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  1. Great pics Went to school on that line from Crowthorne to Reading on the 119(?) DMU's in the 80's, really interesting to see that there was a local hauled service at one point further down the line. Also the tank wagon at the old oil depot at Earley. Occasionally saw them shunting into the depot.
  2. Another NR update https://www.networkrail.co.uk/running-the-railway/looking-after-the-railway/delays-explained/leaves/ 
  3. You are not alone. You can pick ity up on Ebay for less than £50. I have resisted so far as the Ideal boxes full of locos and rolling stock already take up too much room, along with the garden railway, not so micro layout and temporary loops on the lounge floor......this up the walls maybe a step too far! I remember badgering my late grandfather to buy me it as a child many years ago and did enjoy playing with it. A happy memory.
  4. ruggedpeak

    New hst

    I think it is just his way of motivating the troops, create a fictitious enemy. Noting that major wars have been started over little more than unsubstantiated rumours or misdirection.......
  5. Hornby 3.D.S went up the wall and upside down......
  6. My copy arrived in the post, I do enjpy opening it up and seeing a great selection of photos and articles. As a Gold Member I could read online but do enjoy reading it in the flesh. Looking forward to the frost article.....
  7. Model Rail mag have some discounts on their exclusives http://www.modelrailoffers.co.uk/c/1111/Bargain-Clearance
  8. Hornby has a discount offer on its website, discount applied on next order, debatable if its a bargain but may be of use for web exclusives:
  9. At the risk of going down the rabbit hole, body replacement is not a warranty issue, its a discretionary action by Bachmann. Need to dig out their warranty T&C's but fairly confident it will not extend to wonky livery detail. As here no reference to warranty, the last thing any manufacturer will want to set a precedent for is slight livery issues being warranty items. Having used Bachmann them to repair something that had sold out, as per their website I had to provide a copy of the receipt: Claims for warranty work must be made in accordance with the terms of that warranty supported by a bona-fide receipt from the retailer to confirm the date of purchase. https://www.Bachmann.co.uk/page/service-request If they are not a recognised retailer then I would argue that you have been sold a secondhand (or stolen!!) item if Bachmann are saying they did not supply it, and if that was not made clear when you bought it maybe go for a full refund on the basis it was not as described. Hope you paid by credit card.
  10. Lucky he doesn't do anything else dubious with electrics. Oh wait......
  11. This raises the obvious question as to whether anyone has put NOS into a diesel loco? 200mph Class 43? 150 mph Class 66?
  12. I think that extends to the programme makers as well. The commentary doesn't help! Quite a good short clip for safety toolbox talks.
  13. Hopefully they have added the "don't try this at home" warning to the web version! Perhaps NR could put 50kv through the OHL and see what speed they can get out of 91! Need quite a lot of bubble wrap at the end though.
  14. The old website stated they had the updated body.
  15. The risk of electricity prices (indeed any energy price) going through the roof, especially when you have a monopoly supplier of both energy and track space should not be news to them, pretty obvious risk given the parlous state of the UK's energy policy and supplies, and the increasing over-reliance on electricity due to climate change.
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