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  1. The move of E26014 south for AC experimentation was reported in the Dec 1967 issue of Modern Railways. I don't have the 1968 issues to see what else was reported.
  2. Taken with a long lens from somewhere near the junction of B7040 Leadhills road and A702 at Elvanfoot? River Clyde between the railway and the A74. https://www.google.com/maps/@55.4428619,-3.6589313,3a,60y,99.25h,81.91t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1slXNPVMyzH5qhfUkeufDI2Q!2e0!7i16384!8i8192
  3. I think it’s quite likely that when they were just painted blue, was the only time they were clean it that livery! They were very intensively used especially over the summer timetable, with the outlying terminal points lacking any washing facilities.
  4. So will old completed orders be reinstated I wonder
  5. It is a bit hidden away https://brcoachingstock.groups.io/g/main/files/Passenger-carrying stock/Mark 2 Body.pdf
  6. Paint was at least 3.5 years old at this point, received in Jan ‘67.
  7. They are operating under some restrictions - have a look on this thread. https://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/index.php?/topic/163058-d-class-update-12-march-2021/&tab=comments#comment-4442739 Dennis Lovett (Locomotion No. 3) is they guy you need to speak to on here.
  8. So you're looking for 27001-23, and 26021-46. The recess seemed to last until about 1976, so there should be a few examples to chose from, though photos from 1973/4 to 1976 are fairly sparse. A few more to search for 26030, and 27018, which were among the last to have the recess. and 27023 27006
  9. Second coach here I think, 1969
  10. <a href="https://www.rail-online.co.uk/p968549632/e4c39c565" title="D821 1969-08-22 Newton Abbot"><img src="https://www.rail-online.co.uk/img/s/v-10/p1278854501-5.jpg" width="1100" height="653" alt="Rail-Online: Class 42 Warship &emdash; D821 1969-08-22 Newton Abbot" /></a>
  11. Well I would never say never, but probably only in pretty unusual circumstances. The earliest Mk2s were FKs, which went to the LMR and SR, some of the latter may have appeared on the Waterloo - Exeter services as single green coaches at some point. The next batch of Mk2s went to the LMR for the WCML electrified services, but by this point Warship visits to Crewe on interregional services had ended. Towards the end of the 60s the CRE was double-headed by Warships, and as a premier service, it may have received some newer stock, but again in single numbers, if at all.
  12. Whereas previously, and for those private individiuals who are still not on managed accounts, the Final Value Fee was/is defined as 10% of the total transaction value. So they've redefined Final Value Fee - a well understood aspect of ebay - to something else which includes a fixed element, but not for everyone, and ditched that term in their marketing, for the much more nebulous sounding 'variable sales fee' , which sounds like it includes other things. I'm suprised you can't see the problem for casual ebayers, like myself.
  13. SO the 'variable selling fee' is the 'final value fee', and only the 'final value fee'?
  14. Well a worked example certainly helps.... However it is still gobbledegook because "variable selling fees" is not a term even Ebay use on the relevant page of their own website. Fees for private sellers activated in managed payments | eBay Yet, it's the subject title of their email, and reserved for the biggest font in the body of the text. Pi$$ poor marketing.
  15. Back to where I started - I have no interest in accepting an offer, I don't understand, coached in terms I've never heard before. I've better things to do - such as contributing to this thread!
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