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  1. We've had a blockade over the last few weeks as the far end return loop was causing problems as it it had settled and distorted (the joys of recycled decking boards laid on the ground!) so was removed and rebuilt. The curve was pretty tight with mostly trainset track, and uneven in places so derailing of more sensitive items was an issue (Bachmann Co-Co locos a particularly problem). A rebuild with a larger radius and more stable base was required. Still following the recycling/minimialist approach I had to buy some lengths of rough sawn timber as old deck board was not level enoug
  2. Page 146 of said excellent tome has 3 pictures of steam locos hauling HAA's. The 8F pic isn't very clear and only shows part of the train. The other 2 photos are of shunters, one being a Hunslet at Bickershaw in 1983 in a variation on this photo (Copyright Tony Wright) The other is S100 at Peckfield in 1968. Similar to this Digging around there seems to be a common for steam to be shunting HAA's.
  3. Spend too much time watching the competition and apeing them and you take your eye off your own performance. I don't see the strategic benefit from some of what has gone on, margins will prresumably be lower on me too products? May hit the competition but also means you have a number of product lines with reduced margin potential.
  4. Except we now have 3 separate manufacturers of MGR wagons and derivatives. And a long list of things still not produced by anyone, whilst Hornby still struggle financially The big question for Hornby is what happens if/when we come out the pandemic and start going on holdiay etc again?
  5. After the pre-order debacle which I think generated some sympathy for Hattons, it would be a great way of evaporating it if they are profiteering off that model. Business is business but has to be a line somewhere. That said Rails are doing the Poppy 66 without any reference to a donation, which doesn't sit right with me either.
  6. If you are prepared to put in the time it may be worth ringing around all those model stores that don't have a webshop - I would wager that someone somewhere has one sitting on as shelf. I found the WAG Buffet that way, paid RRP not Ebay prices. £300 for the DVT, I wonder what the whole set would go for?! I have one if anyone wants to make a four figure offer!!!
  7. Did occur to me too, £100 seems about right price selling price...... Trouble is the lovely box they come in will be half empty.
  8. Couple of useful links for solo pics. www.revolutiontrains.com/revolution-goes-top-secret-with-kua/ www.tauntontrains.co.uk/photos/gallery/drs I'd recommend this book too
  9. Don't forget that when empty these wagons can be seen running singly with a single DRS 66 or 37, or top and tailed by DRS 66's and no support coaches. Lots of photos online for shorter consists. Got mine the othe day, beautiful model that runs perfectly despite numerous bogies and wheels. Ordered it by default when it came out and later wondered if I really wanted/needed them? Now I've got it it an amazing model. Very pleased. Will normally operate singly on my micro layout with various forms of DRS motive power.
  10. I agree, I have the Wrexham and Shropshire and Arriva Trains Wales DVT's and there are none of these issues. THe new price is taking the mickey frankly given the issues. Certainly won't be buying any more.
  11. I have the newly released NR version and the light bleed is pretty bad.
  12. Amazon is primarily a business services company now. It facilitates other business through AWS and logistics. Look at their numbers, the big and growing part of the business is not running a retail business but providing the online and logistics infrastructure to those who do. The idea Amazon is primarily a retailer is out of date. Much like people still think Tesla is a car company. Hornby on Amazon is like John Lewis, a side show, and it shows given the limited range and poor design.
  13. I see an opportunity. Given the popularity of this discussion make it so that only RMWeb Gold members can discuss it!!! Subscriptions will skyrocket...... On a more practical note, I assume Hornby will have factored in that if and when we return to normality, holidays/pub/days out/socialising etc will suddenly become a much bigger part of discretionary spend and spend on models and hobbies may collapse, or at least drop to pre-COVID levels. I've realised I need to ease off on train spend as I can see family holidays etc on the horizon and my current train spending is not sustainabl
  14. Only if the sale of a limited range of trainsets to tourists is key to survival of their business, which I doubt.
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