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  1. I've been informed that the Padiham Unitarian show in November has also been cancelled, so 'Far Wittering' will have to remain 'under wraps' for the foreseeable future.
  2. Interesting you should say that The Johnster. There's a chap at our model railway club says it too, but I've never heard it anywhere else. Wonder what it's origin is?
  3. Thanks everyone for your support and ideas about how the road level area could be developed. I am taking a bit of a break from it at the moment until relocate my modelling mojo, but I'm sure they will help me to make the best of this area. In the meantime, after watching some of Oscar Paisley's YouTube videos on his Triang Railways collection (https://www.youtube.com/user/oscarpaisley/videos), I decided that running some trains might be therapeutic, so I went up into the loft to find my old toy trains from the 1960's, those that started me in this wonderful hobby. I was looking for my Triang Britannia, Flying Scotsman, double-ended diesel and the Transcontinental Pacific, together with the associated coaches and wagons. I found some, but not all of them, including the TP's tender but not the loco! All the coaches and wagons are still missing, but they will be up there somewhere. So a few days have been spent cleaning and overhauling them and repairing damage caused by play and the ravages of time. I have a simple oval of test track pinned to a board in the shed and have spent a few happy hours just 'playing'. Now here's a bit of fun! Unfortunately, the docks and harbour company had a bit of a problem in that a passenger special was due at the docks to meet a ferry sailing, and their loco was declared a failure that very morning. Luckily, the docks were due to handle the shipment of a new diesel destined for Australia that same day, so they just 'appropriated' it to power the special. I just hope that it is 'in gauge'
  4. I've been experimenting today with some left over pieces of backscenes and an odd building or two to see what might work on the road level. Unfortunately, I'm struggling to find much enthusiasm at the moment to continue with this layout. I just can't seem to focus on any part of it so I'm wondering whether to put it aside for the moment and work on something else instead.
  5. I've done this mod on a number of Setrack points, to try and reduce the tendency for wagon wheelsets to drop into the large gap. I use some 30 or 40thou microstrip, welded to the point plastic with PlasticMagic solvent, then, when fully hard, I run a parallel file which happens to be 55thou thick up the gap following the track direction as closely as possible to create the slight angle at the crossing V. Then I just take off the sharp edge at the top of the shim. Although the reduction in crossing gap is small, it does make a useful difference.
  6. As it's cooler (and raining!) I returned to my railway room today, made some more oil drums and spent the afternoon scratchbuilding a prototype 1930's style road lighting column for the bridge. I was planning to use my ancient Airfix lamps from the platform fittings set, but I could only find one, and I need three for the bridge and maybe a couple of others. I don't want to buy another kit just to get them so I had a go at making something similar. I used some 1.5mm diameter jewellers aluminium wire for the column and a piece of brass tube as the base with a couple of copper rings made from wire soldered around it. A glass bead and suitably-light-shade-shaped craft thingy, both left over from when my daughter used to find such things entertaining before smartphones and i-pads came along, formed the lamp assembly. Not yet painted, but easy enough to make and I think looks OK. The base tube will be buried and glued into the 'ground' up to the first ring.
  7. Work on the layout has slowed considerably during the last week or so as it's been rather warm in the railway room and the sunny weather has tempted me out into the garden more - I even did some gardening, but more importantly, tidied up my workshop so at least there's space to work in there when needed. I've not neglected the layout completely though. Using Wordsworth Model Railways downloads I built a diesel oil storage tank which I hope I can find a suitable space for near to the power plant building, and started some batch production work on 45 gallon oil drums, of which there always seems to be quite a lot of lying around in industrial areas. Of course, on a dockside there might also be a few dozen of them awaiting shipment somewhere. Rather than just roll up the paper print as per Wordsworth's instructions, I found some paper straws that were almost the correct diameter, and pasted the overlays to 12mm lengths cut from them. There is a slight white line where the print doesn't quite meet (next time I print some I might increase the print ratio slightly) but careful arrangement will hide this. I did try embossing two raised ribs on the overlay before glueing down, but these just got flattened in the process, so only one attempt was made at that.
  8. The boiler house, or perhaps more plausibly, a diesel generating station to provide power to the docks, or pumping station, is nearly complete. Just needs a few small details adding, and then weathering. Whatever it is, it does a good job as a corner filler and view blocker for the exit to the fiddlestick.
  9. Hi coline33, thanks for commenting. You have voiced what I was actually thinking, but I like it too so I'll 'invent' a bit of history to justify its presence! I hope your visit to the seaside isn't too much longer in coming. I have a bag of black sand which a Canadian friend brought back from a holiday to Puerto Rico I think it was. Then she brought it with her when she visited us a few years ago. Goodness knows what Customs control made of it! She gave it to me because I happened to mention I was looking for a material to resemble ash, but I found that this stuff is magnetic, like iron filings, which would not do loco motors any good if a loose bit got in there!
  10. The last few days have been spent making some more buildings - a small hut to go at the rear (a Wills kit with my own corrugated iron roof), the boiler house is taking shape (scratchbuilt using Scalescenes papers and elements 'borrowed' from other kits), and I decided that this docks area was considered sufficiently 'at risk' during WW2 to merit having a type 24 Pillbox placed there, so I scratchbuilt one to the dimensions given on the Pillbox Study Group website http://www.pillbox-study-group.org.uk/types-of-pillbox/type-24-pillbox/ The most fiddly part of all this was working out how to make the glazed lantern light to go on the boilerhouse roof. It still isn't 100% right, but having invested the better part of a day on it, I'll live with it! Painting of the pillbox and hut still to be done.
