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  1. Richard of Everard Junction fame also uses Scultpamould extensively and speaks well of it. His latest Youtube video contains a chunk of time in the middle given over to using Scultpamould
  2. One of my top priorities for WHL 4 are working signals. My choice of Megapoints controller was largely down to Dave Fenton's assertion that this was a routine function for the controllers and having automated several signals, I am happy to vouch for Dave's claim. What is less straighforward is alignment of the servo such that the signal control wire moves in a linear fashion to actuate the signals, doubly so when you are trying to achieve this led on your back under a baseboard! However once correct alignment is achieved, signal control is, to quote the man, a breeze. I have managed to complete the automation of the 4 single bracket signals at Crianlarich and have been running trains to test them out. I am pleased with the results and when I get around to working out Youtube I will post some video of them in operation. Until then the following pictures show the passing of trains at Crianlarich. 37022 is held to the north of the station with 8D10 37022 gets the road arrival at Crianlarich, the signal is off for 1B10 37049 arrives from the south with 1B10 trains cross 37049 awaiting departure 37022 departs
  3. Derails are still showing stock of the FO at RRP discounted price
  4. Just read the Model Rail article and am blown away by the pictures which show off Meanach in a superb light.
  5. By way of an update I now have signals for Crianlarich sorted thanks to Stephen Freemen. The 2 at the southern end of the station are in situ awaiting the attachment of servos to automate them Next step is to source signals for Garelochead which leads me back to one of my original questions regarding the height of signals. To the south of Garelochead the 2 signals appear what I call normal height for which I will use 2 of my existing 26' MSE. The 2 signals at the northern end were taller; precisely what height I am not sure but probably requiring the larger 45' MSE lattice etch. I believe that signal post height can be estimated from a picture by using measuring the signal arm which were a standard size and using this to determine the height of the signal post. Can anyone explain this in more detail or provide me a simple equation for achieving this? TIA Rob
  6. Not much done of late but hopefully the arrival of 3 custom built signals for Crianlarich will spur me back to life. The signals will be electronially operated once I work out how to connect the servos to control them and have been built by fellow RM Webber Stephen Freeman. I also received drills this morning that will enable me to create the size holes necessary for to fit the working station lights. Signals to the southern end of Crianlarich in situ Gas store is completed Southern starter signal Broad view of southern end of Crianlarich
  7. Nice work and a great name for the layout! Some more details about the bracket that you are using to hold, presumably, servos to control the signals would be appreciated
  8. I have done something similar with the stations on my layout. Page 2 of the link shows pictures of how I achieved this by joining the 2 platform edges together with a series of plasticard strips. Once the plasticard platform surface was glued on top, the structure become sufficiently robust to be lifted and moved around. It is over a year since I built these and I am still able to lift any of the staions without problem. When/if you get to the stage of securing the track and platform, you will probably need to do some fettling to ensure that you are within guage and do not get rolling stock making contact with the platform. Using plasticard makes this a simple enough job with just a file.
  9. I used a Micromark truck tuner to achieve the same effect on a rake of Lima grain wagons. It was a fiddly, repetitive process but ultimately delivered a good result. Also you should note that the tool will likely cost you in excess of £20 I suggest that if you already possess replacement wheels then a reaming tool is the way to go, otherwise DCC kits replacement wheels are likely to be the quickest solution
  10. Fabulous videos, they show off WW in all its glory. There is something about using video that adds the overall effect of a layout; I cannot put my finger on it but for me video really works; especially on something as good as WW.
  11. Presumably bi-di explains why there is a junction home signal on the down approach to the station?
  12. The up starter at Bridge of Orchy was a weird tubular affair, it was a single signal on what appeared to be a junction bracket. Other than this vagary all of the signals that I require for my layout are NBR lattice posts. Signal heights are still causing me some confusion. I have a MSE 45' etch where the bracket measures 180 mm, a precise scale 45'. Yesterday I measured my existing MSE signals where the bracket measures 92mm, a 23'5" scale equivalent which I am surprised at because they were sold as 27'. With the finial they are 112 mm, a scale equivalent 27'5". It's not big deal, my signals look the part for the WHL and all work well. The reason I want to understand heights better is because I still need additional signals and I would like to get these as close to the real thing as I can. Whilst I understand there would be deviations for reasons of sighting and other operational issues, was there a common starting point? MSE sell 2 options, S002 as a 27' and S0023 as a 45'. Are these simply two sizes chosen by MSE allowing the modeller to cut to their required size as they see fit or do they reflect some sort of standard size? Thanks to everyone for their contributions so far.
  13. The sleeper was the ECS return of a single sleeper vehicle that ran from Glasgow to Aberdeen. It was part of the consist of the Glasgow Inverness train and was detached at Perth to run forward to Aberdeen. There was no return working hence the ECS movement.
  14. Fantastic pictures; thank you. I have never seen the outer home before, the others are more familiar. The 2 at the southern end of the station highlight my point on differing heights, the up starter is smaller than most and the down home is considerably taller. Can anyone explain the variations; is it purely down to sighting at the particular location?
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