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  1. Mersey507003

    Bachmann 37 wheel fouling help

    From looking at the picture it appears as though the 1st and 3rd axles would foul the chassis on 2nd radius curves, this will be due to the chassis and body looking too low. Was your loco brand new or 2nd hand. The reason I ask is because if it was 2nd hand then it is possible the previous owner may have tried to lower it to make it appear more realistic, but often times realism messes up reality, especially in terms of running and sometimes performance aswell.
  2. Mersey507003


    If your wanting the older metal pantographs for the class 92 the part numner is X8013 and should be available from peters spares or new modellers shop. There are websites for both places.
  3. Mersey507003

    Hornby P2

    I would say that theoretically as the P2, V2 & A2 locos all had 6' 2" driving wheels that the valve gear for all 3 locos would technically be interchangeable. My reason for this is that as the driving wheel size is the same on all 3 locos, the throw or distance the piston and the connecting rod travel would also be the same.. I realise from my post last night where I posted 2 pics of the wheels and valve gear of my V2 that these parts are probably not a dead on match for the actual V2s but they work. I will give a quick breakdown of how mh loco eas created. In brief the loco is using the leading pony and the 6 driving wheels + cylinders & valve gear from a fowler 2-6-4 tank loco with the rear bogie and its support fixing removed. The body on it is from a kitbuilt V2 I bought a few years ago, it had to be seriously adapted and opened out inside to fit on the Hornby chassis & masking tape stuck around the inside of the boiler to prevent electrical shorting out. To support the loco body at the cab end, several pieces of black 10 thou plasticard were stuck on top of each other to create a solid support which once trimmed to level it oit was tested for a fit after nearly 70 minutes of cutting, gluing and trimming to get a fit. Once this was completed the plasticard was drilled right through to the cab so that the body could be attached at the cab end aswell as the smoke box end which was also drilled for a screw. She might not look entirely correct in terms of the chassis and wheel size but she works needs a little patch up above the running plate but aside from that, she pulls well due to the metal body and also needs the cartazzi mouldings fixed to the cab end to finish it off which I will have to purchase at some point. She also has tender pickups which do not impede the locos performance and capacitor fitted inside the tender to help in the event of finding a dodgy track join but aside from that and the copper tubing I used at the smoke box end she can take 12 coaches without assistance.
  4. Mersey507003

    Hornby P2

    Hi Corbs I thought I should out of respect for you let you know that I have downloaded the picture of your P2 project loco as I am getting some ideas in my head as to how you could potentially use the V2 valve gear shown in the picture that you posted on October 8th 2018. Its a pity we live in different areas otherwise I would have asked you to send your loco to me and I'd have a closer look to see if my ideas would work, however, I would then suggest what I thought and would only go ahead on your say so. Problem is postage would be a good few £ I reckon. I would have tried the conversion myself on my loco except that the split chassis V2 locos valve gear destroyed itself before I bought my P2 chassis and now cannot try it. Another valve gear possibility has just come to mind but its a long shot ( what isn't these days ). How abot trying the valve gear for the fowler 2-6-4 tank loco. The 2 images at the top show the 2 leading axles with the valve gear and the 2nd image showing all 3 axles and I must admit I am considering purchasing the fowler valve gear for my loco to measure it up 1st to see if it would work.
  5. Mersey507003

    Hornby Tender Drive

    Usually for tender driven locos I have added extra traction tyre wheels to the tendet completely isolating it from the rails, then wiring through from the loco aftet making my own pickups for the insulated wheels. I have also gone as far as to add a puckup coach aswell for extra power collection.
  6. Mersey507003

    Class 90 motor

    Can I just ask please, is it the older ringfield type motor as used in the class 91 from the 1990s or does the loco have a more up to date motor bogie. Also if you could post a pic please that would be great.
  7. Mersey507003

    Hornby P2

    Following on from discussions earlier in this thread regarding the motor, I have done a full motor change, not for the X9108 motor as it seems to be no longer available but for the X4026 motor. Now of course your all thinking how have I fitted what is clearly the wrong motor into this loco. In order to use the X4026 motor, the rear motor retainer used for the original motor cannot be used due to the length of the X4026 motor. Part of the chassis under the rear of the motor ( where the power connections are located ) must be cut away to allow the motor to sit level on the chassis. Now for my loco, because I was not sure on the best way to secure the motor in place, I used superglue just on the underside of the motor to fix it to the chassis and for now it is holding in place. If the motor does come loose thdn I will consider using the rear motor retainer once the chassis has been drilled or a suitable support has been built up. As for running performance, she is much better, still a bit jerky even though wheels, pickups and track are clean but she's also much quieter.
  8. Has anyone found any pics of the class 508 emu's in their original 4 car form before they were transferred to merseyrail please
  9. Mersey507003

    New motor for Hornby 4-VEP?

