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  1. I can remember some reports of Deltics getting short of fuel during the Penmanshiel tunnel collapse, which involved diversion via Carlisle and the WCML to Edinburgh.
  2. There is, but only of the drivers side.
  3. They were first released in blue and grey in late 2014, the BRM review was in the Jan 2015 issue. I'm not sure when afterwards the Virgin ones came out.
  4. Very nice Ron. There was a website called BR Documents which had the BR driving manual for AC Electric Locos. It has a diagram of a class 86 driving desk, both sides. I guess the earlier classes followed a similar pattern. I'll send a PM with them attached.
  5. Mostly NBL ones too. Excellent.
  6. Yep frost grills to winter 1979/80, and nameplates to at least October 1974. Still waiting on mine too!
  7. Based on the 27 GWh generated in 1972, which was about a 20th of the maximum output quoted in 1961, only around 11,000 tons of coal would have been needed. The bunker storage may well have exceeded that amount, so deliveries in the final years were likely to have been fairly minimal. I think the PS reception sidings were once shown on the East SB diagram, but obliterated in the only photo I've seen.
  8. There were also facilities for deliveries by barge from Teignmouth, which was more common than you might think in this part of Devon. I understand it was not unusal for coal to come from the north of England and even Scotland via coastal shipping to the main river estuariesof the south west. My WTT predates the Mandatory and Conditional split publications that came later in the 1970s; there are no conditional workings of coal only oil, which presumably was for the diesel depot, or perhaps for tripping up to Heathfield. There was a coal working, 8V68 from Manvers Main to Exeter Riverside, which may have been the working seen at Cowley Bridge Jct.
  9. I looked into this a while ago, and I think the power station was only used intermittently in the last few years. Certainly there were no mandatory trains in the 1970 WTT, but a couple of years earlier might have seen some regular traffic I suppose.
  10. Thanks for that, I guess they date therefore to when the Modelzone shops folded and Invicta took over their Ltd Ed commissions, which was around late 2013 to early 2014.
  11. The full list of green Bachmann class 24s produced : 32-425V D5000 (21-pin) c2013 Invicta Models LE 32-426 D5054 (8-pin) c2001 32-430 D5033 (21-pin) c2007 32-430A D5030 (21-pin) c2010 32-430B D5061 (21-pin) c2012 All green with no yellow panels, except 32-425V which also has bodyside lining unique to D5000. The later 21-pin models have lights, and are preferrable in my view.
  12. Yes me too, really looking forward to this one!
  13. Stockton-on-Tees was in a shocking state in the late 1970s, despite hosting diverted HSTs. Stockton on Tees(decline) 1979 hst dmu. by Stephen Burdett, on Flickr Stockton on Tees (decline) dmu 1979 by Stephen Burdett, on Flickr
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