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  1. It seems that it is not only over here that people take chances on level crossings. We see here a pick up truck takes a chance and drives over the crossing at Colonel’s crossing during a switching move. Photo by Andy Knott Peter M
  2. I have had a rummage in my old files to see if I could find anything suitable to post that is both interesting and looks realistic. A photograph showing a variety of Rock Island power at Benson taken some years ago. Showing from left to right, a doodle bug railcar, an SW9 yard switcher and an EMD BL2 road switcher. Photo by Peter M Peter M
  3. This time we feature something a little smaller a visiting yellow 44 ton yard switcher. The small switchers were built to the weight of 44 tons because they could be operated by a single man thus saving the owners the wages of a second man. She is seen in the head shunt behind the Farmer’s Coop at Colonel’s Crossing. Photo by Andy Knott Peter M
  4. Having now got one UP locomotive on the roster I bought another to to keep her company. This version though is a GP40x #95, in reality built to try out some experimental updates that might be applied to later models. She is seen here in west yard at Benson coupled behind my standard GP40-2. The most obvious external differences are she has different trucks and flared radiator air intakes. Photo by Andy Knott Peter M
  5. I have always thought the Union Pacific livery attractive and as the UP had tracks in Arkansas I bought an EMD GP40-2 for working on my layout. #1349 is seen here at Colonel’s Crossing spotting a Rock Island covered hopper at the Farmer’s Coop elevator. Photo Andy Knott Peter M
  6. This visitor is a locomotive that Andy Knott won in an NMRA raffle, he always buys tickets but this is his first win, which happened to be the first prize. Union Pacific #8334 is an EMD SD70ACe seen here in the east yard at Benson. Photo by Andy Knott Peter M
  7. A Meridian& Bigbee Railroad, a short line in Mississippi, is loading at the Talbot Valley Farmers Coop facility in Benson’s West yard. Photo Andy Knott Peter M
  8. Whilst on a visit to Benson a General Electric B23-7 was put to work switching covered hoppers in the yard. Photos Andy Knott Peter M
  9. A modified Southern Pacific Baldwin S-12 with extra large head lights at each end. The real locos were built to work in the yards in San Francisco twenty four hours a day and were all traded in for more modern power. My model has managed to stay on the SP roster but now lurks in south west Arkansas switching freight cars. Photos by Andy Knott Peter M
  10. A couple of shots of a Southern Pacific SW1500 #2458 in the Farmer’s Coop siding having finished switching the yard for the morning. It would seem the crew from the yellow panel truck and the SP switcher are at the diner too. Photos by Andy Knott Peter M
  11. Andy came up for a visit and took a couple of photographs while I had the back scene off of the joining section for some track cleaning. An SP SW1500 on its way from Benson to Colonel’s Crossing with a load of covered hoppers in the early hours. A chop nosed Rock Island geep heading for Benson with a load of pulpwood one evening. Photos Andy Knott Peter M
  12. #405 is an Alco C420 in Delaware & Lackawanna livery on a visit to Benson where she was put to work in the yard. Photos by Andy Knott Peter M
  13. Just a quick note of praise. I sent for a Bachmann 8750 pannier tank on Wednesday morning and it arrived well packed and in perfect condition on Thursday afternoon. Which I think is a superb service. Will use them again I think. Many thanks. Kind regards Peter M
  14. Three pictures of an Alco Century 420 # 30 one of the I&W road switchers in the west yard at Benson. Photos Peter M Peter M
  15. The Ashley Drew & Northern #1513 is CF7. These are an EMD F7 rebuilt by the Santa Fe shops at Cleburne Texas, some 233 were built between 1970 and 1978 and were phased out in the early 1980’s and bought by many short lines. She seen working in the east yard at Benson. Photos by Peter M Peter M
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