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  1. Graffiti on Hertford viaduct, including the blue/dripping one below one of the drainpipes The blue wet graffiti on the left, cat/mushroom and cucumber/cactus thingies on the right:
  2. A lot probably, but many of the subs will be armchair and subscribe to a zilion other things as well, getting their bite sized content drip feed via various apps etc. Subscribing is free and a one click operation that is constantly reinforced during the content. No comparison with a magazine that you have to sign up to and pay for, even digitally. How many would he have if he was charging £40 a year for his content and didn't have the global marketing power of youtube and google doing the heavy lifting? Not to criticise, just totally different content and experience. Whilst he may get 'free' stuff does it actually translate into sales (the old P&G adage about 50% of advertising works...)? He is an influencer, not an 'expert', and that is where the business is at in the world of social media. No different to a celeb wearing swim/underwear on 'holiday' on Insta. It is part of the media ecosystem for the hobby, even if people like me do not get it at all!!
  3. Was trawling the depths of Google to see prices and availability of the original Hornby Regional Railways Class 153 (R3477) to run with some other 15x units and found that Chasewater had brand new ones in stock. Bought one and it arrived quickly, well packaged and is absoutely brand new Runs sweetly. If anyone else is interested they are still listing this model at £98.99. Their stock is fairly limited but great service and supports a good cause. Will keep an eye on them in future. https://www.chasewaterrailwayshop.com/product-page/regional-railways-class-153-r3477
  4. Correct. In the recently released "Intercity 125 High Speed Tribute" bookazine there are 6 pages about the LNER farewell tour including an interview the Heritage Painting MD who repainted the power cars and 2 pics of them rubbed down almost to the metal prior to painting.
  5. Kernow have one in their bargain section if you want one https://www.kernowmodelrailcentre.com/p/56799/44-0074-WSL-Bachmann-Scenecraft-Downham-Market-Signal-Box
  6. Don't sell abroad is the key way of reducing risk in any transaction involving credit card payments, especially selling outside of the EU. Learnt that the hard way when I had a mail order business. Not exclusive to Ebay or Paypal, a foreign credit card company will just reverse the transaction.
  7. If anyone is still after an Achilles from a genuine retailer at the normal RRP rather than the £200 some are charging, give John Dutfield of Chelmsford a call on Tuesday. They have one on the shelf. Managed to resist but won't if it is still there next weekend!
  8. Kernow have Hornby Class 67 67013 in DB Schenker red for £99.99. Ideal for renumbering to various DBS red liveries using transfers from well known suppliers. https://www.kernowmodelrailcentre.com/p/56211/R3574-Hornby-Class-67-Diesel-Locomotive-number-67-013
  9. Interesting to note that the concrete bollard immediately below the lights has been removed and one of them has been left in the verge. Also note in the Google image that the footway is shown, whereas now it is on the other side. Looks to me that the crossing has been redesigned after the Google Streetview image was taken. In relation to the other side, the full size lights only extend over the revised footway, which the regs say is permissible as long as it is at least 2100mm over the footway. Found this video from 2013, shows footway marked on both sides and bollards in place. I reckon either the locals have 'redesigned the bollards themselves or someone either caught the bollards turning left (and probably put a claim in) and/or it was pushing traffic turning off the side road into the middle of the carriageway whilst going across the crossing, into oncoming traffic, which was not a good thing. Creating the scenario for collisions in the middle of the LC is not wise! Also looks like it had footway marked on both sides but one has been removed. Whether it is legal is still TBC!
  10. Just had similar comment on the Prototype for everything thread as I'd linked this there. I think the fundamental issue is that anything else would foul the carriageway.
  11. Interesting question, I found this https://www.orr.gov.uk/sites/default/files/om/level_crossings_guidance.pdf Which states (my bold): 2.26 Install all crossing equipment clear of the railway structure gauge and the edge of the carriageway. 2.285 In exceptional cases, for example where the central reservation is narrow or where, at very acute skew crossings, the duplicate primary road traffic light signal would encroach on the overhang clearance above the carriageway, a special design of the restricted width signal in accordance with the relevant Department for Transport’s drawing may be used. Using this restricted width signal requires special authorisation from the Department. SImilarly in this document it refers to a narrow version subject to authorisation from the DfT, although the design is not as narrow https://tsrgd.co.uk/pdf/tal/2008/tal-1-08.pdf My non-expert view is that a normal lights or even the NP 3015 version will extend into the carriageway so an extra narrow version was required, one assumes with authorisation. The pedestrian footway is marked on the other/right hand side/south side of the crossing. Also note that the large rectangular structure to the left of the wigwag is a huge mirror (blue arrow) in front of the signal box. The box itself has the front windows covered over.....
