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  1. I could not face the 2 outstanding Ardlui servos yesterday and just ran a few trains instead. 37178 is seen at Crianlarich where it passes 37012 with 1B10.
  2. An irritating and frustrating day yesterday meant I went backwards rather than forwards. 3 of the Ardlui servos are fitted using the last of my Alurailtech brackets which have a self contained microswitch fixing. These all got fitted and secured quickly because I find them well designed and easy to use. The remaining 2 servos are in awkward places being obstructed by the trestles that support the baseboard where even if I had Alurailtech brackets they would not fit. The 2 servos are secured using a different bracket which requires a seperate microswitch fitting and in 1 case the point is actua
  3. Page 73 of this thread details how they come apart
  4. I managed to get 4 of the 5 points at Ardlui working correctly by the end of yesterday. My experience is that alignment is key to a successful installation and I struggled to get this right on 2 of the servos. It is not difficult, just time consuming and tedious whilst performing contortions under a baseboard. 37043 departs Garelochead for Glasgow. Although diagrammed to return with 1B11, 1254 Glasgow to Oban, 37043 is due an A exam and will be swapped with another 37.
  5. Yesterday I finished the wiring at Ardlui, now I need to complete the point motorisation. Ardlui has 5 points, 2 of which are already motorised and simply need the connection to the microswitch fitting. 1 of the other 3 is located on top of a baseboard trestle meaning I cannot use the usual underbaseboard servo mounting and have to be a little more creative. Fortunately it is the point that leads from the main line into the sidings making it adjacent to the platform under which I can hide a motor to switch the point. The weather forecast to day is shocking meaning I am likely to have time on m
  6. Fantastic work and a comprehensive report on what is being done. Given the propensity for water to to collect internally and create corosion, is there anyway that additional drainage can be introduced at the various 'hot spots'?
  7. Thanks, it is a constant challenge to find angles that produce interesting pictures. That area of Crianlarich is probably my favourite one for pictures and I have to resist showing it too often. However for once a little self indulgence.
  8. No activity yesterday which was a volunteering day. From the previous running day, 37043 rattles into Crianlarich with 1T16, 0740 Oban to Glasgow.
  9. Fort William station is 1900mm in length which allows a single locomotive and 6 coaches to fit in whilst retaining access to the other platform as well as the run round loop. This works with my version of the sleeper which runs as load 6 being the standard 4 coach rake with 2 sleeping cars. Attaching and detaching sleeping cars at Fort William is straightforward although the down sleeper does foul the points until the loco runs around and sets back. 37017 demonstrates this visually in the pictures below Arrival at Fort William Rear coach fouls the points that access the
  10. Spent a little time on preparations to complete the BUS wiring and point motorisation at Ardlui. This is the only station on WHL4 where wiring is incomplete at present with the fishplates used for power and the point blades for frogs as oppose to connecting each piece of track to the BUS individually and frog power switched by microswitches attached to the point servos. This is my usual approach when trialling new parts of the layout which was the case 2 years ago when I first laid the track. It has proved effective so its time to commit to wiring everything fully as a precursor to gluing the
  11. A new days operations begins with 37017 on the down sleeper arriving at Crianlarich in bright early morning light. As a vacum brake only loco until its refurbishment to a 37/5 in the mid 80's, 37017 was usually confined to passenger services whilst working on the WHL in the early 80's because most of the freight had gone air braked. No doubt 017's steam heat boiler would have been in use to keep the sleeper clientele toasty in their beds.
  12. As long as you have different colour wires for positive and negative, changing the order of coaches in their rakes around should be straightforward even for the colour blind. My thinking is that I have largely fixed rake formations where I change the order of the coaches around and swap them between rakes once or twice a year just for the sake of changing them. No need for turning the coaches around, just a simple alteration to the running order. With your flexible connectors system my approach becomes viable, before it looked like it required a large amount of manual work dis-connecting and r
  13. Finding different vantage points for pictures is a challenge, so many are repeats of differening locos and consists at similar points around the layout. I am tempted by a selfie stick to see if this lets me get to areas previously inaccessible. More video is also high up my to do list, I particularly fancy a 'loco cam' to do some cab ride videoing. 37043 draws to a halt at Garelochead.
  14. What a neat idea, if you can resolve the soldering issue the magnets are a really elegant solution. I can see the concept being transferrable to coaching stock in addition to locos and units. I would like to put coach lighting in my rolling stock and have always pondered how I could avoid having to put pickups in every coach. In my mind I had thought about running wires between coaches but this kept stalling over how rakes could be rearranged without major surgery to the wiring. I think your design is the solution. Please keep us posted on how your efforts develop.
  15. When I started building WHL4 I learnt for the first time that installing point motors and wires on a workbench was a far more civilised way of working. The lower level has all been built this way but I then compromised myself by screwing the baseboards down and putting scenery on top which effectively secures them in place for all but the most extreme of situations. My 'learning experience' has been it is a right beast having to do any remedial work or any sort of upgrade from underneath any baseboard and I would have been better served with removable baseboards. At least I worked this out bef
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