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  1. Picture here shows what I am talking about
  2. Considering the concern over the photo I posted I am surprised that nobody noticed that photos on the Hattons website don't seem to show the solebar continuing across the front of the cab.
  3. I did see those livery samples at Alexandra Palace and Dapol have told me that they are awaiting the corrected colours. Consequently I did not post photos of them. They have advised they are very busy and so do not have time to post on social media but will do so on their digest when they have time.
  4. In the display case at Alexandra Palace today. This is a nicely weighted model - I have been told it will pull a very long rake of wagons
  5. At Alexandra Palace today in the display case - painted pre production samples.
  6. Great news! I am really interested in ordering a model but I run DC, how would the pantographs work? Also I model EWS so wondering if you are considering to do 92 031
  7. Was used for OHLE installation on the North London Line
  8. The way it read to me was that he had paid for the CADs and the factory hadn't done any work in exchange for payment...?
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