  12. Bachmann class 66's continue to be the bane of the layout, refusing to do a circuit without wheels coming off even a Bachmann Class 40 with more wheels goes around quite happily..... Various alterations have improved running but Bach 66's will require modifications. Few photos from recent running.
  13. Vertical wigwag lights with normal lights at level crossing
  14. As we landed at Marshbrook LC, near Church Stretton on the Welsh Marches Line, by accident the other day I thought I'd resurrect this thread. On one side of this crossing there are 3 sets of wigwags, on the left is the vertical one (red-orange-red) and on the right two normal sets at 90 degrees to each other as there is a side junction that meets the main road at the crossing. The signal box is manned and the crossing is protected by semaphores in both directions. Eastern approach just off A49 View from eastern side looking south View of western side with lights at 90 degrees for road junction Eastern side with vertical lights on left, road junction on the left Eastern side looking north TfW 153 heading south I can also highly recommend the fish finger sandwich at the Station Inn - perfectly placed for food, drink and rail photography! http://www.stationinnmarshbrook.co.uk/
  15. I would argue that 20118 looks like it is a combo of fade and dirt - the solebar and BR Logo look very grubby.
  16. Wish I was smart enough to be one of those idiots!!
  17. That looked light to me and my recollection. To me it looks like these 2 below are slightly different shades, so may have been various shades of grey (oo er missus) from this shot (from Tom Curtis Gallery https://tomcurtisrailgallery.weebly.com/class-20.html ). There is a small panel just by the cab on 20118 (blue arrow) which is in the light grey that looks like the same colour as 20132 behind.
  18. Been down at JD's a few times recently, always worth a visit for those hard to find items (huge range of Hornby and Bachmann items ranging from new releases to things from some time ago that are hard to find), found a TOPS Heljan 07 which I couldn't find online so had that away. Also ordered some Heljan Cargowaggons which they got in quickly, and pre-ordered a Cavalex 56. Could have ordered online but do enjoy the experience of buying in store and having a chinwag with Ken to find out the latest model goss.
  19. Ordered DRS escort coaches, arrived next day. Excellent service
  20. Ordered a "shop soiled" TTS 60, arrived with another loco next day, having been tested and brand new. £50 off for a tear in the outer sleeve? Bargain. Great prices and service.
  21. Would be useful to know as I have the bits ready to start a conversion of an Airfix BSO to a DRS one!! Seems a logical step given both DRS and yellow things always seem to sell.
  22. In terms of this annoucement it is an exciting development. and the new models look stunning (love the Tinsley RfD). However £200 a loco with discount is pushing the boundaries for me personally. That will depend on 2 things which any product needs to achieve, especially at a premium price point: the model operates properly in all apects, running, lights etc - not something that is not always schieved Details don't break or fall off easily - sadly a common occurence these days with super detail. In terms of the pricing I have no doubt looking at a range of sectors that there are enough customers wiling and able to £300+ for a loco, so I don't see Bachmann having a problem if they have got their forecasts right. Seems to be OK for locos, but £70-100 a coach has not been so well received in the market as far as I can tell. Interesting divide between locos and rolling stock. I'm guessing customers do not place such a premium on detail in coaches. Exciting times however! The one note of caution is that as UK outline moves towards continential pricing is there a threat from the continental manufacturers starting to take an interest as the market valiues/margins moves into their range?
  23. Wow, from the website "Movable locomotive engineer figures in both cabs. Locomotive engineer also changes with a change of the direction of travel in analog operation."
  24. You make it sound like this is a bad thing.................
  25. 755337 on the Chappel viaduct approaching Chappel & Wakes Colne with the 2T76 1417 Marks Tey to Sudbury.
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