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  1. Another raft of great images; thanks as always.
  2. Wonderful, inspiring images as ever, Gilbert!
  3. Anthony

    Bachmann B1

    Body is the same, with a vastly improved chassis below. Worth knowing that, if you have done a lot of work to your older bodies, the new chassis takes the old body.
  4. Gilbert, just a quick note to say how much those of us who are largely silent admirers appreciate your hard work in bringing us the twice-daily updates on your inspirational creation. Please don't ever stop! Anthony
  5. A5 pre-order in - at least they haven't all gone, it would seem!
  6. Brian, my voting goes:- 4,5,7 and 10 As a confirmed locoholic, I have restrained myself to those that are essential in my terms. I must not weaken, I must not......... Anthony
  7. I have to vote for Swanage to Wareham, as I used to go to school on that route - rest of the journey in the headmasters' open-top Lagonda or Bentley!
  8. Has to be The Fitzwilliam, covers the area I grew up in, endless hours spent being carted off to follow. Would have voted for Huntingdonshire if I hadn't missed the boat!
  9. I do appreciate a fellow locoholic!!!
  10. It has to be Offord and Buckden, where I spent my younger days 'spotting - allowed, of course, in the late '50s and early '60s to bicycle the mile or so from Buckden itself. A simple station, with a coal yard run by Dick, who used to hit the ball many a mile playing for Huntingdon with my older brother. The joy of standing on the overbridge getting smoked out, all accompanied by the views of Offord D'Arcy church (now sadly redundant) and the River Ouse - aah, happy days, except when a bully known as Spanner scribbled all over my book in which I recorded loco numbers, before underlining them at home. Anthony
  11. Has to be Swaffham - in order to preserve my marriage, as my wife is from there! Anthony
  12. Definitely like the wide screen! Anthony
  13. The platform lamps? Just a quick 'thank you' again - I feel a thumbs up isn't really adequate to express the joy you give. Anthony
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