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  1. Bringing the LBSC H1 out in Southern Olive Green would suit me but I think the discounted H2’s need to be cleared first. i was doubtful about this new 3monthly announcement style but it seems to be working - well for me anyhow.
  2. I was talking to my local model shop owner this week and was told all commissions by Peco for local traders are being paused so they can concentrate on their pipeline and catch up with their production backlog. Of particular interest was that the aim was for the L&B goods brake to be delivered by the end of 2020.
  3. I know Kernow are a small manufacturer possibly with limited financial resources but I’m starting to wonder if this project might be better done in partnership with someone who can push things along. It’s taken 5 1/2 years to get to this point and only one set of CADs is complete. As for who that partner might be I can’t say. There has been no update in the weekly newsletter since January and I’ll start getting a reputation for being impatient but it would be nice to hear some progress has been made. Am totally supportive and can’t wait for news. Fingers crossed the lockdown has allowed Chris and team an opportunity to devote some time to this one.
  4. So... no froth ahead of time, no wish listing, no pangs of disappointment and no posts with .... they missed my unique requirement from when an existing model had 32 rivets on the left sandbox.... not for me... it’s a diesel/steam, etc, etc. I like this new method of blue box announcements!!! I think....
  5. Just wondering, and I know the current Covid situation will mean deliveries may be delayed, but if Bachmann are announcing on a quarterly basis now, does that mean there will be another set of announcements on or around 4th May?
  6. Where is Johnster when we need him? I think we need some good old fashioned 94xx delay posts instead of posts about traction tyres. Sarcasm mode off.....
  7. I know Andy warned us of Bachmann's new announcement policy but this is certainly an interesting and different strategy. Somewhat thin on the ground in my view but then if this is to be repeated 4 times a year the number of items made available will soon build up. Bachmann have also used the usual bulking tactic of adding the easy win new buildings into the overall total. Its going to be difficult for them to keep all the different modellers happy in the long run and will present budgeting challenges for some. For me and for the first time in a long while there is no need for me to add anything to the wish list as the 2020 announcements (so far) has yielded nothing new or of interest from Hornby, Oxford or Bachmann. My wish list is still fair long though and am not complaining as lots to look forward to from others.
  8. No news on the 009 L&B goods brake. Has that been quietly dropped?
  9. I’m not at all interested in a class 91 or mk4 coaches but I do think Hornby’s spoiling tactics are a bit underhand. Saying that, I see a big positive - Cavalex now have design capacity and potentially some tool making time and even a pencilled in production date that is now free. I’m almost tempted to wish list but know I’ll get told off. Therefore, I must stay in my ‘Manor’ and be ‘Saint’ly and look for some ‘Top-light’ in a sea of ‘Dreadnoughts’! Just some random thoughts I’ve had in my western wilderness this year!
  10. Oops. I’ve succumbed again to railcaritus! Another 2 added to the fleet! Unfortunately for my wallet, Dapol listened when I asked for No17 to be done! That makes 11separate railcars including my 25year kit built twin set and a kit built No18 which was a real struggle to line. There is a real danger that Heljan will entice me when theres appears but for now I would like/want the buffet and Gloucester cars. No1 is possibly a dream too far. If those are done I’ll have every GWR type. Perhaps Dapol are listening - I can hope! I probably need to model the AEC railcar shed at Southall to justify so many.
  11. ndg910

    Bachmann 2020 Range

    I’m hoping they might produce the narrow gauge goods shed at Lynton. Will save me having to scratch build it at least. As Bachmann are keen on cranes, how about the WD cranes which the L&B had.
  12. ndg910

    Hornby Star Class

    4050 Princess Alice was done in a set. Think it was a Troop Train pack as had three clerestory coaches also. Not sure of the year and very few were produced and command high prices. I got mine a few months back from a second hand charity shop that didn’t know what it was and were going to throw it out as they’re not allowed to sell anything electrical. It’s in perfect condition and had never been run as box was still sealed.
  13. I'd be interested if anyone can help with the date when the Express Dairy loco was built. It says era 4/5/6 and so does not fit into the Big Four but I might be able to stretch Rule 1 if only because my grandfather worked for them as a dairy manager.
  14. I must have missed it in Andy's summary but the Oxford Rail buildings have appeared on the Hornby website... does that mean integration of the OR range into the Hornby fold?
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