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  1. Think you'll find the drain cocks are drowning out the first couple of chuffs. You can start off without the drain cocks on. Wiggy.
  2. This is sorted now as it was to do with the momentum button on the Powercab causing the problem. Wiggy
  3. Depends on how good you are at configuring. Not sure what the MM one does only the WT one obversely. Wiggy.
  4. You'll need front and rear lights plus AUX1-4 Then you'll need to configure the outputs to work the lights. Here is an ESU lokpilot https://youtu.be/SLD8Th3CQ14 Wiggy
  5. OK, They should be able to sort you out no problem. If you need any further help just send me a PM. Wiggy.
  6. Yes, thats the one. If you are happy with the BPR and everything else then I should leave it as it is. Just as a matter of interest why did you do an autotune? Wiggy.
  7. Voltage. I'm assuming you have done an autotune otherwise I doubt that you would have changed that. Doing an autotune reduces that CV setting. Wiggy.
  8. OK, Where did you get the ESU v5 'L' decoder from is the first question? I'm assuming it came with the sound pre loaded? Have you contacted them to say you are having an issue? Lets take it from there and see where we go. Wiggy.
  9. Did you have to alter the chuff settings? With CV53 so low it should have an effect on the BPR and acceleration? Cv's 9, 56, 116-119 are motor default settings. Peter, Are you having problems with your O gauge 43xx? Wiggy.
  10. Further down the thread Paul posted there are likes on how to disable it but I think it is basically removing the back cover and taping over the button but you'll need to read more. Wiggy.
  11. I've just put the Acceleration function on the decoder and it acts just the way yours dose when I press that function button. So its looking like the momentum setting on your controller. Is there a way to turn it off or disable it as I think thats what causing the problem. Wiggy.
  12. Can you turn that momentum setting off? I've tried it this end and there is no way I can make it do what it does your end. What did you change between the first video that was working OK and the second video? Wiggy.
  13. Just seen this one. What function do you have on to make it accelerate and decelerate that quick? Looks like acceleration and deceleration has been disabled. Do you have anything on your controller that will do that to override the settings? I'll try it my end but I don't have your type of controller. Wiggy.
  14. OK, That seamed to be OK. I'm guessing you are using 128 speed steps? If so then you may have to drop by around 10 speed steps to get it to coast. I'll check the file with 128 SS and see what happens. Changing the address should not have any bearing on the speed steps or coasting. If you have any more issues or it does it again a video would help. Wiggy.
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