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  1. I have problems. I can get it to work if I plug the Portrait directly into a USB port on the computer rather than via a USB extension or data hub. I may also need to re-boot the computer.
  2. Scalescenes multibuy - you cam purchase all the Scalescenes texture papers in one lot at a discounted price. If you are interested in kits have a look at Petite Properties - laser cut mdf but they need covering with embossed plastic brick/stone sheets or printed papers like Scalescenes. For construction of building shells, apart from card and styrene sheet there is foamboard and foamed pvc. Stonework can be scribed on these materials.
  3. You ask what new models would we like to see. JS models has broken new ground with large and very large buildings. This is great, but I (and I think many other modelers) do not have space for such structures. Although there are other suppliers of smaller sized buildings, many are limited to railway structures - as you say there are plenty of signal boxes. I would be interested in smaller sized industrial buildings, shops and houses. Petite Properties do some great models, and have have quite a number of them, but the wall finish is plain and needs cladding (or plastering/scri
  4. Application of a dark wash after fixing the strips can colour the edges. Another option is to print on grey paper. This will change the overall colour of the tiles a bit, but should still be OK. I have a Silhouette cutting machine and have got this to cut the Scalescenes slate/tile strips. I also produce slate strips on this machine from grey art paper (Daler Rowney Murano paper, slate colour), with gaps cut between each individual slate similar to those on laser cut slate strips from the likes of York Modelmaking. They need weathering to produce some colour variations
  5. The wharf is 34 sheets altogether. Of these 16 are heavy card (2 mm), 5 medium (1 mm), 1 light card, 1 OHP film and the rest print paper. The barge is a separate file - 2 sheets - 1 heavy card, 1 mix of medium and light card and print only.
  6. The instructions with the kit show an option of three tracks running across the scene with no points, these three exiting to the right onto a traverser.
  7. The OO to HO scale wagon is interesting - but should the track gauge move from 18.2 to 16.5 mm? In fact could you not do a stretch of empty track with the gauge (and sleeper / rail size?) decreasing into the distance?
  8. Does mortar get darker with time / dirt? It seems that it can either be lighter or darker than the bricks or stone blocks - obviously it is also a different shade.
  9. This weathering looks good. What is your method?
  10. There is a second-hand machine on ebay currently at £51. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/SILHOUETTE-PORTRAIT-PLOTTER-CUTTER/292870264174?hash=item44306d956e:g:n48AAOSwe9FcFOOU:rk:3:pf:0 Seller says it needs a new blade and cutting mat. I now have a Portrait but if I were buying again would consider a Silhouette Curio.
  11. I have been quite pleased with Scalescenes slate - downloaded and printed onto heavy paper. You cut this into strips which then overlap. I printed onto grey paper (Daler Rowney) which removes any issue with the cut edge appearing white (or needing to be coloured with a felt tip pen or pencil). I have also cut this grey paper (with nothing printed onto it) into slate strips (including tiny gaps between each slate in a strip) using a Silhouette cutter. This also gives good results.
  12. I am testing 2 mm Palite (foamed pvc - Foamex may be similar) as an alternative to 2 mm card for Scalescenes buildings. It is certainly easier to cut. More information at http://modelshop.co.uk/Content/DynamicMedia/cms-uploaded/files/4D_guide-foamed_PVC(3).pdf
  13. I suggest you have a look at the thread below "Tests with my new 3D printer"
  14. Does anyone have experience of KNK Zing Orbit and KNK Force cutting machines? These claim to have more down-force than Silhouette machines - but are more expensive.
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