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  1. Hi Richard, I bought the other Bradwell WD from the same collection so I am very interested to see how you get along. Unfortunately due to circumstances I can't do any modeling for forseeable future so it will have to stay in the drawer. I have read through the instructions and shaping the boiler and firebox is worrying me. When I do get back to modeling I have a half finished Jidenco Crab, the half etched boiler has been binned, so I will try out Dave's method to make a new one. David
  2. Ais Gill early 80s, trespassing by the look of it. Sorry its another photo of a print.
  3. Growing up in Birdwell, Rockley bottom was a regular haunt, with my parents picking blackberries on the edge of the woods behind Rockley Abbey Farm, where they grew on what looked like old mining spoil and with friends climbing trees or pushing our bikes up stampers hill. My dad told me about the wagon way and once took us to see an old tunnel in some woods. That was nearly fifty years ago so I'm not sure just where it was, looking at Google earth I'd guess at the woods just above the caravan site. David
  4. I've fitted guard irons, cosmetic springs and a clip on working steel spring to the front truck and tried it on the chassis. Some of the other parts fitted. Something's wrong because the coupling rods are hitting the slidebar bracket and the ride height needs to come down a bit yet. A drawbar has been roughly cut out, I will take it to work to finish it off, it's too cold to do any more outside today. David
  5. Its been thirteen months since we moved and most of the work has been done on the house, but the layout is still not up and there is no electric in the hut. The house is also up for sale, the fourth move in five years. I've spent a couple of hours in the shed over the last few weeks doing some jobs on the crab I started years ago. The wheels, Sharmans which cost me a fiver, have been mounted on their axles along with a High Level gearbox. The coupling rods are on and it rolls along smoothly. It needs a steadying arm on the gearbox and the drive shaft to the motor so I can test it under power There was nothing in the kit to make the front truck so I have used some 1mm angle and scrap brass, just needs some cosmetic springs and guard irons. David
  6. Can I be added to the list for an LNER C14 please Mike. Thanks, David.
  7. Thanks for the reply Karhedron, the photo is dated 1958. There is another showing a similar train in Rails Through Barnsley, Alan Whitehouse, this proberbly mid 50s. The caption on this one states that it was a regular working until the mid sixties. Thanks David
  8. Could I just ask a couple of questions, in Railway Memories no8 Barnsley Cudworth Royston, there is a photo of a Barnsley to Sheffield train on the Midland route. It is an Ivatt class2 mogul, three Gresley non corridors and two milk tanks. The caption says they are empties from the Cooperative dairy at Summer Lane Barnsley. Would it be correct that they are empties, or would Summer Lane be supplied locally by road and full tanks sent south. Would the tanks be branded CWS/Co-op. Thanks David
  9. Mick, thanks for posting the drawing of the shunting signal arm, l had been meaning to ask you about them. When our new home diy issues are over and l get some quality shed time in, l will have a go at building one.
  10. Knitting needle plastic is as about as soft and chewy
  11. I can't really do any modelling at the moment, which is very frustrating when I have been off work for six weeks. I have tools, materials and books out of reach in my cab at work where I have been whitling plastic in my breaks, and some of the buildings were taken to my mums for safe keeping during the move. One thing I can get at is my old unimat. I filed a piece of steel into a tool to knock out some chimney pots for the terrace houses. I took the belt off and turned the pulley by hand to turn the pots from a plastic knitting needle. The houses are at mums but I did fit one to the unfinished signal box. David
  12. Not been on here for a while, because the week before christmas we moved house for the third time in three years. Yesterday was the first chance since then to put the layout up in the shed that came with the house. Unfortunately it wouldn't fit, about 3in short. It would go in the other way, but would be across the door. There is some damage from the move to the track at the baseboard joints and some of the platform fencing is missing.
  13. Thanks Andy, I wasn't sure it was the right one, but it was a bargain with the dmu cars.
  14. The far end of the goods yard has for years been white plaster, with no stops on the ends of the sidings. I had one half built buffer stop made from scraps of rail, but for a change spent some cash on some Lanarkshire models NER stops. I'll add some deeper ballast and maybe some grass to cover where the vertical rails miss the gap between the sleepers. At an Elsecar toy fair, in a three for a tenner box I bought two Hornby 110 dmu cars and a Hornby smith's crisps van. I removed the van body and made new headstocks and solebars. With a bit more paint this will be a store on the goods dock. David
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