  11. The roof is finished at last. Made from some very fine ribbed corrugated cardboard which I saved from I know not where, there are 71 separate pieces on here! It's a bit overscale for corrugated iron, but about the right size for corrugated asbestos sheeting. I was going to make scale corrugated sheets in my usual way from foil takeway containers embossed on a ribbed surface, but there was rather a lot to do and I didn't have enough material, so this way was chosen instead. I'll weather it with my airbrush and weathering powders along with the rest of the shed. Still to add are gutters, rainwater pipes and dummy lights.
  12. That's good Steve, at least you'll be able to get on with it today. Good on you for supporting your local model shop too. I have bought a few things from The Locoshed when they've attended local exhibitions, and now I am lucky that 'The Model Train Centre' has opened up in Nelson, just two miles away from me. Thanks for the kind words about my new project, I'm really pleased with the way it's developing, but I do wonder if the toilet roll crisis was caused not by the general public but by panicking would be docks layout modellers No, I shan't be taking any chances, especially so since my wife DOES work in a school, although she's now isolating in the van! Best wishes and looking forward to your progress now. Getting the track layout right is vital to the success of a model, so it is time well spent. Paul
  13. Hi Steve, glad you've found a good solution to your quayside layout plan. I have a spare 2nd hand Setrack LH point if you can't get one.
  14. Progress with my dockside themed micro layout has slowed a bit recently as I ran out of steam. On with the quayside goods shed now. This has been awkward to design and build due to the space it has to fit in the angle of the tracks, resulting in a trapezoidal plan with a corner lopped off (does that make it pentagonal?), requiring the need to dredge up some long-forgotten maths to calculate the slope of the rear wall to maintain the correct roof plane. The door openings have been worked around the sliding and roller shutter doors from the Scalescenes low relief warehouse free download.
  15. With the virus control situation improving, I've moved out of the caravan back to home, to be reunited with my full array of model making equipment. After a couple of days of readjustment, I had another go at the goods shed, reducing it in height by 15mm. I decided to retain the sliding doors on the side facing the crane, with the rail entry door having a roller shutter in the raised position, but I ditched the central opening and raised unloading area. The scale now feels more appropriate, and I will build a separate building to go at the rear, possibly a small boiler house with a modest steel chimney, to mask the track exit at the rear of the baseboard. I've also given the sea a couple of coats of varnish, with some more to come.
  16. Things have slowed down a bit. I spent a day playing testing the track having painted the concrete and ballasted, to check everything still worked. A few areas needed cleaning and some minor adjustments carrying out, but otherwise all was good. I checked the line and level of the bridge and added some packing pieces to some of the pier bases for good support and then decided to tackle the goods shed. The angle of the track serving the shed, and its location, means that it has to be an odd shape, a trapezium in plan, which in turn means an asymmetric roof and a bit of arithmetic to work out the fall on the rear wall to maintain an even roof slope. I designed the shed with openings to utilise the Scalescenes sliding and roller shutter doors from the low relief factory free download, but having cut the sides out and blutacked them together on the layout I wasn't happy. It's too large on such a small footprint. So I spent a day thinking about it and as a complete change, made a 7mm scale model of the caravan I'm living in for the present. I think it will be possible to reduce the overall height and still have workeable door openings, although I may ditch the sliding doors and just have roller shutters instead. Hopefully that will result in a building more in scale with its surroundings. The intended finish is red brick walls and a corrugated iron roof.
  17. Ha! I've more than enough trouble with trams on the club layout we're building!
  18. Bad luck, I hope you told him where to put it . . .
  19. Bit more progress on my dockside micro, with the dock wall edge finished and a road overbridge built from balsa and card.
  20. Well, building the bridge has taken considerably longer than I anticipated, but I'm happy with the result. The deck is 3mm balsa wood sandwiched between 1.3mm mounting card facings. The balustrade is 2.5mm mounting board with facings and detailing cut from cereal box card, the capping being 2mm grey board. To get the curved section I dampened the core board and clamped it to a biscuit tin overnight and applied the facings afterwards, to avoid wrinkling. The shaped beams below the deck (spandrels?) are cut from 1.3mm card. The pavement is some ancient Superquick stuff glued to card and the whole lot is painted with grey emulsion paint. It needs weathering, but I'll wait to do that with my airbrush when I finally get back home. For the photos the bridge has just been placed on the layout and the balustrade is not yet glued in place. I'll do that after fixing the main structure down. All the mounting board I use I get from a picture framer who has boxes of the stuff taking up space in his workshop. Some of the pieces (the 'waste' cut from the centre of the card he makes the frames from) are quite large, and to get rid of it he burns it in his stove! Following my first visit to 'acquire' some I returned to show him a model I'd built using it. Result - an endless free supply of good quality card!
  21. Thanks again Paul. I didn't know about the proposed preservation scheme, but then, Milford Haven was not a place I paid any attention to before starting this model. It seems like it was a fascinating place, and I feel that I'm beginning to know a small part of it quite well now! I hope the shunting engines found good homes.
  22. Hello Paul, firstly I'm very sorry to hear you've been got by the virus, and I hope that you're soon back to good health and don't suffer any lasting effects. The additional photos are much appreciated as they show views that no-one else seems to have photographed! I particularly like the small industrial diesel shunters. There are certainly ideas there I can use, so thanks once again. The bridge is taking quite a lot longer than I expected, but another few hours should see it completed and fitted in place. I'll post some more photos then.
  23. I have an unfortunate tendency to make life hard for myself. I was planning to make the bridge piers simple rectangles covered with blue engineering brick paper, but having looked at some photos of the prototype inspiration for this model, Hakin docks at Milford Haven. I saw that the actual bridge was a 1930's concrete structure, and decided to build something similar. So, it's taken me nearly all day to make four piers!
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