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  1. The reassembler series are very enjoyable,well done Mr May.
  2. Saw that on the tube,lovely vehicle.
  3. I have only been able to see 3 episodes so far but have found them to be very good.
  4. don

    Poor old Jessie

    Didnt she do well! sounds first class,
  5. I travelled on the Autocar on one of its inaugural trips from Bolton Abbey Station to Embsay and return on Thursday,and what a superb vehicle it is. A lovely sunny day and its colours showed it off to perfection. Well done to those involved for returning this vehicle to service . Don.
  6. Well i am doing my bit, gave up modelling British because i was fed up with comments from the rivet counting brigade at exhibitions and went North American, a revelation ,something completely new to read and learn about and most US modellers i know all use rule no1, however ,in the last twelve months and now they seem to be good runners i have acquired six Hornby 0-4-0's!!!!! they do look out of place of course but i feel a plank coming on, should i see a doctor? Don.
  7. I started at Hornsey as a cleaner in 1961,there were only two roads inside the shed,1&3? with the other two roads terminated at the entrance.. Both roads had full length pits, but i think they were shorter than steam days holding two diesels on each.and floor area was concreted over its full length. I cant recollect their being any internal fuelling carried out as the fuel sidings were on the Hornsey Carriage Sidings side of the footbridge.and returning locos usually refuelled on arrival at the shed, Equipment inside was minimal, i remember a couple of mobile maintenance platforms and water hoses but not a lot else, Shed staff at that time were a charge hand foreman in charge of labourers and cleaners,and i think two mechanical staff on a day shift who did routine checks,anything else was attended to at Clarence Yard ,they had a cabin at the bottom of number four rd, The roads number 5-8 were unchanged, I don't think the building had any doors. Happy days! Don.
  8. Hi Johna, have a look at Ten Commandments,the factory buildings are ideal,can be lined up or stacked, or cut and shut for a wedge shape. Don.
  9. I believe Tornado is there at the moment? Don,
  10. Watched it and thought it was ok,yes i am ex footplate and i am a member of two heritage railways,BUT it wasnt realy aimed at me but will draw in a lot of future customers. Two years ago my daughters Xmas present for me was a day on Flying Scotsman at the NYMR, It was packed! yes there were enthusiasts there but it was mainly us oldies and partners having a nice day out, AND spending our pensions in the local community, You may be surprised how many tourists will turn up after watching these programmes,if you are an Emmerdale fan i used to live in Hotton,and yes our shop was back dated to the 60's twice for filming, not that it too much to do it! Just watch it and enjoy what we have. Don.
  11. Very nice Thomas and getting better still. Its nice to see a European small layout. Don,
  12. Now sadly confirmed. Thoughts to all concerned. Don..
  13. Mike Halfords acrilyc aerosols and Humbrol enamels are the model boat builders friend,no probs on wood metal or plastic, Have you tried REVELL plastic cement,Humbrol plastic cement,Slaters MEK Pak cement,all regularly used,but wont work on ABS,but i dont think you find any of our models using this. MEK is methyl-ethel-ketone,google for suppliers, All from your local model shop. Don.
  14. My favourite is the Chesterton Indiana Railcam,on RAILSTREAM LLC. Plenty of trains,usually long and running from 10mph to track limit speed around 70mph, through the middle of small town USA. As a free cam you will get adverts but not to annoying,some you can click off after 5seconds. Watch the volume though!! Don.
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