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  1. Thanks for the nice comment, I really appreciate it. Cheers, Les
  2. Happy new year Andy, I hope you're keeping well. Thanks for the positive comments, little backwater is what I am aiming for. Shame about the show, hopefully things will get back to normal sooner than later. Cheers, Les
  3. One thing that has been done in the past year has been to knock together this billboard from Evergreen plastic. Posters are from a 1970's Builder Plus sheet. No idea if they are appropriate to the time and location. Cheers, Les
  4. Unbelievable, over a year and a half since I've posted about the layout. Where does the time go? I actually haven't done much work at all in that time so therefore the paucity of posting. On holiday at the moment so I thought I'd take a few pictures of the layout and post some on here just to show that the layout is still in existence for those who may be interested. Cheers, Les
  5. It may be of interest that the ITV item was on the news here in New Zealand last night.
  6. Looking good Andy. Nice trackwork. Great to see progress on Hawkinsfield. Cheers, Les
  7. All 3 trees are planted and I think I've achieved the effect I was after. Cheers, Les
  8. A couple of pictures showing some operations on the Wydgate branch. First of all we have 5819 with the mid morning passenger service drifting past the signal box. Next is a view of 4573 backing into the goods yard to to some shunting after bringing in the daily pick up goods. Cheers, Les
  9. Hi Andy, Great to hear from you. Thanks for the feedback. I've sent you a PM, for some reason I wasn't aware of your last one. Cheers, Les
  10. Hello All, First of the 3 trees along the station road has now planted. As mentioned much earlier in this thread I use Woodland Scenics tree armatures as a foundation for my trees. Over time, as I've made more over time I'm gradually improving the method. For the trees in this little scene I've used the bases that are supplied with these armatures for the first time to represent the roots. In the picture below there is base of the tree as supplied attached to the armature, and one attached to a finished tree, To improve it I attacked it with a knife to give a better representation of the individual roots. I only wish I had thought of this before I finished the tree! When I make a tree the after removing the flash from the armature moulding, the first thing I do is drill out the trunks of the trees to take a small nail to hold it when working and to fix it into the ground. After I planted the tree and glued it in place I applied shifted soil with a pipette to bed it in. On the whole I think it doesn't look to bad. Cheers, Les
  11. Hello all, A bit of rain and all the flowers (and weeds) come out. Cheers, Les
  12. Static grass done. Blend of various Woodland Scenics and Noch. Not quite so bright in real life. Flowers ready for planting later. Cheers, Les
  13. I've always kind of liked this photo taken about 2000 / 2001 of a Dx class hauled passenger train at the north end of Hamilton New Zealand. It was taken from a distance with a long lens so there's quite a bit of compression. When I look at it i can almost hear the rails singing with the approaching train. Quality is a bit dodgy as it's been scanned from a print. It's all changed now, to my right there is a huge shopping centre and to the left the countryside has been replaced with an industrial area. Though on the bright side they are building a new passenger station and park and ride on this sight for a Hamilton to Auckland commuter service. Cheers, Les
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