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    I do this for fun, nothing I do will be to any standard of realism. My main area of interest is preservation railways and building unique locomotives and rolling stock that most people do not have models of, such as my P1, A2/1 and Class 252 . Currently my main area of focus is making and improving stock for my Layout, Sands Road.

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  1. I've made some progress on the Ratio LNWR 50ft Coaches I've been building. The Brake Composite and the Third have been assembled and are part way through being painted. I've decided to do this set of coaches in Teak effect livery. Transfers will either be Midland and Great Northern or LNER. Third Corridor - Teak Base Coat. Still requires top coat and then windows and touch ups before the roof is glued down. Brake Composite Corridor - This one is more complete and only requires touch ups to the under frames and corridor connectors before windows and the roof are fitted. The Composite Corridor and the Brake Third are yet to be built. I will probably start them once I've finished the first two. I'm also thinking about trying to modify one of these kits in to a buffet coach, not 100% prototypical but I think it would be nice to have something different.
  2. I've never spent more than £110 on a locomotive. Most my purchases are either discounted, second hand or kit builds. I very rarely ever buy something at release price. Only thing I've bought myself at release price is a pre order of the Hornby A2/3 locomotive. Most expensive locomotive I have is the 1:1 Collection A4 Bittern which I got as a gift for my birthday. I do think its a bit overpriced for what it is, its not even got the correct second tender. And then considering the quality control issues I experienced with it, its not something you expect at that price point. I've taken to kit building Ratio Kits for my coaches. I feel that the Bachmann coaches are too expensive and that the Hornby coaches are so detailed that they are flimsy and don't last very long.
  3. At the end of the day this was going to happen sooner or later. Coal will just be another problem that heritage railways will have to deal with. I think the way some places treat their volunteers and younger members will have a more damaging effect to them than having to buy foreign coal. If you treat people badly who are giving up their free time they aren't going to come back. People who are willing to give up their time for heritage railways are harder to find than coal.
  4. I've ordered some more kits to build. I'll be making a set of Ratio LNWR 50ft Coaches for the layout in the near future. I'll be building these up in a similar way to how I did the Ratio GWR 4 Wheelers, they will be in a fictional livery/livery from another company. I've chosen these coach kits as they are a good price compared with other coach kits, and they also look very different to the coaches I already own. Currently I'm thinking of painting them in LSWR, MR or GCR Colours. Mainly because these are the paints I already own, but I haven't decided which livery yet. I have still got enough paints to do them in teak effect livery but it does take a lot longer to do that livery and I feel it would be too similar to what I already have with the 4 wheelers. I'm also having problems with the OO9 running line on the layout. The locomotives are all having problems, they are all mounted on Kato 104 Chassis Units which is a common factor, but it doesn't make sense that they would all start having problems at once. The track and wheels of the locos are all clean and I've tried nearly everything I can think of to try and fix them, there doesn't appear to be any problem with the wiring either. Perhaps it is time to get a 'proper' OO9 locomotive. £130 for the cheapest ready to run locomotive does seem a bit steep though.
  5. Duplicate post - removed Don't quite know why it decided to post my comment 4 times?
  6. They can look decent if you repaint them yourself. The colours out of the box are badly applied and theres a lot of overspray on some of them. They don't look chinese, they just look like small people. One thing you have to be careful with when ordering is that the ones labelled as HO/OO are usually HO and are too small for OO. I have used them all across my layout and inside my stock. I think they look alright once painted properly and you can't really beat the value for money. In terms of wanting some seated, what you get is completely random. The last pack I got had 3 seated people out of the 100 in the pack. What I've done with the ones I've put inside coaches is cut the legs off, which I had to do on the seated ones anyway. Here is an example of what they can look like once painted. Probably the only photo I have of mine.
  7. I've finished detailing/improving the Gresley Buffet Coach that will run in the Thompson Coach Set. The coach has had lighting wired up, I had to add my own pickups to this coach, the Thompson coaches come with pickups pre fitted (but no lights). I've also added figures and painted the wheels black. I've also blanked out the window where the kitchen is. The interior has also been repainted slightly to match the interior of the Thompson Coaches it will be running with. I'm quite pleased with it, there is a small mark on the window behind the buffet counter but it shouldn't be too much of a problem once the trains are actually going around the layout. With all the lights in the room off it gives a better view of the lighting and interior on the coach.
  8. I've added some Peco Fence Kits around the Village/Castle and the pathway to the Narrow Gauge Station. Not much else has gone on apart from the new fences. But I have finished wiring the Gresley Buffet Coach's lighting unit. Just waiting for some of the painted interior to dry before I reassemble the coach.
  9. A4 Bittern needed some more work. The screws that held the driving wheel retainer in hadn't been tightened at the factory, over the last week or so they have loosened whilst running. This only became apparent to me today when the rear set of driving wheels fell out of the chassis and derailed the locomotive. I've tightened up all the screws underneath just to make sure everything is good. The Hadrian Bar has been dissembled to see what was needed to repair it. The verdict is that its not feasible to repair. The fibre optics for the table lamps are all broken, the wires inside are also melted and burned. Upon connecting the circuit board up to power it didn't work either. The lamps in this pullman coach won't be working ever again. If I see another one up for cheap on eBay I might replace it. The Gresley Buffet's lighting has been fully wired up. Figures have been painted and fitted and the interior has been repainted to match the Bachmann Thompson Coaches that it will be running with.
  10. With kits I've done I've found that stuffing newspaper in the boiler barrel reduces a lot of the noise. The kits I've done this to are metal kits so not sure if it has the same effect on plastic kits.
  11. There are no changes other than a DCC socket in the tender. Its still the same chassis and body since the 2003 retool.
  12. I've had a Bachmann diesel also make a screeching sound when running. With mine I had to take the entire thing apart and oil the motor bearings as they were totally dry. Not sure if its the same problem as yours? I'd take it back and get a replacement.
  13. Short video up on YouTube of P1 2394's first loaded test run. Loco is running really well compared to when I first got it. Few little bits to adjust before its 100% finished.
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