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  1. Got to say the locos are veey impressive Wgat is the maximum load they will haul, I would bd intetested to know as about 10 years ago I built up an O Gauge model of the flying scotsman steam locomotive but numbered it as 1 of the other locos from the class as everyone does the flying scotsman. The only thing my loco doesn't have at this time is the name for the loco I chose to model it as albeit in right hand drive format. At this time all she has to haul is 3 x 4 wheel wagons + a brake van so she's not had a proper traction/haulage test since she was completed. Mike Beard ( Mersey507003 )
  2. Something I think would be effective if thats the right word would be say 2 x 6 car 313 sets and another 455 either running on its own service or potentially 3 x 4 car 455s to enable either 4 or 8 car running to show a busy scene during rush hour. I realise these models are expensive that I'd probably be told where to go but its just something that ok I've never seen 6 car 313s or 8 car 455s in real life except on youtube as I have 507s and 508s where I live ( soon to be replaced by horrible articulated 777s ) but I have seen 6 car sets of the 507/508s running non atop as ecs , semi fast or express and when you see them belting through stations or over level crossings it stirs the thoughts of " whats the best way to model this ".
  3. So in a sense the wire on the bridge is just another form of a 25Kv OHLE neutral secrion but with the difference that it could go live if required. Good idea, it negates the risk of a huge bang caused by a flashover.
  4. This is probably a daft question but how is power put through the track on the section that lifts. Just thought I should because a few years ago, I had an idea of trying to make a lifting bridge from scratch. 1st question my dad asked me was how would power be put through the rails on what would essentially be an isolated section.
  5. I have to say the 3 car units don't even look like they could take anymore than 2 x 2 car class 156s, i ln my opinion they would be better as pure elecy only units with 2 extra coaches and the diesel section removed.
  6. I would say they are probably more suitable for use in Europe. I would have said that units which loom more like the class 345 and 710 would have been better mainly due to their uk origins as far as I know, who knows, maybe bombardier could have possibly developed a hybrid version of the london underground S stock trains with the same capabilities as the 745/755s for traction and more variety of the length of each unit aswell as 2 bogies per coach. The diesel engines could have been mounted underfloor if the design was suitable for this therefore giving full passenger seating throughout each unit instead of having 4 articulated coaches with 1 door per coach per side and a diesel section in the middle where nobody can be seated. At least with the S stock, class 345 and 710s they have more doors per coach per side thus allowing a more rapid evacuation if the need ever arose
  7. Hi Everyone, long time no speak Mr Corbs sir, I remember you put a pic of a hst powercar with 6 axles, well, I built 1. It has been done as if its an all elecy class 94 conversion ( no onboard diesel ). I can hear the ranting now from other members saying theres no class 94, there is now, in model form. I used a class 58 chassis which I had adapted for my class 89 loco which was scrapped to donate the parts for the 94. It also uses the class 58 bogie sideframes as if the bogies had been completely rebuilt and regeared for high speed running and has a class 37 motor which has been converted to a cd motof drive. With adequate extra weight the loco will haul 8 mk3 coaches unassisted. The motor bogie has 4 tyred wheels for traction so it is completely reliant on the non powered bogie for power collection and the pantograph is connected too in case I get the chance to run the loco under the wires.
  8. The HST motor bogies can be repowered using the motors from cd/dvd drawer which can greatly improve the drive. The other necessity doing that is that the non motor end would require extra pickups to be made using copperclad board and phosphor bronze strip for the pickup ideally on both sides and gapped to prevent shorting put the power. Extra traction tyres would also be necessary on the motor bogie. The other ideas that I think have been used are the motor and bogie drives from a Bachmann class 24/25 loco and I'm not fully sure on this but possibly the Heljan hymek. If you look in the BRM Archives for I think 1998 where there was an article on repowering the hst with the Bachmann class 24/25 motor, bogies and drive shafts. The main modification required is to cut the drive shafts in half and using copper tubing to extend them to suitable lengths between the bogies and motor. Also the rear bogie clips which are shaped like a wedge on the longer of the 2 will need to be trimmed down to prevent interference with the drive shafts. The article explains everything you need in order to repower the hst powercars and can be done on both ends giving more than enough traction for a set up to 2 powercars and 7 coaches in the XPT sets.
  9. Will shd be going via chester and what time please
  10. Hi Everyone Long time no speak I have at least 3 locos which have a wobbling2 driving axle and I was wondering if anyone has any ideas on how to cure the issue. The locos concerned are an ex Hornby A3 which I converted to a 4-6-4, a Hornby 2-6-4 fowler tank from which the rear 4 wheel bogie was removed and work done to use the chassis as a 2-6-2 with a kitbuilt V2 body and the 3rd is Bachmann A1 60163 Tornado. Whdn I run them with the right hand side of the locos facing me I have noticed a wobble on the 2nd driving axle. I am wondering if the wobble could be reduced by sleeving the axles in a suitably sized copper tubing on both sides of the drive cogs and how the pieces could be secured in place without using glue. Thankyou all in advance for any replies given. P.S. : I have no idea how to submit a video so that I can show the problem but if a video will help then I will just have to attempt to post 1 at a later date.
  11. I had thought of suggesting the possibility of a conversion to a cd/dvd motor as the new drive but looking at the gear set up I'm not sure if 1 would fit or even drive the wheels
  12. Has there been any news on the prices of these wheels because aswell as the 73 which I would just do a complete rewheel on I have a 37 which will need all 6 axles doing and a set of gear cogs between the wheels and the cd/dvd motor when its fitted. Any information on these will be highly welcome.
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