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  1. A little progress, the attached link is to an auction house listing for Garelochead to Glen Douglas token with a picture of the token. I would still like to see more pictures of WHL tokens if anyone has them. https://www.gwra.co.uk/auctions/single-line-key-token-glen-douglas-garelochhead-nu-2011nov-0414.html
  2. I want a picture(s) of the single line tokens that were in use on the WHL in the early 1980's prior to the introduction of RETB. My intention is to create several replicas for use with my WHL layout to control movements on the line when there is more than one operator and I would like to get as close to the real thing as is practical. I have searched various sites that I had hoped would be able to assist but cannot find anything; can anyone help or direct me where I might find a picture? Thanks. Rob
  3. I undertook a major wheel and track clean over the new year mostly using IPA and have noted a build up of crud on the railhead already which rather validates the science as explained in the video. I shall be investing in a can of WD40 contact cleaner to see how this works for me.
  4. Whilst Megapoints kit is not cheap, for the sake of my sanity I consider the money I outlaid on pre-assembled wires well spent. You have far more patience than me.
  5. Yesterday was a volunteering day so nothing of substance done on WHL4. 37011 and the class 20 refurbs are nearly, but not quite complete with just a few more tweaks required. Two of the class 20 fleet are now models of the 20's fitted with through steam pipes in the early 1980's to enable them to work in multiple with a class 37 on the sleeper service. 37051 and 20085 are seen on the approach to Crianlarich with 1T56, 1610 Mallaig to Glasgow with sleeping cars attached at Fort William going through to Euston.
  6. Having been passed by 1B15 at Garelochead, 37011 departs with 8V80 heading to Glasgow Sighthill. Much of yesterday was spent improving the weathering on 37011 and changing speakers on the class 20 fleet. Hopefully these will have dried off over night and be sufficiently complete to feature in tomorrows pictures.
  7. I have just read this thread end to end for the first time where the detailed work contained is of the highest order. I am intrigued by your selection of an air braked OTA first seen in the 1980's when elsewhere you have so studiously and meticulously created rolling stock appropriate for the period of your layout.
  8. I find that reaming the axles is an effective way to free up sticky wheels. I have an American tool, the DCC Concepts one in the link below looks very similar. Easy to use and in my experience, very effective https://www.dccconcepts.com/product/bearing-reamers-set-of-two/
  9. I run WHL4 to a timetable largely based on the original 1981 WTT with a few tweaks and my Rule 1 extras added in. The handwritten changes marked are fine tuning of the WTT based on my operating experiences. For example I have delayed the first entry 1B14 by a few minutes to avoid congestion in the upper fiddle yard by allowing 2B21 to move to Fort William which clears a road in the upper fiddle yard. 8V80 was booked to pass 1B15 at Garelochead hauled by 37017 seen on its arrival
  10. Really helpful, thanks. Having finally got access to both Facebook and the ESU forum it seems like a good time to test these out. I will report back should I learn anything useful.
  11. I had always understood it was Sex And Games for the Aged
  12. Fabulous work with these kits, they look superb. I can only find a tin of Halfords red oxide, no spray cans. How did you manage to spray the rails, thinned paint and an airbrush?
  13. I am glad you included the picture. Progress looks impressive and I am watching the rocks develop with interest as I have several areas where I will need to do a similar job of joining moulds together. Please keep the pictures that chart the evolution of this area coming.
  14. 1981's daily operations require a minimum of 14 locos, more when engineers trains and conditional workings run. These are diagrammed with the passenger diagrams coming from Platform 5's Loco Hauled Travel and the freight allocations are of my own concoction. Like all diagrams operational issues can cause deviations from the diagrams although I usually follow them closely simply because it avoids having to think too much about which loco to use. As the picture of todays diagrams shows, a heavily work stained 37011 is allocated to 8V80, 1605 Oban to Sighthill seen arriving at Garel
  15. You will be pleased to know that Hornby have added a re-run of their Mk3 sleeper to their 2021 products range. This should stop these coaches appearing on Ebay at inflated prices. Get saving!
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