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  1. I did try that with a 1 metre metal rule but struggled to get a straight line, however it was slightly wider than the gauge. Didn't have anything narrow enough to fit between the rails.
  2. Or the OP signs up with County Durham Libraries and reads Model Rail online at no extra charge, and no bookazine being forced upon him.
  3. A week is a long time in lockdown world. Last week there was still some snow about, this week it is all gone and it is so mild I have been working in the garden in just a t shirt. With the milder weather I took the opportunity to prepare the railway for the 2021 season. Despite being blasted with sun last summer, sitting through the wettest winter ever (that has seen our fences and a live willow tree develop green mould) and snow, the railway was fine. Preparation comprises the following: Cleaning the track with a Gaugemaster track cleaning block. Nice a
  4. Same wheelbase (about 100") as the original Range Rovers and Land Rover Discoverys but rather less room inside!!!!
  5. Lorry companies have to have an Operators Licence, and when their vehicles or drivers are involved in offences they are reported to the Traffic Commissioner for the area. The Commissioner can take various actions against lorry firms that have repeated or significant failings. As this driver went to court the Traffic Commissioner (assuming the system in Scotland is the same as England?) will have been informed at the point the police became involved. However that may be some time after the original incident or driver prosecution. https://www.gov.uk/being-a-goods-vehicle-operator/wha
  6. That will polish out, bit of T Cut will be fine..............
  7. I recall reading that some modern high capacity car transporters are cleverly designed to extend as they go around corners. To meet the rules they have to be within a set length when on the public road in a straight line. To achieve this whilst maximising capacity/profits they make the tractor and trailer units sit very close together so they can get an extra car or two on the load. When they go around a corner the drawbar automatically extends enough to prevent the two ends touching, making the vehicle longer. Add in the often considerable front and rear overhangs that seem to dangle cars off
  8. 15% off Lego Hogwarts Express with Ebay code PLAYWITH15 https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/LEGO-Harry-Potter-Hogwarts-Express-75955/402252259045?epid=19037433409&hash=item5da81a5ee5%3Ag%3AXsQAAOSww41er-vo&LH_BIN=1
  9. Order has arrived today, thanks to Pete for getting it shipped Network Rail DBSO coming up.......
  10. At the time of posting Monks Bar have 1 Achilles and 3 Destroyer at £143.99 each http://www.monkbarmodelshop.co.uk/model-railways/oo-gauge-model-railways/Dapol-oo-locomotives
  11. Email received advising order has shipped Great news
  12. ZZA abandoned in a 5 metre deep snowdrift after getting stuck.
  13. Did get the snowplough out, but the drifts are a scale 5 metres high so we had to abandon the plough!
  14. Hi Mel Sorry, missed your post. Have been flat out at work with COVID etc since the summer, and in the autumn things were so damp and/or windy all the time that I didn't want to bring the trains out. Want to get my 56 and a full length MGR out again, had it out for a day during the autumn but the near constant wind plus gusts meant that the Hornby Railroad MGR wagons would keep blowing over due to the microclimate in our garden. Very annoying when 10+ wagons of a 26 wagon rake tip over repeatedly! I guess the Cavalex versions with diecast chassis will be better suited
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