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  1. Was looking for some Oxford Diecast models that have generally sold out and found this retailer, who seems to have a huge range of Oxford Diecast vehicles, as well as other brands like Corgi etc. Not many trains but do have Oxford Rail. I found all the vehicles I was after in one place and arrived safely a few days after ordering. Worth a look for OOS items. No connection etc etc. www.elizkeith.com Turns out they exhibit at the Longfield Show so must have seen their stand when I have been there.
  2. Thanks. Change of plan, dismantle it. Seemed to be coming from one more than the other, disconnected that prop, no difference. Removed motor and flywheel unit and ran it, and noise and low level vibration was coming from that, especially at low speed. At high speed motor was noisy and not running perfectly, but no noticeable vibration. So problem seemed to be here. As I was turning the motor I noticed a brown blob sitting on the copper coils. Looks like melted chocolate had dropped onto motor, as marked below. Where arrow is should be shiny copper: So unless this is some balancing blob added to motors (??) it appears that at some point this hard brown stuff may be the cause by the motor out of balance.
  3. Bought one of these in the MRD sale and runs very smoothly except for the noise. Before I go down the route of sending it back anyone come across this before and is there a simple fix? A long shot but it is sold out so won't get a replacement Sounds far worse on the video than in reality, if it was that bad in reality it would be straight back. Not sure if its overtightened drive train or dodgy motor. Having bought 5 locos during lockdown 2 have been defective including this one. Also had a Hornby Black 5 that was botched in the factory and wouldn't run properly. Not a good proportion of duff locos.
  4. Was reading the review of Irish Model Railways' (aka Accurscale) new Keg Liner wagon in Rail Express which also has rotating axle boxes - would be interesting to know how they have done that. There is reference to an extend metal axle. And it is designed to allow regauging. I have asked IRM on the Keg thread to see if they will divulge their engineering.
  5. Anyone been in touch with Colletts recently?
  6. Ooops. Hate anyone to miss out though And its a bargain so fully thread compliant!
  7. I suspect/hope that many of the Aladdin's Caves will survive as they are the way they are due to low overheads for the properties in less than primary locations. My local Aladdin's Cave is COVID compliant and seems to be trading OK and well away from any established retail pitch. What may not be helping retailers is the growth of direct selling manufacturers and the increasing amount and/or share of modelling spend that bypasses retailers altogether on top of reducing margins, poorer trade terms from the big players, increased overheads such as rates etc. Given the squealing over Chinese led price increases, who is going to pay Euro-style prices for models (with hefty margins being provided by manufacturers as a result???) and what retailers can afford the rent and rates on "quality shops" compared to other retail players? Despite COVID I don't foresee any fundamental change in the retail issues in the short to medium term.
  8. Deal of the Day at Rails - Regional 37 for under £100 https://railsofsheffield.com/products/30611/Bachmann-32-376a-oo-gauge-class-37-422-robert-f-fairlie-regional-railways-diesel-locomotive-weathered-edition-
  9. If you are East London then there is Roneo Models https://www.facebook.com/Roneo-Models-1752368765006984/?_fb_noscript=1 Never been there but was on a pre-COVID train trip list to visit. Essex is blessed with a number of model shops, despite losing Mankim Models in Colchester. Can continue along the A12 from East London to Chelmsford and John Dutfields. Was in there Saturday to pick up paints I'd ordered, they have a one way system, traffic light on the front door and screen at the till. Ken & Heather still operating. Got chatting and Ken pointed out the new MagNEM magnetic couplings ((https://www.glrailways.co.uk/ ) they have in stock. Like Hunt couplings but don't have the polarity issues, so bought a set to try alongside the Hunts I've got. There's a retail park nearby and the town centre close by for those who may not want to shop for models. Or venture slightly further along the A130 to SAT Model Rail in Battlesbridge which is set in a old mill/warehouse that is now an antiques centre by the river, and there is a pub opposite. If the weather is nice ideal for a walk. SAT haven't got the largest shop but an awful lot of stock crammed into it. I never come away empty handed. And they are open Sunday as weekends are the busiest time for the antiques centre. For a train ride, possibly post-COVID, Scograil/Coastal DCC/Orwell are all at the Ipswich Model Railway Centre. It is a short walk from Derby Road station, get the GEML to Ipswich and the change to what used to be a 153 or 156 to Felixstowe. Afterwards carry onto the seaside or watch the Freightliner trains coming down the branch! Hopefully a day out can be built around some of these as COVID eases.
  10. Had an item flagged in the Bargains thread at CMC, ordered by phone that day and arrived the following day by Special Delivery. Excellent service.
  11. As an aside Booth's have been busy http://www.wnxx.com/20/2006/300620/CFB290620.htm
  12. THanks Simon, that is really useful and glad I got the gist of signalling from your book Also good to see I created a very rare situation on my layout! The units would only ever come and go via Road 1 i.e. towards the 66, so some form of indicator at the platform end is ideal. Any idea what that might look like?
  13. Added a minor signalling query on my micro layout thread here if anyone has any thoughts.
  14. Not much action as have moved outside to the garden layout (see below). However I have accumulated a number of Eckon signals over the years and am looking to put some signals in. The initial phase is to signal the platforms. Road one is simple with a single signal at the end (where the 66 is), however Road 2 is less straightforward. I have positioned a 2 head signal part way along the platform which controls the junction. However in full micro layout operation (no fiddle yard to the left) the 143 and other trains that are longer than a single unit are stopped on the platform on the points and past the signal. When the fiddle yard is attached they can sit back behind the signal. I have looked at Simon Paley's excellent book but am struggling to find a legitimate solution. The first thought was a second starter at the end of the platform that would repeat the main signal for the left hand route. But I don't see any reference to this sort of repeat signal after the primary signal. Similary there is a ground based signal head shown in figure 102 of the book but the same issue applies. One possibility might be the reverse facing indicator as per figure 59, so a driver sitting on the left hand route can look back for the signal? Any thoughts welcome! I am working on the basis a position light signal is not relevant here.
  15. If you have WNXX access you can see it here: http://www.wnxx.com/20/2006/220620/86607.htm (may even work without a subscription...?)
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