    Its a long shot with this suggestion because I don't own a 4vep unit but I am thinking, what about using 2 black beetle motor bogies of suitable wheelbase which would clearly require either a replacement chassis the same type as the other middle coach. Howevet, a chassis the same as the other middle coach would give 2 pre drilled fixing points for the bogies aswell as sitting completely under the unit with no intrusion into the seating area. They can also be wired together to allow smooth transit over potential dead spots. The only other parts that wpuld be needed are the bogie sideframes and the parts transplanted from the original chassis to the replacement. I understand its a lot to be done if you went down this track ( pardon thd pun ) but it would give you a unit where you could have all the interior space available without a motor being in the way. Hope this helps.
  10. Maybe some of the 387s could go to GWR to provide extra units to cater for higher passenger numbers at busy times. They could also be used as cover for unit failures to prevent a shortage of available stock.
  11. Mersey507003

    Bachmann split chassis locos

    You might find a replacement chassis for the 43xx on ebay although you would probably need to do a specific search for Bachmann 43xx locomotives. I realise you already know that, however, before anybody jumps down my throat I would like to explain that keying in a search for Bachmann locomotive chassis whenever I have done that search, it has yielded only general results. I have to admit here that I have not seen a chassis for the 43xx recently, unless 1 has been added since I last looked on ebay 3 hours ago but I doubt it. The only other way possible would be to kitbuild a locomotive chassis using the loco chassis pack and parts from the ex comet models range now available from wizard models. I once asked about the chassis, wheels, motor and gearbox for my Bachmann V2 which suffered from that fate of wonky wheels. Wizard models were very helpful and got back to me within a day or 2, they gave me a list of all the parts I would need including the wheels and all the prices. I recommend contacting them.
  12. Mersey507003

    Curing Bachmann split chassis pick up woes

    I have a Bachmann split chassis J39 which runs very well without extra pickups, even though I have been tempted to outfit its tender with them to ensure smooth running, up to now I have resisted. The only thing I think the loco has needed in the 10 years since I bought it is a motor which I salvaged off a Bachmann V2 split chassis, this was because the V2s wheels had developed a strange problem which caused it to wobble. Anyway enough about my v2, the J39 aswell as the V2s motor also needed the cogs between the motor and wheels cleaning up but as I said, she's running very well. My only other split chassis loco, a V3 tank also runs well without extra pickups, now and again she may need a wheel clean but thats about it. I have to admit though that having read about how you cured your locos problem that I am now considering fitting the extra pickups just in case.
  13. Mersey507003

    Third-Rail EMU Photos

    As far as I know and I might be incorrect so I am sure I may well be corrected but the 442s were basicly mk3 coaches + their chassis and a full bogie change. The 3rd coach is the 1 where all the main equipment is located and needed a lot of strengthening work done to cope with the extra weight. As far as the 4REPS were concerned, only the electrical gear and possibly the motors were used from those units.
  14. Hi Justang Although I personally have never built a kit by soldering I have built an O Gauge Gresley A1/3 mostly by bolts and screws. The 1 main piece od advice I would like to offer is to just take your time, don't rush the build and most of all have fun building the loco knowing that at the end of it all, once the motor is installed and working that your loco will be doing the job for which she was built. There is nothing more satisfying than building a loco, installing the motor and pickups, painting the loco and finally putting it on the rails and applying power then watching it go. Enjoy your build and I look forward to seeing pictures as you go. If you have any questions there are loads of members to ask for help and advice, please don't hesitate to ask.
  15. Mersey507003

    89001 possibly returning to service

    I don't know what you guys think but to me, the only way 89001 could be brought into long term use would be if all its none standard electrical components were got rid of and components that are classed as standard electric loco components were fitted including the motors which only operate with its current fittings. Removing all its guts and practically rebuilding the loco with standard fittings which yes I know would cost huge sums of cash is the only way I can see 89001 becoming a regular sighting on the rails.

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