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  1. Excellent, they look the part, well done.
  2. The poor people in those houses will have to listen to a lot of loco noise now.
  3. Nice collection there. Great sound from that loco.
  4. Love it, the signal cabin looks great in the sunshine.
  5. Good idea, what about putting it on the platform side and it would not be visible.
  6. That's really nice, i never liked these loco's but i like that.
  7. Lovely Kieran, you have such a diverse collection of rolling stock, i don't know how you decide what to run every day.
  8. WOW That should be in a museum.
  9. I was going to try Gorilla super glue and see how that works.
  10. Another super fast conversion, very nice. What's the best glue for sticking brass to plastic?
  11. I think the driver should know better and stop to see what the clearance is like before doing all that damage, that will cost somebody $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
  12. Great video, love it. The tanks are super and the weathering on the loco is amazing.
  13. Nice picture, it might be some kind of ventilation. It's not on other picture i have seen.
  14. Just spotted today RPSI Whitehead are restoring one of these vans. Does anyone know what the hole in the side is for?
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