles?
  12. Yes, the walls do look good but try not to have them too straight. The one closest to camera looks just right.
  13. they look very nice and well finished.
  14. Very nice. How do you paint the doors?
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