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  1. Good shout but more likely a Rails, Heljan or Kernow commission and any of those would all do a good job as would Accurascale. I haven’t read every reply in this thread but dip in and out occasionally. Apart from a shout out for an 8F or Black 5, my impression is all the contributors seem to want diesel or electric and I wonder if that’s down to Accurascale’s history of modern image models. Let’s not forget they are dipping their toes into the pool that is GWR models with the Manor and my hope is for more GW or Southern models. I don’t have any Accurascale models but everyone seems very happy with quality, detail and to certain extent price so how about something to complement the Manor - Toplights or Ironclad coaches or maybe a cheeky U Class, County or Saint. Keep up the good work Accurascale as am looking forward to your exciting programme of development.
  2. Sorry to ask but were horseboxes and/or cattle wagons XP rated. I don’t know either way but have seen them tagged on GW railcars (often on the Lambourn branch) and branch trains.
  3. I’ve been debating these for my SR and GW layout since it was announced and I could stretch to one in prototype grey. 36001 was delivered in July 48 and so Rule 1 could allow a few early test runs in late 47 with the loco marshalled on a test train before the Black Death encroached on everything! But it would need a dynamometer car and another rake of coaches. Hmm! Before I know it I’ll be in for £500+. Afraid I’ll pass and stand firm this time. I applied the same rule to The Kerosene Castle when that was announced and in hindsight that was the right decision. I’m sure it will be a fantastic model and I look forward to seeing one but it doesn’t quite fit my Grouping era setup. Disappointed yes but realistic definitely!
  4. Yes that was where I got the model. There is no underframe but it’s a simple build using loads of spares from the bits box. I didn’t have a Westinghouse brake reservoir as they were air and vacuum braked but again straight forward to replicate. There is a drawing in Gould that shows the underframe layout transposed onto the internal partition layout. The planking layout is generally good and the joints aren’t too deep.
  5. Hi all. After some help please. Does anyone know the paint colour of the Night Ferry/Waggon Lits blue. I found a paint matching site for rail colours and it suggested Humbrol 52 but it looks a bit pale to me although admittedly it’s only the first coat. I’ve got myself a 3D printed SR Night Ferry luggage van (not a Fourgon) and the three vans were painted to match the coaches according to Gould’s OPC bible on Southern Passenger Vans, Precision used to produce a suitable match but it’s out of stock and there is no demand for another run. All help gratefully received. I fancied something unusual and different from Olive Green or malachite!
  6. With the impending arrival of the 16xx, is it worth asking about this one?
  7. Yes. I believe you are correct. I can’t be bothered to watch the video again but I seem to remember mention of two locos, two buses and rolling stock which I read as the Gunpowder van. Am not going to be drawn on what the possibilities might be. Hopefully a nice Xmas surprise on the way.
  8. Without encouraging a frothfest, Andy posted on the GWR modellers Facebook page yesterday that : “Who knows there may be something new for GWR modellers...” Lots of ifs, maybes and possibles but am now looking at my kit items I’ve recently completed or in progress and wondering which it will be! Basically, the law of sod will apply as usual! The good news is my GW horse bus is unstarted so it won’t be that!!!!
  9. Without hijacking this thread, I’ve always thought Super Saloons are a good bet. Two body styles and every coach is named like a Pullman with multiple liveries. The disadvantage is they are limited to the Western and some may say they are very niche. If we can oddities like Dynamoneter cars and Observation Saloons why not these?
  10. Hornby are gradually refreshing their fleet of restaurant cars. The LMS 12wheeler is still reasonable, a new Mk1 restaurant buffet is in the works and an SR restaurant appeared a couple of years back. That leaves (if am not mistaken) a new LNER restaurant and a new GWR restaurant to replace the Railroad version. Restaurants and Buffets are price sensitive animals as most people only buy one or perhaps two and the price has to reflect the smaller production run. So Hornby, how about a GWR bow ended restaurant? The existing bow ended under frame will be similar and doesn’t the Dart Valley have an original coach to measure?
  11. Bringing the LBSC H1 out in Southern Olive Green would suit me but I think the discounted H2’s need to be cleared first. i was doubtful about this new 3monthly announcement style but it seems to be working - well for me anyhow.
  12. I was talking to my local model shop owner this week and was told all commissions by Peco for local traders are being paused so they can concentrate on their pipeline and catch up with their production backlog. Of particular interest was that the aim was for the L&B goods brake to be delivered by the end of 2020.
  13. I know Kernow are a small manufacturer possibly with limited financial resources but I’m starting to wonder if this project might be better done in partnership with someone who can push things along. It’s taken 5 1/2 years to get to this point and only one set of CADs is complete. As for who that partner might be I can’t say. There has been no update in the weekly newsletter since January and I’ll start getting a reputation for being impatient but it would be nice to hear some progress has been made. Am totally supportive and can’t wait for news. Fingers crossed the lockdown has allowed Chris and team an opportunity to devote some time to this one.
  14. So... no froth ahead of time, no wish listing, no pangs of disappointment and no posts with .... they missed my unique requirement from when an existing model had 32 rivets on the left sandbox.... not for me... it’s a diesel/steam, etc, etc. I like this new method of blue box announcements!!! I think....
  15. Just wondering, and I know the current Covid situation will mean deliveries may be delayed, but if Bachmann are announcing on a quarterly basis now, does that mean there will be another set of announcements on or around 4th May?
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