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  1. As an aside, in the photo above the 37 is leaving the station and the rear marker lights were red but for reasons I can't explain they appear white in the photo. I double checked at the time as I thought the driver had set the lights incorrectly. And lots of Rail enthusiasts from around the country riding the 37's.
  2. Seem to be being used Norwich to Cambridge all day today (Saturday). On an Anglian Rover ticket, so may go to Ely or Cambridge later if the service isn't full of Canary and Magpie fans (Norwich at home to Newcastle today). 37's still top and tailing to Lowestoft, so new and old at Norwich at the moment.
  3. Just travelled on my first bi-mode Flirt from Norwich to Wymondham (1K79 1340 Norwich to Cambridge). Good overall experience, seats are comfy and a good shape and height for taller people. Low floor is interesting, with raised seating above bogies. Ride was a bit firm, not bouncy like 321's nor floaty like 360's. Displays are large and clear. . Short Centre power car is novel. Seats not aligned to Windows and due to low floor and non-symmetrical coach design view out is limited or non-existent on quite a few seats, at least in Driving vehicle I was in. Not scotrail compliant! Overall pretty good.
  4. Print edition arrived today. DCC supplier articles are interesting. Plenty more to read when I have a mo. Minor typo in the book reviews, Malden is in Surrey but Maldon is in Essex
  5. Free travel on the Goblin line https://tfl.gov.uk/modes/london-overground/gospel-oak-to-barking-improvements
  6. Free travel on the Goblin line for a month https://tfl.gov.uk/modes/london-overground/gospel-oak-to-barking-improvements
  7. ruggedpeak

    The Engine Shed

    I hope they keep the Engine Shed, on the plus side I had not picked up on the fancy box for the Huntley & Palmer freight pack, a nice touch. The quality of the images in the section on the 156 and 87 weren't great either for some reason, but fine on the H&P pack and Open Weekend. Started watching the Signal Box, the close ups of the HST livery and details are useful and interesting. Also shows how difficult it is with HD as it shows up every speck of dust!
  8. Weird goings on on their website - yesterday the page for 67024 had vanished, which was a worry in case it was cancelled. It has reappeared. Now the Belmond pack only has pictures of the 3 coaches and none of 67021. Odd Also received 2 of the new NMT coaches, one has one bogie with yellow springs and one bogie with green springs! Guess a GWR bogie slipped into the batch.
  9. ruggedpeak

    DJM, the end.

    Aren't there 5 or 6 parties? 1) customer 2 ) customer's issuing bank e.g. MBNA, Barclays 3) credit card company e.g. Visa, Mastercard (i.e. you have a Barclays Visa card) 4) retailer 5) retailer's card processer e.g. Worldpay 6) retailer's bank Barclays etc
  10. Really pleased to have posted it. The only other people shots of that day are here. I've posted lots of photos of the A4, its support coach and the various Pullmans on my Flickr stream here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/48081654268/in/dateposted-public/ I note that another special, called the "Boston Target"??? ran the same day through Appleby - does anyone know the date the Pennine Limited and Boston Target ran through Appleby in the 1980's?
  11. 50:50 chance of getting the right one......
  12. Appleby Station (some time in the '80's) when A4 4498 Sir Nigel Gresley visited with the 'Pennine Limited'
  13. Another mystery pic but I think this is Leeds having done the Settle to Carlisle line, again some time in the mid-80's probably.
  14. Most of my photos I can recall where they were taken if not the date etc but this one has stumped me. I spent most of my time gricing out of Reading but I doubt there would be 2 Peaks parked up there in the mid-80's? Wherever it is looks flat as there are no hills etc behind the terrace houses. I think I have more photos from the same location in my collection, will dig them out as they may give more clues. I don't recall going to Derby during my teens. Wen through York plenty of times and did stay there once or twice so possible. Not sure it helps but these pics were taken at the same location: https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/48072656781/in/dateposted-public/ https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/48072704778/in/dateposted-public/
  15. Was wondering if the coaches are off to be scrapped by the condition of them?
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