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  1. Believe it or not Tony, it was actually almost five years ago. As I recall, we assembled those baseboards on a bitterly cold day in early February. Despite the fact that I had on a thermal vest, two sweatshirts, a woolly hat and a pair of tatty but very warm trainers, I was absolutely freezing! If you still have that article and look at the 'shows you how' sequence of photos you will notice that,as work progressed, my hands became bluer and bluer. Happy days! Best wishes for 2015 to Mo and yourself. Regards Rob
  2. It was almost deathly quiet and, believe it or not, yesterday was even quieter. I'm off to work soon, so we'll see what today brings. Would love to pop up sometime in the new year, we'll have to arrange something. Mind you, knowing the effect that brussels have, perhaps getting some in might not be a good idea! Take care, Rob
  3. Very thoughtful Gilbert. Personally I couldn't over indulge yesterday as I had to start work at five o' clock this morning! As it happens, i actually quite like brussel sprouts. Best wishes for 2015 Rob
  4. I was just about to post a similar comment myself. The track looks hand built, did you make it yourself Richard?
  5. Looking good Tony, I quite fancy an N5 myself, maybe in the new year I'll have a word with Mr Ellis. Incidentally, said mate is now the custodian of a train set we have, reluctantly, had to part company with due to space restrictions, At least it's gone to a good home. Ian Kirk's comments are interesting. If those dratted Mailcoach coaches had had the pre-printed sides as planned it would have saved a hell of a lot of faffing about!
  6. This brings back memories of an artic twin set I built for Gilbert (great northern) a few years ago. Quite understandably, no sensible professional builder would touch it so, as I had plenty of time on my hands at the time, I somehow got hoodwinked into building it. Like you, I had the devil's own job getting the roofs to fit, much filing, filling and foul language being used in the process! My method of construction differed from yours in that I built the bodies as five sided boxes (two ends, two sides and the roof) which then slotted over the floor. IIRC, once I was as happy as I could be with the fit of the roofs, I filed off the cant rails and replaced them with microstrip. Also, I didn't paint them (sprayed with Halfords Ford Burgandy Red) until construction was completed. This involved what seemed like hours applying Maskol to the windows and then, later, more hours removing it all again! Gilbert seemed quite pleased with the result and wanted me to build him another. However, my enforced idleness came to an end soon afterwards when I managed to find myself a job so, reluctantly, I had to refuse his kind offer!
  7. Tony, There's an old saying 'If it looks right, it is right!'. Looking at the photos in post 2888 of the prototype and then the model, it looks pretty good to me. So, if you're happy with it, I'd be inclined to leave well alone if I were you. I agree that the post looks a little on the thin side, but that shouldn't be an insurmountable problem. Compared to all that wire and post fencing that some idiot has agreed to install for you it should be a doddle! Regards Rob
  8. I'd go out and buy more goodies if I were you Gilbert. You'll probably find that, in the long run, it's the cheaper option!
  9. Must be a couple of years since you last did this. AFAIK all the ticket machines have been or are in the process of being removed. You can't pay cash on London Buses anymore and need either an Oyster Card or a contactless debit/credit card. The flat fare is £1.45. Agree that the bus is the second best option. Personally I'd rather walk!
  10. Nice to see you back in harness Gilbert. I know you've been busy with other matters recently but I, for one, have missed regular updates on PN. I was speaking to 600067 the other day who told me that you seemed very down at Dave's funeral. I hope you are feeling more like your old self now. Get out on that golf course, it'll do you the world of good!
  11. Very sorry to hear this Gilbert, I know you and Dave were great mates so i can imagine how you must be feeling right now. I only met Dave once, I've a feeling it might have been on the day that the photo was taken, and remember having a very pleasant afternoon talking about railways mainly, but generally putting the world to rights as well. He was very good company and a really nice bloke. Unfortunately I never saw Tetley's Mills in the flesh although I think I've read every article Dave wrote. He was an inspirational modeller who had a rare, possibly unique, ability to model that almost impossible commodity - atmosphere! Dave's models had it in spades, I don't now how you model atmosphere, but Dave could do it, and could do it better than anyone. He will be greatly missed in this hobby. My sincerest codolences to all who were close to him.
  12. I worked very close to Loftus Road a few years ago. We decided that QPR stood for Quite Pathetic Really! Went to see them once with a work colleague, their best player was Vinny Jones, who played for them briefly before he started appearing in films. Incidentally, they had a fanzine called 'One Up the R's', I don't know if it's still published though.
  13. Very true, but the unpredictability was that you were never sure which two days of the week would be wet!
  14. I think my money would be on that one too Gilbert. Mind you, getting to Kings Cross at that time of the morning, after you've got the kids up, made sure that you've got everything with you that you're going to need for a week at the coast, and remembered to make sure that you've secured the house, left a key with a neighbour and whatever would be a bit of a challenge. I guess that was what people had to endure in those days in order to have a week of unpredictable weather at the seaside!
  15. Totally agree. There are many excellent photos on this thread of well built models running in a well modelled setting that is entirely convincing. However, realistic as they are, we all know we are looking at a model powered by electricity. Personally, I don 't think adding fake smoke adds anything to the illusion.
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