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  1. Exactly the point I made 2 months ago, it was suggested after that there might have been 2 designs of roof..... but if there were...... they both seem to have the 45° slope from side on.
  2. I just want to comment in general on point 5 of Ben's reply, rather than specifically on the 25/3. When the CADs were shared there was a request for more representative angles. It is quite difficult to give good feedback from an angle you wouldn't normally see the real thing. It would be preferable going forward if normal viewing angles and front and side elevations could be shared, to gain more relevant comments.
  3. Where have those photos come from? They don't appear to be from Heljan's facebook page.
  4. stovepipe

    CL74 ?

    Although the Hornby one does have the advantage of being the right shape from front-on view.... For a model that was allegedly scanned I don't know how DJM managed to get it so wrong. Perhaps that was why orders were not forthcoming for the 74, once people had seen his 71?
  5. D5700-19, 20 locomotives. Was E1000 one of the other missing numbers? Finished in Oct 1958, in the middle of the Co-Bo run.
  6. Though it only ran for 4 months, after train IDs were scrapped in Jan 1976.
  7. I don't recall seeing a colour picture of CC2, but the SEMG website has a black and white photo. Given it was painted blue in 1948 suggests it was perhaps the same ultramarine used in the BR experimental liveries of the time. I think several A3s and a King at least received this livery. Colour rail have colour photos of these locos. Try ref SC251 and SC252 for starters.
  8. So now the latest CAD is out, how have the competing demands of 2nd radii curves and prototype fidelity been resolved? Increased ride height like Bachmann, perhaps with smaller wheels or maybe even an altered nose profile like Heljan? I can't really tell from this one view, will you be posting a head on view at any stage?
  9. The hinges are there, but the doors are sealed, which is why i used that word. Full plating over came later, for some examples, but others retained the sealed doors, like example from 1984.
  10. I reckon about 1966 for the first sealed doors - D5407 being an early example, as were D5382 and D5396 among the LMR examples. The lead loco is D53xx by the look of it.
  11. So the two refurbished units now in service haven't had the new traction package fitted? Why would they do that?
  12. Apparently they have a new AC traction package, so not sure if all that stuff upthread actually applies?
  13. Yes single engined loco I think. Any idea which station it was filmed at? Somewhere in the orbit of WR class 117 I suppose.
  14. These should be ok https://www.petersspares.com/Hornby-x9722-class-31-40-47-tts-59-66-mainline-peak-traction-tyres-large-pk10.ir
  15. I think the idea initially was to iron out the wiring, train heating and ventilation niggles and standardise the fleet, but progressively the scope was cut back to save money, no doubt informed by how the first locos were getting on. So first ventilation was deleted, then standardised headcode displays, then it was into dual braking, ETH conversion, nose corrosion removal, and then finally headlights. BR invested in the class pretty heavily over the years. Here's a pic of D11 in 1970 - looks like an eary Derby refurb with the trapezoidal grille.
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