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  1. Good morning I have 4 similar trestles from Screwfix. I find them very useful. Some of the nuts and bolts need replacing as they were not of the best quality and I will use locking nuts. Plus a little additional bracing / reinforcement. But very very handy.... I had a couple of second hand flush doors that could be used to create a temporary sub base. Allows 'playing' at short notice :-)
  2. I've moved to card where possible. Quite retro, but theraputic. Any plastic packing is given a second like where possible. Drink lids are a source of thin styrene sheet, in black and white. We need to use our imagination.
  3. I remember watching the operation at an exhibition when I lived in Grendon Underwood. It was quite inspirational as the operation was slick.
  4. For my '2 penneth', I'm not bothering next time as I don't model a main line. If I did I would use laminate floor underlay. My 'go to' material for structures, track base, scenery etc. It's easy to cut and a few 'thin' screws will hold it down. The shoulders can be shaped with a knife and then sanded with 80 grit paper...
  5. John, Just caught up with this thread. Nice buildings, I think structures can be addictive. I keep avoiding the temptation of a sentinel.... I'm waiting for a cheap 03 for a version of Kingston Wharf.. Thanks for the inspiration Ernie
  6. A pit is very handy when doing an A exam, especially if blocking or rodding..
  7. If anyones interested I can post cover pictures Thanks
  8. 2018 and I moaned about how the time flies, it's 2021 now, i feel my life is slipping through my fingers.... Not depressed, but rationalised to being more disciplined about projects. Regarding 32635, that was overtaken by the Gaugemaster special. Duly purchased. But I've decided to finish my own version, this time in a more spick and span version. Also Ds680 and its brother Ds681....
  9. 250mm wide boards. Ready for the ballast shoulder sand added j adding glue
  10. Onto the next board. If I play my cards right I’ll have a train set in a few weeks.
  11. Rejuvenation is underway This is one eighth of a circle. Modular to run on the floor. The theme is a whimsical KESR halt. It uses Peco set track.....
  12. The first walls stood in place. I need to cut away the ground to set them in. Long view towards the gate. outside the gates. Test run of the gates. 32635 lurks at the gate.
  13. This section of wall has had its first coat of primer....
  14. Quick update on more things on the go.. An A type container knocked up out from card... A Pola Maxi Van, narrowed, peak roof fitted, shunters bug box added... Latest is a pallet shoc van.... Slaters ends and roof, the rest out of card....
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