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  1. Nice gardening there Ken. Some great railway shots too. Hope you all had a great Xmas, however restricted. We were very naughty and basically did what we normally do with our children! I’m trying to add a photo so bear with me. This is my extension past St.Vigeans. Unfortunately since this was taken, we decided to move house and the extension bit was demolished. Then I had a TIA and plans changed, so I could have left it where it was! Anyway I’m OK now and we have decided to stay here a bit longer, so I’ll probably rebuild it. Treated myself to a Dapol 08 for Xmas. Very pleased with it. My reasoning, apart from rule 1 was that it’s on loan from Hurlford shed. Have to go now so all the best for New Year. Take care Les
  2. Les Johnson

    Dapol 08

    Thanks guys for your replies. Got my black one today, but hidden at my sons TIL I can smuggle it on board! Saw further back on rail-online my preferred no. 13008, which doesn’t have wipers, so saved a few bob there, but where can I get numbering sheet to match? Railtec? Does anyone think buffer housings are easy to remove? Anyone tried it? Les
  3. Les Johnson

    Dapol 08

    Sorry if someone has already asked/answered this but is there any great difference between early and more recent batches regarding build quality (ie. windscreen wipers and removal of brass bush on conn rods) and running quality (ie. is same motor and gearbox etc). If there is how can I be sure to get one from an updated batch? Are they serial numbered? many thanks in anticipation Les
  4. Simon, just looked back over90% of this to find brass ferns but can’t see what make. Are they Scalelink or what? Can you remember? many thanks Les
  5. Yes Paul, welcome back. That water tower is amazing, as I’m sure the rest of the layout will be. What you’ve done with that grubby bit of track is something else!! Les
  6. Thanks so much. Do you happen to have a 3M reference no for your scotchlocks Les
  7. Getting even better by the day! Meant to ask you the other day, what size cable do you use for droppers and bus bar, and how do you find the suitcase connectors with regard to conductivity and ease of use? regrds Les
  8. Absolutely awesome as everyone has already said, tenfold! The vision, the skill, the commitment, perseverance.........words fail me. Can’t wait to see more. Just a shame lockdown has prevented money recouping business, but at least you can get it to the next stage. Les
  9. Will you stop posting real pictures and pretending it’s all your own work! (ie.J36 with coal wagons) Les
  10. Ken, just a general question. Would the ballast in steam days have been darker, greyer, blacker on main running linesthan it is today, which seems a more brake dust colour? Les Hope you’re all well
  11. Just caught up! Almost prefer the platform ‘before’ you wiped off the weathering powders . Les
  12. Brilliant buildings and weathering Duncan. Sorry if I’ve missed this previously but what size strip did you use for the sash windows on the extension? Les
  13. Hi Aard, not an expert or anything, just interested in your Scottish project. I’m doing Arbroath shed and environs, but I’m not on here. Just a thought about your ballast. The crushed ‘stone’ Looks OK for the mainline, but if you haven’t already, have a look at Steve Fays Cardiff Canton, or his Smoke Ash and Steam for the shed areas. To me, they’re the definitive ways to do it. Keep up the good work cheers Les
  14. Can we see inside the box please.? thanks Les
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