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  1. stovepipe

    Dapol 'Western'

    Don't have one myself, but they are selling them through ebay on this listing, which is at least a guide to how they can look. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/402585433102?epid=6040552797&hash=item5dbbf6340e%3Ag%3AvPwAAOSwlxFfxjLO&LH_BIN=1 Standard catalogue items are supplied by Dapol without names, numbers and roof details applied, so I would suspect these parts will quite likely have been fitted by the shop, despite what the individual said. The replacement may be to a better standard, or conceivably worse... I did buy one of the few weathered models t
  2. There was a thread a while ago about this, and there are a few alternative packages out there. On my brief look at them I decided they were all flawed in some way, so I kept to my Excel spreadsheet. I know Woodland Scenics do one 'Model Inventory' as an app for Android and maybe Apple too, but I didn't want my stock details on their server, which might just disappear one day. A browser-based solution would be much better, so it can be accessed when out and about, and from wherever.
  3. Not entirely different though either, are they? I can't justify both, and in reality one or the other will satisfy me. Potentially being forced to order direct sticks in the craw, and I would rather walk away than dance to Hornby's tune.
  4. Euston - Stranraer overnight service was due to be piloted from Ayr by a 20, but was often a 27, with a 47 as the main engine. Similarly the Padd - Penz sleeper was 50+31 over the Devon banks, in earlier times the summer saturday day trains were piloted by 22s with Warships and Westerns.
  5. For me there is a third option, order the APT-E from Rapido instead.... It will satisfy my desire for a pointy shaped thing, cost less money and will definitely be delivered, and to a known quality standard. Fits my era and current layout slightly better too if I'm honest. Order book closes on 1 July. If my pre-order with TMC falls before then, I will be giving it some serious thought.
  6. I was repling to faulcon1 and didn't see you had posted in the meantime. I don't take either of those mags so I too am none the wiser.
  7. I merely pointed out that your points sounded very similar to a video I'd watched a day or so earlier. ......and that was about it really. Nothing to do with 'Freedom of Speech'. In fact I agreed with some of what Barry was saying, but not all of it - he got a bit carried away in my opinion. No matter, I'm not in the slightest bit offended by someone having a different opinion to me. As for the HJ 25/3 I'm passing from what I've seen and read. It doesn't quite cut the mustard for me. I may well get one from the one of the other manufacturers later on. On the
  8. I was referring to this, posted a day or so before your comment in the same vein.
  9. A bit more than that - wasn’t it £225 & £325 before, with the coach £49? It seems good value now, looking back from 2021, though I didn’t particularly think so at the time! I can’t buy both APTs in a year, can I? At least we know Rapido will deliver if we pre-order....
  10. Peter's Spares have in stock replacement Hornby motor mounts for the T9. https://www.petersspares.com/Hornby-x99451-class-t9-4-4-0-front-rear-motor-bracket-with-screw.ir They also have their remanufactured part made of brass which helps with the weight. I've fitted this to my model - it took about an hour. https://www.petersspares.com/peters-spares-ps61-replacement-Hornby-t9-motor-mount.ir
  11. I think many of you will enjoy this video that I stumbled across.
  12. I have my E3178 (8652) now, and I'm extremely pleased with it. It seems to have been well assembled, and I particularly like the fact the handrails are not sticking out a long way with a huge gap behind. There are some minor niggles though. As mentioned earlier the cab door gutters were extended over the opening window in the BSYP period, so the short gutters are only correct for 8650, and some 8651. All the other models should have long gutters, and perhaps Heljan would have been better served going with 5 variants that do have that feature, rather than the 1 or 2 that don't.
  13. it is indeed a shame about Rolling Stock, wasn’t there also another model shop in Shields or Tynemouth which closed about 4 or 5 years ago? Other north east shops are Durham Trains in Stanley, Pooleys Puffers near the Metro Centre and there a general model shop near Chester le Street too. On Teesside the Stockton Modeller was still open the last time I looked, and there is a shop in Redcar as well.
  14. As I 'watched' the item on ebay, I have now been sent a 5% discount offer - £147.25 +p&p
  15. I certainly will be doing just that! The hard part is deciding which of 4 potential variations to go for...
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