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  1. Can we see inside the box please.? thanks Les
  2. What can I say! Absolutely amazing! I haven’t even picked up my Stanley knife in anger yet! I’ve been trying(?) to extend my baseboards past the box and onwards towards the stone/brick bridge over Brothock water. Think I’ve finally cracked the actual structure, now I just need to lay the track, landscape it,etc, etc, etc. Is your box all plasticard and strip? Also meant to ask you earlier, is it only the outer two front windows that are ‘sash’? Still can’t believe you’ve finished it. So much for lockdown! cheers Les
  3. Hi Al, caught up with this just recently and I have to say it’s amazing, but if I can just throw in my three pennethworth on the hole in the wall (or the elephant in the room), why not just build up the field at the back and put in an overgrown occupation crossing and add a few sheep instead of a double decker bus. Whatever else you do the hole is still visible! cheers Les
  4. Ken, what are you doing to me now I’ve just nearly finished my signal box? I was going to say rule one applies cause I didn’t know if any pics existed apart from that long distance one you sent me previously, but now I can’t! Never mind. Just today received the printed sign from my brother in law. I’ll post it to you as soon as I can get to the postbox!! This new pic, can’t you take a screen shot with your iPad/iPhone? cheers again Les
  5. Hi Ken, that latest factory looks fantastic. Hope my warehouse turns out half as good. ive had my brother in law print up a St Vigeans signal box nameplate for me and asked him to do one for you in OO scale. If you can email me your address I’ll post it on. Les
  6. Thanks Ken. Where do you keep finding this space in your loft? You must have added about 3 extensions now? Ha,ha! That pic of mine was not taken in my lounge! Honest! Hope you don’t take this the wrong way but how accurate is your version of St.Vigeans box, ie. with regard to the window arrangement and flat front, as opposed to recessed brickwork? regards Les
  7. Ken,another question if I may? What height would the multi armed signal outside the Baltic warehouse be? The two longest ladders appear to be about 27 rungs. Would they be 9” or a foot apart? Do you or any of your ‘cronies’ know? Les (great new pics btw)
  8. Hi Ken, got the mojo back (wherever it’s been) and finally started Baltic warehouse in Dens Road(seeing as how you refused to build it for me in 7mm! Ha,ha) I’m hoping that the picture I took will transport, if that’s the right word? Still very early stages. There aren’t that many windows in the side but I was using this card as a template. I was planning to try to incorporate some interior detail, I had all bright ideas about loads of barrels and pallets and bits and bobs but I think I’ll just stick to getting the outside scribed and painted and mess about with scatter etc outside. That’ll probably take me the whole of my enforced ‘isolation’. Something to keep me occupied anyway and out of her hair! Talking of which, I hope you are all keeping well and safe up there in the north? regrds Les (ps. Looks like it’s worked???
  9. Giles, windows on page 5, where are they from please? Also have you changed your e.mail? I'm trying to order some stairs. Is your telephone no. still the same? many thanks Les
  10. Hi Ken, Happy New Year to you and yours. Thanks for the message. Unfortunately I’ve not done anything to my shed layout for almost a year! We are grandparents to a labradoodle, so spend 3or 4days a week looking after him. This isn’t the whole reason, I’m just being bone idle, but I must get back to it shortly. I still need to make shed ventilators (?) then I need to make some more boards and extend the layout. Ive been keeping up with you and a few others though, and your shed lineup looks very impressive. All the best Les
  11. Absolute magic Jamie. Can't wait to see what you dou with the 'railway buildings' Les
  12. Hi Ken , I think I've sent greetings to someone else, or its gone off into the ether, so happy Xmas and new year, Keeeeeeeep modelling! Les
  13. Merry Xmas to you and yours Les (hope you are all well)
  14. Another super signal box , Ken . Hope you're all well? Just a quickie, would Arbroath shed have had any 'signage' to signify it as such? Cheers Les Ps. What's Arbroath fitba team doing, running away with their league?
  15. Best looking modelling plank I've ever seen! Looking forward to seeing it grow. All the best for Xmas and the New Year Paul. Cheers Les
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