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  1. There are any number of reasons why this may have happened, from problems with making this particular model to more strategic level decisions. The odd comms is also reflected in the Hornby 2020 thread however, where they told a customer that Hornby pre-order items were cancelled whereas they are in stock elsewhere. The simplest solution may be that whoever at Hattons is sending out update emails to customers is sending out spurious/inaccurate/incomplete explanations which is causing concern and speculation. Given the wider issues in the world of model trains retailing and manufacturing that pr
  2. My guess, with everything going on in the model market and a few challenges around the 66's and (if you look at the Hornby 2020 thread) more broadly, Hattons may have decided to stop or slow their move into becoming a manufacturer. That might explain why this model was not sold as subject to pre-order volumes and is now pulled, or partly pulled! Here's hoping Makeyourmark models reissue their kits.
  3. I have both those items, pre-ordered from TMC and sitting in my stock box. They exist and have not been cancelled. Following other discussions I wonder if Hornby are revisiting their sales model and may have decided that box shifters in general are not conducive to their long term prospects? I can only guess from other sectors that some of them get very favourable terms and over time these can evolve to become less than ideal for the manufacturer or not aligned to their future strategy. With new entrants using a variety of formats to sell their wares maybe Hornby are having a revie
  4. That is the issue. There is no shortage of railway books available and I for one have bought far too many in recent years, ranging from HMRS' MGR book to a number of 'photo albums' referred to above and most enjoyably the autobiographical books of ex-railway personnel, plus technical modelling books. If the book market is struggling perhaps magazines could serialise or publish extracts of some good books? Rail Express seem to do this with one author.
  5. Just seen the ad in Rail Express Modeller for these, triple packs at £89.95
  6. If we are wishlisting preserved locos, I'll go for 37264 as preserved at NYMR. I have a 35 year old renumbered Hornby version from Frizinghall and a state of the art version would be great
  7. Been on my wishlist for some time, wondering why no one was doing it. My guess there is huge demand for these. Good call
  8. RTR Lunar Module in OO? Just as I started building the Airfix kit!!
  9. Hornby magazine subscribers have access to a video of the EP in action https://www.keymodelworld.com/article/video-hornbys-class-91-first-sample-action
  10. Sharpie pens are effective at removing printed detail. With a fine tip and a cocktail stick it can be limited to the actual detail itself if you have fine motor skills!
  11. That is based upon an ex-military 127 Rapier support vehicle, the square rear tub had a large rectangular hood and held spare Rapier anti-aircraft missles.
  12. Or behind double headed 33's on the WR with an 08 attached to the back...... Great news about the wagons, my Hornby ones keep blowing over on the garden layout due to the windy summer we've had. Something with a metal chassis is ideal.
  13. We are in the middle of a global pandemic with governments and businesses across the world, as well as many people, struggling to cope, and above are a long list of gripes about how terrible Hornby are for not being on top of an oversubscribed model. Maybe, like many businesses Hornby are just trying to stay in business and navigate a very challenging set of circumstances and keep their staff and others safe? They already had serious challenges before COVID arrived. "I find all this very strange, and does not give much confidence in Hornby Hobbies."
  14. Sadly I was definitely not trainspotting at Reading in 1992, having moved to the other end of the country and had given up on trains at that point! So it wasn't that one. The mystery continues................. The photos are definitely pre-1988, and probably some years before that.
  15. Jones Granville. https://www.novaloca.com/retail-premises/london/45-46-lower-marsh/192295?search=true Brochure here https://www.novaloca.com/propertydocuments/192295_637353309645960000.pdf I note the particulars state "This letting is confidential as staff are unaware", assume it has been on the market for a while as they know now. The shop has a few challenges (in addition to COVID): customers have to go up several steps and quite a bit of height gain to get in, so poses Equality access issues for a new tenant similarly is t
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