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  1. Regarding the continued fall out from John Bennett's letter in MRJ 280. I think Trevor Potts puts it very nicely when he quote's the late Carl Legg's response to critic's "Fine - where's yours?"
  2. I think the only person being "priggish and self-righteous" is the gentlemen from Towcester.
  3. Gas Cupboard Models was a model shop in Trowbridge, Wiltshire. I'm not sure if they are still trading. The model shop I remember is H.A. Blunt & Son in Fretherne Road, Welwyn Garden City. As for Alex Bowie, I remember he did a series of articles called "The Pictorial Layout", in Model Railway Constructor (I think). The abiding memory I have of those articles is the sketches of the scenery and buildings, in particular a sketch of a row of three shops that included Earoff the barber and Bunce & Burner Hardware. He also did a sketch for branch terminus for the Great North of Cheam Railway
  4. My copy of MRJ 273 arrived this morning (27th September). I phoned Cygnet Magazines yesterday and told them that my subscription copy had not arrived. During the course of the conversation I was told that this had happened to 7 or 8 people with issue 273. I must admit that I do not understand what goes on at Cygnet Magazines. I have bought MRJ since issue 1 and I have had a subscription for several years. I have grown accustomed to the delays but this time I think things have gone too far. Yes I know there was a breakdown at the printers (I phoned Cygnet Magazines about a week ago
  5. Nah, not at all. He's excellent value all round. I enjoyed this show more than any other TV for a long time, it was just fab. CTMK and I had a seriously loud 'LOL' moment about the young people with their faces blanked out. He's probably not the only 'civilian' in the UK population to feel that! If he was to come to Scaleforum and wanted to understand more about 'why we all do this stuff', then he seems like the kind of chap who'd be happy to have it explained to him over a pint or two in one of Aylesbury's decen
  6. I watched the programme last night and, like most people on here, I greatly enjoyed the heavily edited interview with the Visitor Centre guide . However, am I the only one who found James May's approach a bit patronising and condescending? He seems to have no understanding of the diversity of the hobby, for example, he visited Pendon in another programme and seemed bewildered by it. I am left wondering what he would make of Scaleforum or the Gauge O Guild show at Telford.
  7. Good idea. Trouble is, how many people would want to build an O gauge model of Clapham Junction?
  8. This helps explain the layout of Cranmore on the East Somerset line. Thank you
  9. I haven't read all of the posts on this topic but for me the inspirational layouts over the years have been PD Hancock's Craig and Mertonford, Ken Northwood's North Devonshire, Castle Combe by Ken Payne, Gorre and Daphetid by John Allen, Garsdale Road by David Jenkinson, Clarendon by the Leamington and Warwick Model Railway Society, Bath Green Park by the Taunton Model Railway Group, Gordon and Maggie Gravett's Pempoul, Eastbourne by Vivien Thompson, John Ahern's Madder Valley and last but by no means least, Pendon. I also remember seeing Doreen Andrews Torander Valley layout at an exhibition
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