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  1. Hi Rob, How's The Triangle doing ? Steve
  2. Oooo not good. My stuff is still in boxes in the garage !!. Might have a sort out this weekend, no footy or kids !! Lol Steve
  3. Hi Mate, Have you done all your work at home now ?, & back to modelling ?. Steve
  4. 40126

    Hi, I'm 40126.

    I rec'd a Xmas pressie last Friday, I bought myself, for the wife to put away till she can wrap it.... This is the 5th Strathwood book I have, & I could deffo recommend them Steve
  5. 40126

    Hi, I'm 40126.

    Thanks Rod & CME. I have a few Lima ferry vans, some of which I got off Phill (Dyson). I've just missed out on another Interfrigo on eBay tonight (Gutted). As I would like to create a Scottish themed layout to run my 26 /27's on. Steve
  6. 40126

    Hi, I'm 40126.

    Hi Peeps, Not done any modelling for a while, Think Mr Mojo has done a runner again !!. I have purchased a Lima O gauge Interfrigo van / wagon off T'ebay for under a tenner... This will be heavily weathered. Steve
  7. Hi CME, Yes, Lima's still can be found, Me & Rob (Lancer) got a box from Telford, with 2 Lima coaches & 6 Big Big Mk11's, oh & a Harry Potter coach for £50 !!!. Just sold the HP coach on EBay for £30. We were very lucky. Phill picked some Lima's too at Telford. Steve
  8. That's why I thought the lift out section was thinner, you've cut back the felt in that area !! Steve
  9. Hi Rob, Just 2 quick Q's Firstly, is the lift out section single or double line ? Think the angle of the pics gives the impression it's thinner than the pieces it's attached too. Secondly, Has the arches got metal strengtheners within ? (Like concrete floors now have metal mesh in them) Steve
  10. The platform looks great, at first hand Phill. Thanks again for the swap, The brake van looks brilliant. Looking forward to see what you do to the Hymek shell. Steve.
  11. 40126

    O Gauge 08

    Just add My 2 peneth, I would rather have the 08 spot on than not looking right. I model with a limited budget, so I would rather not have to do too much to get it looking the bizz. I have one on order. Steve
  12. Is that Steve's 66 & 08 mate ? Have you any pics of the shunter please ?. Steve
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